"Switchback Cove. It's the way home."
―Diego after chasing Shira[src]

Switchback Cove
Switchback Cove relatively small Island
Sub Locations Hyrax Jungle
Inhabitants Fuzzy (formerly)
Hyrax Jungle residents (formerly)
Manny (formerly)
Diego (formerly)
Sid (formerly)
Granny (formerly)
Shira (formerly)
Gutt (formerly)
Raz (formerly)
Flynn (formerly)
Dobson (formerly)
Gupta (formerly)
Squint (formerly)
Silas (formerly)

Switchback Cove is a small, tropical island with beaches and jungles. The currents are located near the back of the island, containing large glaciers. The island was spotted by a group of animals stranded in the sea, including Manny, Sid, Diego, Shira, and Granny.

Hyraxes, birds, monkeys and Narwhals were the inhabitants. The island has a big rock shaped like a stranded ship. Plants like the lotus berry, flowers and various fruits grow here. It has a current that heads to Snow Valley (known because of Flynn's mistake).


The Sub-Zero Heroes found this area when Manny spots the new land, after Shira and Diego started to argue. Manny says that they will have to make a raft; at this time, Shira attempts to escapes. Diego chases the saber. Shira was later captured by Diego. Diego also notices the big beautiful plains, and that Gutt and his crew are there too, enslaving some Hyraxes. Manny offers help to steal Gutt's new boat from the other Hyraxes and stated that they will rescue their friends.

Hyrax group (main)

The Hyraxes of Switchback Cove

After a successful diversion, Manny and the gang escaped Switch-back Cove thanks to Shira and Gutt's mistake (using narwhals to attack them but accidentally throwing them to the boat they were searching for). Gutt also follows them for revenge by breaking off a giant large piece of ice as his new ship, while the Hyraxes happily reunite with their freed friends and venture off to a different island to live on.

Another mammal, named Scrat, had also ventured to the island, due to following a treasure-nut map that he had found in the ocean. He had to fly from the island, so he used one of the leaf airplanes the the hxraxes used during Manny's diversion, and jumped of a cliff to fly on. Unfortuantely, with the wind so strong, and from the opposite side he was on, it blew him straight into the cliff a few times, then got eaten by a shark for traveling instead.

Sub Locations

Northern country
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Ice Valley
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Snow Valley
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