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"We're going to stop this thing, and you'll get married, bada bing, bada boom! Well not boom. Forget I said boom."
―Sid determine that the herd can stop the asteroid.[src]
Sid Sloth
Physical Attributes
Species Ground Sloth
Gender Male
Eye Color Teal
Fur Color Light yellowish green
Cream underbelly
Personality Chatterbox, kind-hearted, funny, happy-go-lucky, loyal, selfless, comical, hyperactive, clumsy, outgoing, passionate, caring, protective, understanding, sentimental, sensitive, talkative, friendly, lazy, goofy, absent-minded, helpful, supportive, cowardly
Likes Sleeping, party, games, Brooke, children, romance, berries, friendship, forgiveness, love, adventures, singing, his friends, picking on Diego, watching Rudy get hurt, playing with Crash and Eddie
Dislikes Unforgiveness, betrayal, mistreatment, Manny's temper, Crash and Eddie's mischief (formerly), Diego picking on him, Carl, Frank, his own clumsiness, being abandoned by his family, Rudy, Squint
Biological Information
Alias Sid
Weasel (by Carl)
Fire King (by Mini-sloth)
Floppy green thing (by Buck)
Sloth (by Diego and Shira)
Handsome (by Brooke)
Screw up (by Granny)
Sidney (by Francine and Granny)
Status Alive
Residence(s) Half Peak (formerly)
Ice Valley (formerly)
Snow Valley (formerly)
Herd Valley
Family Brooke (wife)
Milton (father)
Eunice (mother)
Marshall (younger brother)
Gladys (grandmother)
Fungus (uncle)
Zack (relative)
Bertie (relative)
Egbert (adopted son)
Shelly (adopted daughter)
Yoko (adopted son)
Momma Dino (co-parent) (briefly)
Teddy (step-grandfather)
Friends Manny (best friend)
Diego (best friend)
Ellie (close friend)
Crash (close friend)
Eddie (close friend)
Buck (close friend)
Roshan (dear friend)
Sylvia (ex-girlfriend)
Francine (ex-girlfriend)
Rose (former crush)
Enemies Carl
Diego (formerly)
Lone Gunslinger
Momma Dino (formerly)
Shira (formerly)
Gavin (formerly)
Gertie (formerly)
Roger (formerly)
Films Ice Age
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Ice Age: Continental Drift
Ice Age: Collision Course
Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild
Shorts No Time for Nuts (cameo)
Surviving Sid
Scrat's Continental Crack-up: Part 2
Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe
Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas
Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade
Video Games Ice Age
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic Games
Disney Emoji Blitz
Books Iced In
Voiced by John Leguizamo (films and video games)
Jake Green (Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild)

Sidney, known more commonly as Sid, is a ground sloth who was part of a herd of different animals after a number of adventures and experiences brought them all together.

Born into a family of sloths that went on to abandon him well into his adulthood, Sid met a mammoth named Manny and a saber-tooth tiger named Diego as the three of them made a journey through a tundra to return a human baby named Roshan to his tribe. Following the journey, the three animals remained the best of friends, forming their own "Herd".

Not long after, Sid and the others made a new home in a valley that would soon flood, due to the massive amounts of melting ice and snow. During the trek to leave the valley and reach safety, Sid and the others met a female mammoth named Ellie, along with her adoptive possum brothers Crash and Eddie, and Manny, through Sid's urgings, found a wife in Ellie, taking her and her brothers along with them as part of their herd.

Sid had attempted to assume responsibility further on, taking a group of young animals on a hike through the woods so that he might take on a stance of leadership. Throughout the entire hike, Sid made mistake after mistake, from disturbing a beehive to licking poison ivy. At the end of it all, however, Sid went on to make his mark in the world when he mistakenly set forth a turn of events that saw the creation of the Grand Canyon.

Further on, Sid, growing lonesome as he saw that Manny and Ellie were expecting but he was not, took it upon himself to "rescue" three giant dinosaur eggs, raising them up as his own children. Their mother returned for them, taking her young and Sid back to their own world, where Sid shared parenting responsibilities with the dinosaur mother for a time before returning home with his own herd, which had just seen the arrival of a new member: Manny and Ellie's newborn daughter, Peaches, to whom Sid would become a surrogate uncle.

In time, Sid, along with the others in his herd, awaited Christmas and the arrival of Santa Claus, though Sid, attempting to start a new Christmas tradition, mistakenly smashed Manny's Christmas Rock, prompting Sid himself, Peaches and Crash and Eddie to head to the North Pole to convince Santa to take them all off his "Naughty List". The herd joined in and began a number of holiday traditions, from Santa enlisting reindeer to pull his sleigh to taking on mini-sloths to build the massive amounts of presents.

Some years later, Sid remained a part of his herd when his own family returned looking for him so as to push off their wizened old Granny on him, leaving them both behind. Sid, downhearted at this, still took care of his grandmother as they, along with Manny and Diego, grew separated from the herd as the continental drift forced them apart and the four met a group of pirates, which they underwent a number of ordeals with before returning back to the rest of their herd, and a means of finding a new home after they were forced from their own due to the continents shifting.

Years later Sid was beginning to yearn for true love, given that he got dumped by a female sloth named Francine. He along with the rest of the herd were forced to leave their home to stop an asteroid from destroying the planet. During their journey Sid met a beautiful sloth named Brooke who ended up becoming the love of his life. Not only did Sid find true love, but he and the herd ended up diverting the asteroid, saving the planet.


A lazy, slovenly ground sloth, Sid was not the most perceptive creature to live in the ice age, but made up for his shortcomings with loyalty to those he cared about. Sid's joining a herd of animals shaped his life for years ahead, becoming more considerate and thoughtful of others.

Early Life

"My mother always told me that bad news is just good news in disguise.
Was this before she abandoned you?
Ah, yes it was.
―Sid to Diego on the impact of his mother's ideals.[src]

Sid, as a youth, was left behind a number of times by his family during the migrations south for the winter, their attempts at leaving him behind becoming more and more elaborate. During one such leaving, Sid's mother Eunice told him that "bad news is just good news in disguise", but despite this, Sid's family still wanted him gone, leaving him behind one year in a cave, tied up and gagged with a field mouse, walking through water so that he would lose their scent. The next year, however, Sid found his family and regrouped with them, only to lose them for good during the annual migration.

Meeting Manny

"That south thing is way overrated. The heat, the crowds - who needs it? Isn't this great? You and me, two bachelors knockin' about in the wild.
No, you just want a bodyguard so you don't become somebody's side dish.
―Sid and Manny walking together.[src]
Sid hanging from a tree branch

Sid wakes from his tree.

Waking up late, Sid arose in the tree his family was sleeping in, intending to wake them up for the migration, only to find they were all gone once he got down from the tree. Sid, left alone, wondered aloud whether anyone cared for him or not, catching the attention of a roving glyptodon, who hastily waddled away, leaving Sid alone. As Sid decided to go by himself on the migration, he stepped in the glyptodon's dung and trudged off, dragging his dirty foot in disgust.


