"Hey, I can smell the ocean!"
―Stu on the melting ice.[src]
Physical Attributes
Species Glyptodon
Gender Male
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color Pink
Green shell
Biological Information
Status Deceased (eaten by Cretaceous and Maelstrom)
Friends Fast Tony
Films Ice Age: The Meltdown
Voiced by Tom Fahn

Stuart was a dimwitted glyptodon.


The Armadillo Fast Tony's unintelligent assistant, Stu was often used by Fast Tony to demonstrate various items that the armadillo tried to sell off in exchange for food.

While at the waterpark, Fast Tony was trying to sell river reeds to the other animals, claiming that they could "pull air right out of the sky", under the pretenses of preparing the other animals for an oncoming flood. Stu, however, put the reed in his nose, snorting in air. Disgusted, Fast Tony snatched the reed away and jammed it into Stu's mouth, then forcing his head in the water, claiming that Stu would have air for "eons to come", ignoring the Glyptodon lifting his head back up, gasping for air.

Later on, the other animals left the waterpark behind in droves, leaving Stu, who had been swimming in the lakes, alone. Stu decided, while swimming, to frighten a young aardvark named James away, as the youngster was by the waterside blowing bubbles with his trunk. Chuckling at James running away screaming, Stu swam through the waters, the reed in his nose, unknowing that he was being followed until a pair of large sea reptiles named Cretaceous and Maelstrom took him down below the water, devouring Stu alive.

No more Stu

Fast Tony shell-shocked by the remains of Stu.

Just then, Fast Tony, who was looking for Stu so that they could leave, was caught by surprise as Stu's empty shell was blasted out of the water, empty. Shocked only for a moment, Fast Tony forgot about his dismay as he ran off with Stu's shell, referring to it as a "mobile home".

Not long after, Fast Tony used Stu's empty shell as a podium to stand on and a raft during the flood. As he rowed on Stu's empty shell, Fast Tony spoke to it, happy proclaiming that they'd both survive before rephrasing that at least Fast Tony would.

Personality and Traits

A simple-minded Glyptodon, Stu was the thoughtless assistant of Fast Tony, usually used as a guinea pig in demonstrating Fast Tony's items. Stu was unintelligent and easily duped.

Like all Glyptodons, Stu had a large shell which he could retract in like a turtle, along with four stubby feet, a club tail and a shelled head on a short neck, with a stubby nose and buck teeth.


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Behind the Scenes

Stu was voiced by actor Tom Fahn.

Stu's death, as described by writer Carlos Saldanha, was necessary to the plot to show how dangerous Cretaceous and Maelstrom were.

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