Snow Valley
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Snow Valley was an expansive dale in which a number of animals resided during the ice age.


Years before the ice ages, during the days of the dinosaurs, the valley was populated by a myriad of such creatures. Long after the dinosaurs' extinction, however, beneath the valley itself still thrived a host of dinosaurs, their world hidden beneath ice and snow from the rest of the world.

Following the flooding of Ice Valley, many animals chose to reside in this expanse of land. Two years following the rediscovery of mammoths as extant, one family of animals, consisting of several different species, was expecting a baby mammoth. During this time, a single Tyrannosaurus female searching for her young, reached the surface of Ice Valley and took them back, to the horror of all animals present, who presumed that dinosaurs had all long since been extinct.

Several years later, the valley, along with the rest of the world, underwent a massive cataclysmic event: the continents began to divide. This forced the resident animals of the valley to leave their home and find a new one, across the oceans.


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