Sid running away from Carl and Frank.

Not far off, two rhinos named Carl and Frank were about to eat a salad made up of wild greens and leaves before leaving for the migration, the special part of their salad being a single dandelion: the last of the season. As they prepared to eat, Sid stepped in, wiping his dirty foot on the salad, which splattered bits of dung on Carl's face as Sid, unaware of his actions, conversationally stated that rhinos had small brains, capping off his insult by plucking the dandelion and eating it. Carl and Frank, who had had enough, angrily closed in on Sid, who tried to offer them pine cones to make up for his mistake, taking one in his hand and putting it in an angry Frank's mouth, closing his jaws for him before he ran as fast as he could from the two rhinos.

Sid bumped into a lone mammoth named Manfred, who stood at the edge of a cliff and pleaded to the mammoth to hide him from the rhinos, who stood not far off, but Manfred, uninterested in helping the sloth, would not. The rhinos, however, wanted to injure Sid, despite Manfred's observation that they were herbivores: this caused Manfred to become upset and tell them that if they crossed the sinkhole in front of them, they could take the sloth with them. Sid, challenging them further, picked up a rock and threw it at them, but it landed on the sinkhole, showing that it was dry and hardened. Aghast, Sid asked Manfred if he was bluffing, which the mammoth confirmed. The mammoth staved off the two rhinos by throwing them aside but Sid, in celebration, jumped on his face, pushing both mammoth and sloth over the cliff, where they slid off, landing at the bottom.

"You have beautiful Eyes" - Sid to Manny

Sid clings onto Manny’s face.

Sid then offered to join up with him south to the migration but Manfred was not interested, preferring instead to keep wandering further north. Sid thanked Manfred for his help and walked off but the rhinos, still at the top of the cliff, caused Sid to change his mind. Sid instead joined Manfred, who pointed out that Sid was only following him for protection, but Sid, unfazed, asked Manfred to lead the way, giving him the nickname "Manny" and walked on with him, to Manny's dismay, who told the sloth to stop following him, which Sid replied to by stating that he'd be quiet the whole way through.

Settling for the Night

"Any chance I could squeeze in there with you, Manny, ol' pal?
Isn't there someone else you can annoy? Friends? Family? Poisonous reptiles?
―Sid and Manny stopping for the night.[src]
Sid protecting himself from hail

Sid caught in the tail.

Further on, Sid and Manny found a place to stop for the night, the mammoth carrying a number of heavy logs with his trunk and Sid dragging a single stick with much effort. Manny asked if Sid really expected the stick to serve as shelter but Sid had other plans, with the stick he would make fire.

That night the rains came down hard, leaving Sid out in the cold, still rubbing the two sticks together out in the rain while Manny lay in a shelter he made from the logs. Sid gave up trying to make fire and asked Manny if he could squeeze in with him, but Manny was not interested in sharing his space, asking Sid if there were any others that he could pester. Sid revealed that his own family left him behind a number of times, settling himself on the mammoth’s tusk, using his trunk as a blanket: Manny pulled the sloth off and dropped him outside. Out in the rain, Sid asked if Manny had any family, which prompted Manny to silently turn around in his shelter. Sid, not discouraged, stated they’d talk more in the morning, when the hail came down, pelting Sid with small pieces of ice.

Finding the Baby

"Here's your little bundle of joy. We're returning it to the humans.
The big, bad tigey-wigey gets left behind. Poor tigey-wigey.
Sid, tigey-wigey is gonna lead the way.
―Manny and Sid prepare to leave to find the humans.[src]

The next morning, Sid and Manny still continued walking on through trees, Sid eating an apple and relating to Manny about how he preferred not to mate for life: Manny remarked that if Sid ever found a mate he should be loyal and more importantly grateful. Throwing the apple aside, Sid remarked that mating for life was pointless and as he said more, he bumped into Manny, who had stopped walking and was staring at a human woman who lay exhausted in a creek. The human woman, though weakened, managed to push a small bundle towards Manny, which he saw to be a human baby. Sid remarked that the baby was all right but then saw that his mother, after having been in the creek, disappeared. Manny walked off, leaving the baby behind, which Sid contested, saying that they couldn’t simply leave the baby alone and that there was smoke up a nearby hill and that the baby’s “herd” must be up the hill, where Sid and Manny must return him. Manny, on the other hand, was not interested in helping Sid with anything: Sid, bothered at this, decided to return the baby alone, scaling the cliff wall to reach the human camp.

Sid catching Roshan with his foot

Sid nearly drops the baby.

While trying to climb the cliff, which proved a harder task than it seemed, the baby slipped out of his bundles and Sid, having nearly dropped the baby, caught him with his foot, calling out to Manny to catch the baby. The baby slipped off and fell towards Manny, who was ready to catch him but a saber-tooth tiger caught the baby instead; at this, Manny pulled the baby away, causing the saber to growl in anger before speaking to Manny: the baby belonged to him: Sid, trying to climb down from the cliff, stated that the baby belonged to Manny and himself before falling down and landing on his head. Manny called out that he and Sid were not affiliated with one another and Sid pulled the baby away from the saber, who stated that he was trying to return the baby to his herd, which Sid did not believe: despite not having said it, the saber knew that Sid was calling him a liar and introduced himself as Diego. Manny and Sid left the scene with the baby, quarreling all the way up as to why Sid still stayed around with Manny, which prompted Sid to state that Manny must be stressed, explaining his weight, which Manny denied, stating that he wasn't fat.

Once they reached the edge, Sid, carrying the baby, stated that they should be certain the humans saw their baby, which Sid pushed up the edge: Manny, to make sure of it, threw Sid over the ledge, which Sid protested before he was thrown, landing on the rocky ground, calling out for the humans not to spear him. The camp, however, was abandoned and Diego quickly turned up on the scene to remind them of it. Sid, however, walked about the camp, trying to find clues as to where the humans went, to which Diego asked whether or not Sid knew how to track, which Sid dismissed by stating that he knew little. Diego, examining a stick, stated that it was still green, meaning that the humans had headed north two hours back, Sid mocking the saber by placing two sticks in his mouth, imitating Diego's fangs. Diego then tried to persuade Manny to give the baby over, but Manny, unconvinced that Diego meant well, would not; Diego then convinced Manny that he could track humans better and could get them there much faster.


Manny handed the baby over to Sid, passing over Diego, and Sid, happy to mock the saber-tooth cat, patronized Diego, to which Manny stated that Diego would lead the way, walking on. Sid, trying to put some distance between himself and Diego, attempted to speak to Manny but Manny would not listen, leaving the sloth behind him. Diego then threatened Sid by stating that "Jumbo" would not always be around to protect Sid, stating that someday he would attack Sid if Sid doesn’t stop winding him up; with that, Diego was called to the front of Manny where the mammoth could keep an eye on him.

Feeding the Baby

"Why am I the poop checker?
Because returning the runt was your idea, because you're small and insignificant, and because I'll pummel you if you don't.
Why else?
― Manny threatens Sid into changing Roshan[src]
Manny & Sid Staredown

Manny demands Sid to change Roshan's diaper.

