Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia; Aves
Species Bird
Feather Color Usually Black
Skin Color Usually Pink
Diet Carnivore

Vultures are scavenging birds of prey.


Powerful flying birds, vultures are scavengers and occasional predators that feed off dead and dying animals, as well as smaller animals. Vultures usually have bald heads devoid of feathers to avoid dirtying any part of their heads with bacteria, and have hooked beaks. With large powerful wings and sharp talons, vultures often appear at the sites of animals that have recently died by flying overhead in circles.


Vultures resided in the Ice Valley and warned the animals of the valley that the land was about to flood over, and to escape they would have to reach a boat made of a massive fallen tree. Watching closely for any stragglers or injured animals so as to feast on them, a great flock of vultures watched a herd of mammals, consisting of two mammoths, a Saber-Tooth Tiger, a ground sloth and two opossums as they hurried to catch up with the other herds of animals, and burst out in a song proclaiming their desire to eat the animals that lagged behind, chasing them while singing it.

A number of the vultures watched still as the herds of animals reached the boat and kept an eye out for any unattended younger animals.

Behind the Scenes

Vultures were initially meant to appear in the first film, but the plans were scrapped, and they instead appeared in the second film.


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