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"I'm a sloth. I see a tree, eat a leaf. That's my tracking."
Sid to Diego on his tracking abilities.[src]
Jefferson Sloth
Sids Family
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Megalonyx
Height Approx...6.5 ft (2 m)
Weight 2.2 tons (1 metric tonne)
Eye Color Varying
Hair color Varying
Fur Color Varying
Feather Color Varying (Live-Action)
Skin Color Varying
Diet Herbivore

Sloths were herbivorous mammals that lived during the ice ages.


Medium-sized mammals, sloths often inhabited trees, sleeping up in the branches, which they climbed using their sharp clawed hands and feet. Sloths, being herbivores, had mouths with flat teeth, notably a pair of large buckteeth at the front, coupled with a usually bulbous nose on an ovular head, atop a long, usually thin, neck. On either side of a sloth's head were round eyes. Sloths, along with four limbs useful for climbing trees and holding onto objects, had short, often scrubby, tails. The sloths could not hibernate, thus to survive the freezing cold of the ice ages migrated south, stuffing their cheeks with vegetable foodstuffs such as turnips. As established by their name, sloths were slow-moving unless provoked otherwise, in which case they, being apt climbers, sought safety in trees, which they often laid claim to as property. Also, there's some sort of difference between males and females. The males have a thicker neck, while the female's neck are thiner than the male's.


Among the scores of animals migrating south to escape the freezing winters brought on by the ice ages were sloths, who traveled in small family groups together, stuffing their cheeks with food for the long journey ahead. In time, the sloths reached the warmer southern regions, gathering sporadically in some locales.


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Behind the Scenes[]

The makers of Ice Age combined traits of both three-toed sloths and ground sloths in designing Sid and the other sloths.

In fact, the species on which Sid and the other sloths are based is the Megalonyx jeffersonii, that was 10 feet long, about 6 feet tall (on two legs) and had a maximum weight of 1000 kilograms; plus, it obviously, unlike the sloths seen in the movie, wasn't able to climb trees. It could also hold its own against most predators.

Known Sloths[]


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