Not long after taking the baby with them, the three began to become annoyed at the baby’s crying, which wouldn’t stop: Sid, who was holding the baby upside-down, set the baby down on a stump and noted that his nose was dry, meaning among animals that something was wrong with him. Sid then attempted to lick it but was advised not to, for the baby was wearing a diaper, which Sid regarded as disgusting; an angry Manny then told Sid to check the diaper, with Sid asking why, to which Manny replied that because returning the baby was Sid’s idea, because of Sid’s small size and because he would pummel him if he doesn’t. Sid then stepped toward the baby and began to remove the diaper in apparent disgust, stepping back and waving the diaper around, throwing it in the air, where it landed on Manny’s trunk, which the mammoth threw off. Sid remarked that the diaper was clean all along and laughed at his prank, which earned him a trunk to the head from Manny, who swatted annoyed at Sid. The swatting stopped the baby’s crying and Manny swatted Sid on the head a few more times before Sid handed the baby to Diego, who also swatted him in annoyance. The baby reached out and also tried to but Sid wouldn’t let him; at that, Diego tried to get the baby to laugh but failed as he instead frightened the baby by accident. Sid then observed that the baby must be hungry, to which Manny suggested milk, which Sid remarked he’d like himself. Diego, cross, stated that the milk was for the baby, prompting an argument between the sloth and saber, which was stopped, along with the baby’s crying, by an outburst from Manny.

Sid vs Dodo

Sid surrounded by dodos.

Just then, in the bushes ahead, a melon appeared which Manny picked up and held before a dodo, emerging from the bushes, took it away and left the scene. The dodo was taking it to a vast flock of other dodos, all of which were stockpiling food and engaging in exercises for the upcoming ice age. Manny, Sid and Diego reached the dodos and Manny asked for the melon back but was refused by one of the dodos, who insisted that they were readying food for the ice ages. Manny noted that they only had three melons and the dodos, in response, began slowly striding towards him and while they did, one dodo, who was standing atop one of the melons, lost his footing and fell, rolling the melon towards the baby, who Sid set down on the ground. The baby caught the melon, but the other dodos went to take it back, one of them kicking it out of the baby's grip and off a cliff, where a number of them, anxious to get their melon back, ran off it.

Sid vs Dodos1

Sid faces the dodos.

During the confusion, Sid reached for a melon but was quickly ambushed by a number of the birds, who took the melon away from him and themselves fell into a nearby smoldering pit, along with the melon. Finally, there was but one melon left and Sid held it: the dodos quickly swarmed him and tried to take it away, but Sid threw towards Manny, who, with his size, could keep the melon away from the dodos with his trunk until one of them bit onto his tail. In pain, Manny sent the melon flying in the air where it flew until it fell back down, hitting several dodos on the head until it was caught by Sid, who then was surrounded by the dodos on all sides and, seeing the baby far ahead, ran blindly on through the dodos, carrying the melon with him. As he ran, arm outstretched, a number of the dodos ran into him and nearly surrounded him before he leapt in the air with the melon, crashing back down to the ground with the fruit, after which he did a small victory dance and threw the melon hard onto the ground, smashing it. Though this puzzled Manny and annoyed Diego, the baby was content to be able to eat the melon that Sid had opened for him.

Meeting Females

"Where'd you find it?
The poor kid, all alone in the wild. Sabers were closing in on him, so I just snatched him.
―Sid fibbing to Jennifer and Rachel about how he saved the baby.[src]

That night, Sid changed the baby's full diaper and left the others to bury it somewhere so that other animals would not find them, after which Sid went on to look for his own food and found some in a tree: a single acorn, which Sid was about to eat when another animal, a saber-tooth squirrel named Scrat, flung himself at Sid, prying the acorn out of Sid's mouth before angrily shaking a fist and leaving.

Sid returned to the others, having eaten nothing, and laid down to sleep after twisting and turning this way and that, to the annoyance of Manny.

Sid Impresses Ladies

Sid impresses she-sloths with the baby.

The following morning, Sid awoke before Manny and Diego did and took the baby away to a hot mud crater, where he lounged and met two female sloths named Jennifer and Rachel, using the baby to impress them by exaggerating that he saved the baby from a pack of saber-toothed cats and wished for a child of his own, going on with his conversation, not noticing that the baby was sinking into the mud until he pulled him out and was splashed in the face with mud. Manny, annoyed, then stepped in, taking the baby back so that Sid left the mud crater and chased after Manny, leaving the female sloths alone for a moment.

Sid screaming & running from Rhinos

Sid with the rhinos in the mud.

Sid chased after Manny, asking for the baby, but was denied: Manny deriding Sid's looks, and Sid called Manny out on his sharp humor, to which Manny let Sid go back to the females, though without the baby. Hurrying back to the mud crater, Sid jumped back in, expecting to find the two she-sloths but instead found Carl and Frank, soaking in the mud and angered once more upon finding Sid again. Sid ran from the rhinos as fast as he could, finding Diego, which he asked to help him escape a beating from the rhinos. Sid then feigned being injured by calling out as if he were hurt, but Diego would not play along until Sid kicked him hard in the rear, prompting Diego to seize Sid's neck in his jaws.

Sid faking death in Diego's jaws

Sid in Diego's jaws, feigning death.

At that moment, when the rhinos came back, Sid appeared to be dead and feigned lifelessness, though, for a moment, Carl approached Sid closer, not believing him to be dead until he took in Sid's scent, which seemed to confirm it. Carl and Frank left, disappointed at having lost their chance at getting Sid back. After the rhinos left, Sid, done pretending he was dead, tried to leave Diego's bite but could not, as Diego would not let go. Manny stepped in and ushered them along, telling Diego to spit out Sid. Sid remarked then that he thought Diego would actually eat him, to which the saber replied that he didn't eat junk food, making Sid uneasy as they walked on. As they walked on, snow began to fall.

Up North

Sid stuck in the icy wall

Sid stuck in the ice wall

As they walked on, the snow began to coat the land, resulting in a vast tundra peppered with trees and rocks. Sid, who was having a hard time keeping up, shortly resting on a geyser that he thought was a hole and was launched far up in the air, at which point he landed in it, and further on was picked on somewhat by the baby, who engaged the sloth in a poking game, to Diego and Manny's displeasure.

Manny returns fire with a snowball at Sid

Sid buried under a mound of snow.

Throughout the journey, the three underwent a number of peculiar moments facing the newly-transformed landscape, from the odd massive piece of ice sliding through the land like a train and Sid being thrown back from a giant slab of ice that couldn't maintain his weight, to "modern architecture": a manmade structure someday to be known as Stonehenge. During their walk, Sid, to amuse himself, engaged in such merriment as throwing a snowball at Manny often and sliding along a frozen lake that the other two could not, though his actions caused him more trouble as he was soon stuck in an ice wall after sliding.

Sid's Frozen Snot

Sid shivering through the cold.

