Precious smiling
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Height Varying
Weight Varying
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Varying
Diet Carnivore

Whales are large, marine mammals that lived in the oceans during the ice age to the present day.


Large, water-dwelling mammals, whales have smooth skin, two long front flippers, a finned tail, and short dorsal fins on their backs. Immense in size, whales have large mouths lined with sharp teeth. As mammals, whales remain air-breathers, and so have openings at the tops of their heads called blowholes, through which they breathe by resurfacing.


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Known Whales

Behind the Scenes

No true whale species, living or dead, has been known to reach the immense size that Precious had, which appears to be in excess of several hundred feet.Precious is known to be a Livyatan.

No whale species has been known to have rows of teeth.

No whale species alive has been known to have three dorsal fins.

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