"My family abandoned me. They kinda migrated without me. You should have seen what they did last year. I mean, they got up early, and quickly tied up my hands and feet, and gagged me with a field mouse, and barricaded the cave door, and covered their tracks, and went through water so I'd lose their scent, and... and... who needs them anyway?"
Sid on his family[src]
Sid's Family
Sids Family
Breed Ground Sloth
Members Milton
Uncle Fungus
Sid (formerly)
Granny (formerly)
Precious (formerly)
Films Ice Age (First mentioned)
Ice Age: Continental Drift (First appearance)
Status Unknown

Sid's family are a group of ground sloth who are related to Sid. However, Sid was left behind when the migration came. Although they have made no appearance in Ice Age, Sid called out the names of them:

In Ice Age: Continental Drift, Sid gets a surprise with the return of his dysfunctional relatives who ditched him in the first first film - Sid's dad, Milton, his melodramatic mother, Eunice, his delinquent brother Marshall, and his hygienically challenged Uncle Fungus, all breeze into the herd just long enough to dump their 80 year old Granny for Sid to take care of.

Zak and Bertie never appeared, but considering that Sid, in the fourth movie, defines Milton, Eunice, Marshall, Fungus and Granny as his whole family, not mentioning or asking for Zak and Bertie, most likely these two were simply friends that have lived for a while with Sid's family. 

Sid's new family

After losing contact with his biological family, Sid met first Manny and Diego, then Ellie, Crash and Eddie, who become his new family.

Sid tried to make his own family from dinosaur eggs in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs but were later taken away by Momma into the Dinosaur World.


  • (Uncle Fungus) "Hey, paws up, everybody!"
  • (Milton) "We better be, I just lost the steering"
  • (Marshall) "Mom! Granny's talking about her dead pet again!"
  • (Granny) "I'll bury you all and dance on your graves!"
  • (Eunice) "Be careful Milton, you're gonna hurt some body!"
  • (Marshall) "ROCK!"
  • (Eunice) "Bad kitty!"
  • (Marshall) "Oh-ho-ho, that's incorrect. We totally abandoned you."
  • (Granny) "Hey! Can you chew this thing for me?"
  • (Milton) "Oh, yeah, yeah. Uh,Granny? Granny?"
  • (Granny) "Has anyone seen Precious? It's way past her feeding time."
  • (Granny) "Can't wait to see all them dead relatives I hate!"


  • The reason behind Sid's family abandoning him is unknown, but it is most likely because they consider him a nuisance (a person, thing or circumstance causing inconvenience or annoyance).
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