Further north, the trio, as led by Diego, appeared to be lost and Diego, refusing to ask directions, met Scrat, and Manny asked the small animal whether he had seen any humans. Scrat had not, but had seen a number of saber-toothed cats go by, which he attempted to explain in a game of charades with the three of them: Scrat was soon silence when Diego, not wanting the squirrel to reveal any more, flicked him away, sending Scrat sliding down a hill. Sid, having thrown another snowball at Manny, was given a harsh leer from the mammoth, who, after having seen Sid be walloped by an even bigger snowball that resulted from Scrat's sliding down, dropped his crossness. Further on, the blizzards struck even more, causing them all to suffer the cold: Diego developing icicles on his fangs, Manny having icicles on his tusks and even Sid's nose-drippings froze over into icicles.


"No thanks: I choose life.
Then I suggest you take the shortcut.
Are you threatening me?
Move, sloth!
―Diego and Sid on the shortcut.[src]
Sid provokes Diego

Diego intimidates Sid.

The group, led on by Diego, reached an ice cave, though the saber had seen the humans nearby and was attempting to hide this from the others: Diego stated that he had found a shortcut. Through the ice cave, Diego said, they could reach the humans faster, but the other two were skeptical, notably Sid, who took one look at the cave, with its massive hanging icicles and declined. Diego, irate, shouted at the sloth to move, which resulted in an avalanche. The avalanche prompted them all to rush into the cave, but the falling snow and ice blocked the entrance.

Sid's Evolution

Sid passes his ancestors.

Diego led the group through the ice tunnels, which, as he said it, were easy to get lost in, Sid not taking his advice as he got waylaid somewhat from the others. During his walk through the ice cave, Sid ran into a number of ancient creatures trapped in the icy walls, from a frozen carnivorous fish to a frozen dinosaur, which Sid screams and starts shuddering in fear. Walking further on, Sid found a number of frozen creatures in a row, consisting of a giant amoeba, a conodont, a buck-toothed amphibian to a primitive-looking prehistoric mammal, all of which shared his ovular head, sparse hair and buck teeth. Then last he passes is the Frozen UFO, which appears later in the fifth film.

Not long after, the baby, who was riding on Manny's back, slid onto a thin sliver of ice and away from the group, going down an icy tunnel consisting of slides. The three animals, aghast, leapt right in, sliding through the ice tunnels as they chased after the baby, who saw the sliding as nothing more than a fun game. Sliding through the tunnels, Sid and the other two slid into different passages and were all spouted out in midair, falling into three more passages. The baby slid on, with Sid in hot pursuit, laughing so as to amuse the baby as they slid on, finally reaching him before falling into a hole in the ice, releasing his grip on the baby. After falling through the hole, Sid was launched out again and slid into another tunnel, landing and sliding on his head until he launched out once more and landed on Manny, who was sliding down the ice as well. Diego, who was sliding down upper-level tunnels, landed also on Manny, clawing the mammoth with his claws by mistake. The three mammals slid on until they reached a massive pointed pillar of ice, which Sid called out as an iceberg.

Icy Cave sliding

Diego calls out for "round two" of sliding through the ice.

The three mammals crashed into the pillar and it cracked off under their weight, but they were able to slide on it through some sharp upside-down icicles, grating down the pillar, and onto a series of sliding ice formations, through which they all three tried to catch the baby but were unsuccessful as the baby slid onto a piece of ice that faced upwards and was flung into the air. Sid, still sliding, crashed directly into a wall of ice, followed by Diego and finally by Manny, who had caught the baby and who had brought the entire wall of ice down, coating them all with snow.

After the sliding, Manny, Sid and the baby sat quietly, exhausted from the sliding and Diego alone ecstatically called out for a "round two" of sliding before sobering up and quietly asking them to tell the baby to be more careful.


"Oh look, Manny, a mammoth...hey, hey, this fat one looks just like you. Aww, and he's got a family. Oh, and he's happy. Look, he's playing with his kid. See, Manny? That's your problem. That's what mammoths are supposed to do...Find a she-moth...have little baby mammoths...
Sid...shut up.
―Sid on Manny's problem, stopped by Diego.[src]
Sid & Roshan look at cave art

Sid shows Roshan the art made by the humans.

The group moved on, reaching a vast cave filled with paintings done by humans of various animals, among them a painting of sabers attacking a herd of deer, Sid explaining to the baby that they were just playing tag with their teeth, prompting Diego to dryly remark to Sid that they must play tag and that Sid was "it". Moving on, Sid called out that there never were any sloths in the cave paintings but then noticed a painting of a mammoth that looked like Manny, complete with a female mammoth and calf: unaware to Manny's reaction to the painting, Sid continued on, explaining that mammoths were meant to find a "she-moth" and raise baby mammoths, talking on this until Diego told him to stop.

Manny stared on at the painting, haunted by what had once happened with his family: having once been a father and husband, Manny's wife and son were hunted and taken down by a tribe of humans, despite Manny's best efforts to stop them, leaving him cross and surly at the world for his loss. The baby, however, stepped in, which reminded Manny that not all was lost, and the mammoth, touched by that, held the baby close. Having been moved by this, Sid wiped his nose and rubbed it off on Diego before they left the cave.

Lava Pits

"Please tell me that was your stomach.
I'm sure it was just thunder...from...under...ground...
―Sid and Manny on the rumbling lava below.[src]
Herd running from underground lava eruptions

Sid and the others escape the lava outbursts.

Further on, the group grew closer to Half-Peak and Sid remarked to the laughing baby that he was closer to home before the sloth began to complain that his feet were sweating. With that, Sid called out in pain that the ground was hot, when, as he ran closer to the others, a loud rumbling erupted from underground and a blast of hot lava issued from beneath the ice, prompting the three animals to run away with the baby, escaping the lava. The lava had melted a great chasm in the ice, leaving a thin walkway of ice above a massive pit of molten rock.

Sid attempting to out run Lava

Sid trying to escape the lava fields.

The three animals were separated, with Sid and Manny, who was holding the baby, atop one pillar connected to the other side of the lava field and Diego, standing on one floe unconnected from the others. Sid, unaware, was trying to run away as fast as he could but only slid on the ice, hardly moving at all. Just then, Diego leapt forward with the others, Sid musing on how he wished he could jump that way, and Manny, granting the sloth's wish, booted Sid forward, sending him flying in the air, where he eventually fell to the ground, skidding and hitting his head on a rock.


Sid came to and was given the baby, as Manny went back to help Diego, who was holding onto an ice ledge above the lava, about to fall off. Manny stepped forward on the already-crumbling ledge and managed to throw Diego off to safety on the other side while the mammoth himself fell into the lava pits as he stood on the already-breaking chunk of ice. Manny, in a twist of good fortune, was launched from the lava pit while on the chunk of ice that had broken off as he was standing on it. Sid rushed forward to Manny, standing on his trunk by mistake, and was elated to see that Manny was otherwise all right. Diego noted that Manny might have died in saving him, to which Manny replied that those in a herd did those things, kept an eye out for one another, prompting Sid to declare that they were the "weirdest herd" he'd ever seen.

