Physical Attributes
Species Musk ox
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color Tan
Biological Information
Status Unknown
Films Ice Age: The Meltdown
Voiced by Mindy Sterling

Vera was a female musk ox that lived in Ice Valley.


Vera, along with herds of other animals, lived in the valley but left it upon learning that it would soon flood over, with her husband. She was approached by Fast Tony, a smooth-talking, con artist armadillo, that tried to convince her to take his "Disaster Diet" that would cause her to lose weight. Vera almost fell for it before her husband stepped in, and convinced her otherwise, leaving Fast Tony without any customers.

Personality and Traits

An easily-convinced musk ox, Vera had apparently believed that she was overweight and was almost talked into taking Fast Tony's "Disaster Diet" until her husband stepped in and convinced her not to fall for it.

Large, with a thick woolly coat of tan fur, Vera sported thin, hoofed legs, large horns and long ears.


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Behind the Scenes

Vera was voiced by Mindy Sterling.