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"Gross! It's that weirdo who chills with opossums!"
―Steffie to the Brat Pack about Peaches[src]
Physical Attributes
Species Mammoth
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color Brown
Brownish, Hazelnut Orange scalp hair
Biological Information
Alias Steffie (nickname)
Status Alive
Residence(s) Teenage Hangout (area) (formerly)
Herd Valley
Friends Ethan (boyfriend)
Enemies Gutt
Peaches (former enemy)
Louis (former enemy)
Films Ice Age: Continental Drift
Voiced by Nicki Minaj

Steffany, better known as Steffie, was a young mammoth that is apart of a group of teenage mammoths known as The Brat Pack. Steffie is friends with Katie and Meghan. She seems to most likely have a crush on Ethan, a mammoth who hangs around the Brat Pack.


Hanging out at The Falls, Steffie and her friends were around Ethan, talking. Suddenly, they see Peaches as she is falling down the icy slides and she hits into Ethan. Steffie tells Katie and Meghan that "It's that weirdo who chills out with possums.", which make them feel disgusted and she is seen talking about Peaches when she was grounded by Manny (Peaches' father). Later after the continental drift occurs, the teenagers, including Steffie, escape a cave after a large amount of dust burst through, making them run. Steffie, Ethan, and their friends, all think it was cool, but Peaches does not. Later, Steffie claims Louis, Peaches' molehog friend that Ethan told Peaches to ditch, is a hero as they all sail to a new home.

Physical Appearance

Steffie has an orange-brown pelt and her hair seemed to be slightly more red and darker, light brown eyes, pink-purple eyeshadow and a bright purple flower in her hair. Like most female mammoths and the rest of her posse, she is slightly smaller and slender than the male mammoths, her tusks are smaller and less curved, and has a large rear end.


Ice Age: Continental Drift (First appearance)

Personality and Traits

Steffie is shown to be a selfish and sassy teenage mammoth. Steffie acts as if she's the leader of Katie and Meghan because they agree with and do whatever she says. However, she later shows she has a caring and gracious side when she is visibly concerned for Louis' safety as he challenges Gutt to release the Herd members. At the end of the movie, she warms up to Peaches and Louis, even stating she starts to like the molehog.

Behind the Scenes

Steffie is voiced by singer and song writer Nicki Minaj.