Lord of the Flame

"From now on, you'll have to refer to me as Sid, Lord of the Flame.
Hey, Lord of the Flame; your tail's on fire.
―Sid and Manny on Sid's new title.[src]
Sid Doodles1

Sid on his drawing abilities.

As the new-found herd moved on, the night grew colder and harsher, a blizzard breaking out, forcing them all to stop for the night and find shelter in the form of a rocky area. As they settled in, Sid, having found a piece of chalk, picked it up and drew an image of a sloth on the rock wall, intending to put sloths “on the map”. Diego and Manny derided this, suggesting that Sid draw the sloth more realistically by drawing the sloth lying down and rounder: Manny took the chalk from Sid and added a round belly onto it. Sid, not amused, tried to scribble the drawing out, resulting in sparks that caught onto a pile of kindling and straw, resulting in a fire. Praising his discovery, Sid happily kissed the piece of chalk.

Sid's tail on fire

Sid's tail ablaze.

That night, the three animals and the baby sat beside the fire, wherein Sid proclaimed that the others would refer to him as “Sid, Lord of the Flame”, unaware that his tail was too near the fire, burning it: the sloth ran around with his tail aflame until Diego pulled him down on the ice, where the fire fizzled out. Sid then decided to give Diego a new nickname, but Diego threatened Sid before he could finish and quickly changed his tone to a joking, almost brotherly tone as he roughhoused with the sloth before Manny called both their attention: the baby was taking his first steps. Sid called the baby closer but the baby instead waddled towards Diego, hugging the saber. Manny then decided to call it a night and put the baby to bed, and as he did, Sid remarked to Diego that Manny was not as tough as he seemed and that Sid himself had never had another friend willing to risk his own life for him before settling down for the night.


"I was supposed to get the baby, but then...
You brought us home for dinner.
That's it! You're out of the herd.
―Diego explaining his true motives to a displeased Manny and Sid.[src]
Sid cleans Roshan's face

Sid cleans Roshan's face.

Walking closer to the human camp, Sid began to clean Roshan off as sloths did, with licks and wipes as Manny noted that the baby looked better after the cleaning. Only Diego was uneasy about taking the baby back, expressing that perhaps they had better not take the baby back, for someday the baby would grow to be a hunter. Sid stated that the baby might not hunt them, as they had rescued him once, which Diego derided. Manny called Diego out on his sourness, which Diego dismissed; at that moment, Diego led them away to a covered area, stating that there was an ambush nearby. Diego explained, to Sid's and Manny's displeasure, that he was ordered by his pack leader to lead them to Half Peak, where the sabers in Diego's pack would ambush them. Manny, furious at Diego's duplicity, pinned the saber by the neck to a rock wall with his tusk, but Diego pleaded to them both that they must trust him to escape, as he was their only hope.

Sid Snowboarding

Sid escapes the sabers on a piece of wood.

The three worked out a plan, with Sid as the bait, luring the sabers away with a decoy baby made of snow, wrapped in the baby's bundles. Sid, waddling through the snow, appeared to move slow to the sabers before he hopped out of the snow and revealed he had set two pieces of wood on his feet, which he used as skis on the snow, the sabers in hot pursuit. During the chase, Sid ran into a large rock and one of the wood pieces was knocked off, prompting Sid to use only one, which he used to flee even quicker until he reached a sudden drop, which he fell into, slid towards an upward facing slope and was launched onto its ledge. The sabers rushed to the bundles, which Sid had left behind as he slid upwards, only to find the snow decoy.


Sid finds the baby, unaware that Zeke is behind him.

Sid ran from the sabers, drawing them away towards Manny, who knocked three of them out with a log. As the sabers were knocked out, Sid returned to the baby, who was stowed in a hole in a rock wall, unaware that Zeke, one of the sabers, had followed him to the baby. Sid reached the baby, who mimed that a saber was behind him: as Zeke pounced, Sid quickly took the baby out of the ledge and Zeke was stuck in the rock hole, furthered forced in as Sid stomped down on him, driving him in further. Sid returned to find Diego injured from an attack by Soto, Diego's pack leader, and Manny cornered by two other sabers: the baby cooed, alerting Soto to his presence, and Soto, forgetting Manny, moved towards Sid and the baby, but Manny struck him away. Soto hit a rock wall, jarring loose some icicles, which came down, impaling him. Sid, happy that the sabers were vanquished, quickly turned to sorrow as he saw that Diego was wounded. Diego was losing consciousness fast and Sid, trying to keep Diego alive, pleaded for him to pull through, until Diego at last succumbed to his injuries.

Returning the Baby

"Don't forget about us, okay?
We won't forget about you.
―Manny and Sid saying their goodbyes to Roshan.[src]
Manny Confront Runar

Manny faces Roshan's father as Sid hides.

The humans had reached Glacier Pass and were about to move on when Manny and Sid found them. Facing the baby's father, Runar, Manny raised his trunk and Runar readied his spear, Sid watching fearfully. Manny tugged the spear out of Runar's grip and threw it aside: the humans' dogs began barking, alerting the others to Manny's presence as he raised his trunk once more. The humans rushed to attack Manny, Sid still in fear, but Manny pulled his trunk back and revealed that he had their baby: Runar, shocked but in joy, called the others off as Manny set the baby down. This was too much for Sid, who fainted dead away.


Roshan waddled toward his father, who scooped him up and made to leave with his tribe and son. Manny and Sid turned to leave as well, but the baby called out to Manny and Sid, and Runar, seeing this, set the baby down, allowing him to waddle to the two animals that had brought him back to his family. Sid and Manny both said their goodbyes, and Runar, grateful to them both, placed the trinket of beads that was once his son's before leaving on. Sid, still emotional about the baby returning to his family, was beside himself as he called his goodbyes to the baby until he heard Diego's voice calling out that humans couldn't talk.

Sid hugs Diego

Sid embraces Diego.

Sid quickly turned to joy and rushed forward to hug Diego, tackling him down and roughhousing with the saber in joy. Manny offered Diego, who was still sore from his ordeal, a ride, which the saber declined. Sid, on the other hand, accepted it, and Manny allowed him to. The three then decided to head south for the winter, together, Sid promising them he'd show them his favorite spots and expressing that he would prefer global warming over the cold.

Campo Del Sid

"Look! I opened my camp-Campo de Sid. That means 'Camp of Sid'.
Congratulations: you're now an idiot in two languages.
―Sid and Diego on Sid's day camp.[src]
Sid's body image distorted by ice

Sid's features are distorted by a sheet of ice.

Soon after, Manny, Sid and Diego reached warmer climates in the form of a valley surrounded by ice, at the end of which was a series of melting ice formations that crated naturally-occurring water slides and pools, frequented by herds of animals. Sid took it upon himself to start up a day camp he dubbed “Campo Del Sid”, which he translated as “Camp of Sid”. With this, he briefly caught the eye of Rose, a female ground sloth who was interested in him for a moment while he was behind an ice block that made him look muscular, before seeing how out-of-shape when he walked out from behind the ice block.

Sid as a Piñata

Sid is hung upside down and about to be used as a piñata.

The younglings he had as part of his camp, however, had no respect for their counselor, least of all a young aardvark named James, who was ruder than all the others together. The others took every chance to dupe him or to pull a prank, at which point catching the sloth in a snare as a piñata. The younglings cheered at Sid’s fall and started to hit him with sticks, among them a young beaver named Ashley, hitting the sloth hard enough to knock him out of the snare and onto the ground. Disappointed that Sid had no candy inside him, the younglings buried him up to his neck, stamping his head down.

Sid Trips

Sid gets tripped up by James.

Manny and Sid happened on the scene, Manny pulling Sid out of the dirt, where he stood and declared that he had set up a new day camp, neither of his fellow herd members taking his attempts seriously. Manny informed Sid that he was not qualified to run a camp, which Sid dismissed, claiming that qualifications had nothing to do with it. Sid further stated that the younglings looked up to him, unaware that he was about to be tripped by Ashley as the young beaver fastened a vine around his ankles and shoved him down with the help of James. Diego jeered that he could see how they looked up to him, to which Sid, still tripped up, angrily stated that neither Manny or Diego ever believed he could do anything. Sid started the herd and was an equal member, as he stated, which he felt merited respect. With that, Sid, still tied up at the ankles, hopped off and left the scene, still tangled up in the vines and looking for a means of gaining respect.


"Sid! What are you doing, get down from there!
No way, I'm gonna be the first to jump off the Eviscerator and then you guys are gonna have to start showing me some respect.
You jump off this, the only respect you're gonna get is respect for the dead.
―Manny and Sid on Sid jumping from the Eviscerator.[src]
Sid Chickens Out

Sid prepares to jump from the Eviscerator.

Still on the lookout for a means in which to gain respect, Sid climbed to the top of a giant water slide called the Eviscerator: Manny and Diego, down at the slide's bottom, called for him to come down while other animals called for him to jump. Still uneasy about jumping, Sid counted down to three slowly when Manny and Diego came up quickly to the water slide's side to talk Sid out of it: Sid wished to be the first to jump off the Eviscerator and earn some respect. Manny attempted to convince Sid that it would be fatal, but Sid readied himself to jump regardless.

Sid Caught

Sid is caught by Manny before he falls down the Eviscerator.

As Sid jumped, he was caught by Manny, who flung him backward over his shoulder: with that, Manny and Sid slid backward, knocking into Diego, who was flung backward as well, sliding along a body of water. Sid had ended up directly under Manny and pulled himself out from under the mammoth's belly right in time to find Diego running from the ice that was splitting beneath him, revealing water. Diego caught onto Manny's trunk and held on tight, to which Sid jokingly stated that he thought Diego was afraid of water, retracting his joke as Diego grabbed angrily onto his throat. Just then, Manny called out to them both that Fast Tony, an armadillo known for lying about an oncoming flood, was right: the ice was melting: where there had once been a vast field of ice that formed a wall containing the valley the animals all lived in, there was a vast body of meltwater that would soon flood the land. Manny knew that the ice would give way and the waters would flood the valley and called for Sid and Diego to go warn the other animals.

Herd going down Eviscerator

The herd slides down the Eviscerator.

With that, Sid suggested that they all could rapidly adapt into water creatures, jokingly dubbing himself "Squid". As the herd left the scene, Sid broke off a small piece of ice and stated that it was all a mess that he couldn't believe he lived in. With a few stomps on the ice on which they stood, Sid mistakenly loosened the way and the three mammals slid straight down the Eviscerator. As they slid, they collided with Fast Tony, who proclaimed to the surrounding animals that he was right about oncoming disasters. Manny tried to convince the animals that Fast Tony was right all along about the flood, which they all laughed at until a vulture known as the Lone Gunslinger appeared. The vulture informed all the animals that the flood was real and coming fast. The valley they lived in, the Gunslinger explained, was a bowl which would fill up with no way out, unless they could reach the end of the valley, where there was a boat that could save them. The vulture then proclaimed that the waters would hit the geyser fields and become much worse, before he flew off, leaving a frightened silence. Sid joking stated that he must be a pleasure in class.


"Hey Manny-Manny, I just heard you're going extinct!
Hey, if you ever master hygiene, try working on sensitivity.
―Sid to Manny on going extinct and called out by Diego.[src]
Manny Calls Out Sid

Manny rebukes Sid on not being extinct.

The herd of animals quickly left the waterpark and headed toward the other side of the valley, where they would reach the boat. During the walk there, Sid heard talk that Manny was the last mammoth, which he thickly told Manny through a mouthful of blueberries, much to Diego's dismay. Manny informed Sid that he wasn't actually going extinct, a statement that was put at odds by a passing father aardvark, who referred to Manny as the last mammoth to his children.

Sid race

Sid holding onto Manny's back as he runs through the forest.

Throughout the journey away from the waterpark towards the boat, Sid continued to annoy Manny with songs of how the mammoths had gone extinct. At long last, the jokes had gotten to Manny, who began to worry that he truly was the last of his kind. Sid consolingly told Manny that at least he had both Sid himself and Diego, an argument which did little to comfort. At that moment, the three heard a loud trumpeting coming from the forests, and Manny, ecstatic that he had found another mammoth, rushed into the woods to find the other mammoth, taking Sid and Diego with him. Manny bumped into Sid with his tusk and the sloth grabbed on as Manny rushed through the forests, holding on tight as Diego sprinted to catch up.

Cholly farts towards Sid

Sid suffers Cholly's stomachache.

At once, Manny stopped running and Sid, losing his grip was flung forward towards the source of the trumpeting: a single chalicothere named Cholly sat on a log, breaking wind directly into Sid's open mouth by mistake. Calling out in disgust, Sid then watched as Manny, feeling glum, walked off to be along for a moment. Sid remarked then that one truly was the loneliest number.

Facing Possums

"Big mistake, you miscreants!
Ah, Diego, they're possums.
―Diego to Crash and Eddie, Sid correcting him.[src]
Sid plays Whack A Possum

Sid attempts to catch the possums.

Just then, Sid and Diego had a number of pebbles shot at them from two opossums in the trees, who shot the pebbles out with a pair of reeds and fled as Diego climbed up their tree to get them. Sid ran after the possums and fell headfirst into a burrow, getting his head stuck in the hole. As he pulled his head out, the possums baited Sid with snide jokes and baited him through the burrows, one jumping down the burrow as Sid tried to catch him and the other firing another pebble into Sid's rear, enjoying their game as Sid was not quick enough to catch them.

Crash & Eddie "Surrender Never" Diego & Sid

Diego and Sid stuck together.

Diego then joined in, attempting to punish the possums, but was impeded by Sid, who fell on Diego as the possums tripped him with their tails. Sid and Diego struck out at the burrows, intending to catch the possums, but only succeeded in getting themselves entangled in one another's limbs as the possums, offering them a surrender, leapt from the burrows and fired more pellets at Sid and Diego's heads. The two fell to the ground, Diego dryly remarking that if anyone ever asked about what had happened, it was that they instead faced fifty rattlesnakes. Getting up, Diego called out to the possums, dubbing them miscreants, to which Sid corrected him, stating that they were possums. With that, both Sid and Diego chased after the possums.

Meeting Ellie

"Well, shave me down and call me a mole rat! You found another mammoth!
Where? Wait a minute, I thought mammoths were extinct.
―Sid to Manny about Ellie, Ellie misunderstanding.[src]
Manny, Sid, Diego Puzzled

Manny, Sid and Diego surprised at Ellie's response.

Sid and Diego both chased the possums on until they ran for cover behind a mammoth that Manny was talking to. At that, Sid was pleased that Manny had found another mammoth, to which the other mammoth, named Ellie, was confused as to where, for she thought mammoths had gone extinct. This earned her a puzzled stare from Manny, Sid and Diego, Manny stating that she herself was a mammoth: Ellie laughed this off, stating that she was a possum. Manny sarcastically replied that he himself was a newt, with Diego being a badger and Sid being a platypus, which upset Sid, who didn't wish to be called a platypus. Ellie's two "brothers", the possums Crash and Eddie that Sid and Diego had run afoul of, rushed to her defense: this affirmed Ellie's stance in claiming that she was a possum. Manny questioned her sanity quietly, to which Sid informed him that his species' extinction was no time to be picky, and with that suggested that Ellie go with them to escape the flood. Manny angrily rejected this, but Sid invited Ellie to join them, regardless. After talking it over with her brothers, Ellie agreed to go with them.

Sid & Diego Roughhousing Crash & Eddie

Diego and Sid roughhouse with the possums.

Manny angrily struck Sid in the head, demanding to know why Sid invited them, to which Sid replied that he did it because Manny and Ellie might be the only remaining mammoths on Earth, which Diego agreed with and Manny objected to. Ellie and her brothers stated that they would join the herd in escaping the flood, with Crash and Eddie affirming that they would only go if the herd treated them right. Provoking Sid and Diego into another fight, the possums leapt into action, Sid trying to fight back, but being impeded as one of the possums lashed out at him with his tail. This roughhousing went on until the earth shook and stopped the fighting for a moment, Manny taking the chance to state that, thanks to Sid, they'd all be traveling together.

Sid Mocks Crazy Ellie

Sid gestures that Ellie is crazy.

As the six animals walked on with the crowds, they passed Fast Tony, who, ever on the attempt to sell things, hurried off once he saw the herd. Ellie waylaid them all as she and her brothers spotted a hawk and played dead. Sid asked why Manny didn't play dead as well, with Manny responding crossly that he was a mammoth, to which Sid insisted that Manny could play dead for treats and soon after gestured that Ellie was not sane, to Manny's annoyance

Lake Attack

"What in the animal kingdom was that?
I don't know, but from now on, land safe. Water? Not safe.
―Sid and Diego on Cretaceous and Maelstrom.[src]
Maelstrom Emerges From Ice

Maelstrom breaks through the ice.

The group began to cross a vast frozen lake, with Diego uneasy around so much water, chastising Crash and Eddie for sliding around on it, to which Sid said that the ice was thin but still strong enough to carry a ten-ton mammoth and a nine-ton "possum". As the group continued walking on, the ice suddenly split and a giant pliosaur burst through it, flinging Sid into the air and directly into the waters of the lake. With that, an ichthyosaur named Cretaceous also engaged in the hunt.

Sid Underwater

Sid is plunged into the lake.

Sid fell far away from the others and paddled as quickly as he could, calling out to Diego for help, who stood on an ice floe, petrified in fear. Sid reached the ice floe in time to watch out as the pliosaur, a vast reptile named Maelstrom, drew closer. Diego, however, was not moving, despite Sid's efforts to pull him away. In desperation, Sid grabbed Diego's tail and bit it hard, prompting the saber to roar in pain, snap out of his fear and jump off the ice floe with Sid, moments before Maelstrom destroyed it. Sid and Diego then jumped from floe to floe as Maelstrom chased them both, finally reaching a large ice bank, which he snapped on as Sid and Diego escaped. Collapsing in exhaustion, Sid let himself drop next to Diego.

Sid taunting Manny over Ellie

Sid annoys Manny by claiming that he likes Ellie.

Once the group reached the riverbanks after escaping the sea reptiles, Sid pondered on what the two reptiles were and quickly shifted from fear to his annoyance of Manny, whom Sid thought liked Ellie after complaining of how narrow-minded she was. Manny dispelled the notion, but Sid persisted, stating that Manny's secret was safe with him, as was Diego's: Sid stated that Diego couldn't swim, the saber denying this fervently, and Sid again annoyingly insisted he was right, stating that they were living in a melting world and that Diego must confront his fear at one point or another.


"So you think she's the girl for me?
Oh yeah, she's tons of fun and you're no fun at all. She completes you.
―Sid and Manny on Ellie.[src]
Sid & Manny Impress Ellie

Sid tries to convince Manny to impress Ellie.

The group moved on, reaching a downward slope, where Crash, Eddie and Ellie rolled down on logs, prompting Manny to sardonically ask of Sid whether he actually believed Ellie was for him: Sid affirmed that Ellie was, as she was fun to be around and Manny was not: a perfect balance. At that moment, Crash, who had been playing a game, asked Manny if he might pull back the tree that Crash was standing on so as to shoot him into the pond. Manny flatly refused, to which Sid asked Manny how he intended to impress Ellie if he wouldn't play along; Manny denied that he wanted to impress Ellie, and Sid persisted, stating that Manny was trying hard to convince Ellie that she was a mammoth. Manny insisted that he was trying to convince her of what she was because no one could be two things, which Sid contested, citing the bullfrog, the chickenhawk and the turtledove. Manny consented with Crash's idea and flung him far off with the tree, only for the possum to hit a tree face-first, fall down unconscious, and Eddie to rush to his aid. Ellie saw what had happened and crossly blamed Manny, Manny contesting her blame as Crash told him he could do the trick. In a moment, Crash came to, prompting Ellie to bashfully state that her brothers made her life an adventure, playfully punching them with her trunk, to Sid, Manny and Diego's shock.

Sid Log Talk Manny

Sid talks Manny into trying for another family.

The group moved on, clearing their way through a number of dried logs: Sid tugged at one of the the sticks on the logs and snapped it off, flinging himself backward. As the group moved, Diego remarked to Manny that Ellie was sweet, despite her confusion: as Manny turned his head, holding a log, he distractedly knocked Sid in the head twice with it. Diego then asked Manny what was holding him back from courting Ellie, to which the mammoth replied that the memories of his late family impeded him. Sid, who stayed in the log that Manny was moving, stated that Manny could have a family again, which Manny denied, making to throw the log aside. Sid, exclaiming in panic as he was about to be thrown, insisted that if Manny let Ellie go, he was letting his species slip away as well, which Sid deemed selfish. Manny threw the log aside, and Sid, stuck inside of it, mused that he was getting through to Manny.


Sid set out to find rocks with which to make fire, striking a few against one another, when he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him, and turned his attention to Diego. Sid stated that it was brave of Manny to take a chance and appeal to Ellie, to which Diego agreed. Sid then explained that fear was inherent to all animals, and with that confronted Diego on his inability to swim: Diego insisted that fear was for prey, to which Sid stated that Diego was allowing the water to make him its prey, and leapt into a demonstration on how to swim, relying on vines and relating swimming techniques to hunting prey. Diego, unconvinced, cut the vine that Sid was using to illustrate his point, bringing the sloth down: with that, Diego left the scene.

Crossing the Chasm

"Making friends. Everywhere you go, just making friends."
―Sid on Ellie's anger.[src]
Sid And Diego around campfire

Sid and Diego stand near a fire that Sid made.

Sid and Diego stood near the fire that Sid had started up, when Manny came along, hesitantly stating that it was going well with Ellie, when Ellie came along and crossly stomped by, splashing some water onto the fire that Sid had started up, demanding that they would move along with her and her brothers at night.

Misty Chasm

The group is trapped in the chasm.

The group moved on, walking through a foggy plain, where Sid collided with a low stump that Crash and Eddie decided not to warn him about, and within a moment, the ground where the animals stood was shaken loose as the fog cleared and it became clear that they were standing on a stack of imbalanced rocks over a vast chasm. Diego called out for everyone to stop moving, but once they did, the rocks crumbled and shifted again, causing Sid to lose his grip on one and hang from another directly over the chasm. Diego directed the others in holding the rocks together so that they could escape, and Manny and Ellie discussed the misunderstanding that Manny had had before about mating with Ellie, Sid concurring that Manny was right to think Ellie overreacted, with the others all pitching in their opinions, when Ellie apologized: she felt that she had overreacted, to everyone else's surprise. Sid then tried to grab onto the ledge as the rocks swung around, but fell off and was knocked out for a moment as he saw the other rocks crumble down and the other animals escape them in time, save for Diego, who had not leapt off in time and was saved by Manny and Ellie, who pulled him up.

Sid Guards Fire

Sid protects his fire from Ellie.

The group stopped for the night, Sid setting up another fire, guarding it warily as the two mammoths, who had reconciled, passed by it. As they moved on, Sid pulled out a large piece of bark and turned to Diego, discussing the "good old days", when the land was not about to flood, and dusted the bark off with his tail, tapping Diego with it by mistake. Diego concurred about those days, stating that then, possums were possums and mammoths were mammoths. The two then went to sleep, Sid promptly dozing off.

Abducted by Mini-Sloths

"Somebody here likes Sid."
―Sid on the mini-sloths.[src]
Sid Carried By MiniSloths

Sid looks out at the mini-sloths.

Later that night, as Sid slept, he was carried away on the bark that he was sleeping on by a number of mini-sloths back to their camp, where Sid, as he was being carried, woke up as a branch hit his face and looked down to find himself being carried by four mini-sloths. With that, Sid looked around and saw that there were many other mini-sloths, two of them lowering themselves down onto Sid with vines, bestowing a flowery tiara on his head.

Sid Presented With Rocks

Sid is given rocks with which to make fire.

Sid looked on as he was carried towards a giant rocky shrine that resembled him, remarking that someone among the mini-sloths liked Sid. The mini-sloths carrying him came to a halt and dropped him in front of the altar, where the leader of the mini-sloths stood, referring to Sid as "fire king" and handing him two rocks before bowing away. Sid was pleased that someone at last knew what he could do and struck the rocks together, igniting the vines around the shrine, lighting its stony face, to the mini-sloths' marvel. With that, Sid looked up with admiration at his work when he smelled something burning and saw that his foot was on one of the hot vines. Picking it up and exclaiming in pain as he stood on one foot, Sid saw that the mini-sloths all imitated him, and with that, Sid began to engage them all in an elaborate dance in which they all mimicked his movements.

Sid tied up by minisloths

Sid bound by the mini-sloths.

The dance continued on until the mini-sloths, as they danced with Sid, bound him in vines and prepared to sacrifice the larger sloth to a lava pit nearby. As he was carried to the lava pit, Sid attempted to reason with the mini-sloths, claiming that they would suffer "a thousand years bad juju for killing Fire King", to which the leader of the mini-sloths explained that the superheated rocks from the core of the planet were rising up and melting the buildup of ice from thousands of years. Noting the mini-sloths' advanced understanding of the meltdown, Sid bargained to be spared, claiming that together, they might find a solution. The mini-sloth leader stated that their solution was to sacrifice the Fire King, which Sid noted was not a scientific solution, but the mini-sloth leader maintained was worth a try.

As Sid was thrown into the pit, bound in vines, the mini-sloths cheered, unaware that one end of the vines had tangled around a rock in the pit, causing Sid to only graze the lava below and be launched upward, straight into the nose of the Fire King effigy, causing it to jar loose and bring the entire rock collection down as the statue nose bounced off, Sid inside it.

Food Glorious Food

Vultures Sing In Circle

Vultures singing round the herd.

The next day, Manny, Diego, and the rest of the gang had found Sid walking back to their camp sight, as they had found out that some of the flooding had caught up with them. Sid tries to tell them that the reason why he was gone last night was because he was abducted by a tribe of Mini-sloths, explaining that they worshiped him, despite throwing him into a volcano for sacrifice. Manny and Diego didn't believe him and told him that they needed to move fast from the flooding. Sid, realizing that they truly didn't believe him agrees sourly. While they were traveling, the herd had encountered an area full of Vultures that had watched them and burst out in a Song proclaiming their desire to eat the animals that lagged behind, as they chased them while singing it. They herd was then able to get away.

Geyser Fields

The Boat

Herd sees boat.

Sid was told to stop singing the Song that the Vultures had sung by Manny and Diego, explaining to them that it was a catchy song. Then, the group of animals had stop, seeing that they had finally made it to the boat that was made of a massive fallen tree. The group had all cheered and began to walk again. Suddenly, a massive explosion had erupted from the ground, across where the animals were and more started to erupt. They had came upon a field of geysers that stood between them and the safety of the giant boat. Sid reassures that the geysers only consist some hot water and steam and they shouldn't cause any harm, until he's proved wrong when a lone Dodo walked through the geyser and was incinerated alive. Manny makes decides that they should go straight through, but Ellie believed that they should go back around to avoid being burned. Manny explains to her that they would never make it, due to the dam breaking at that point of time. The two Mammoths started to argue and ended up going separate ways, Ellie taking Crash and Eddie, and Sid and Diego going with Manny. Rarely making through, after Manny was in a daze, reflecting back on being the last mammoth, the trio had made it through the geysers, where they met up with the rest of the animals.

The Dam Breaks

After making it, Manny, Sid, and Diego began to ask different animals if they've seen Ellie, Crash, or Eddie, worried that they haven't made it around the geysers. Suddenly, the dam ends up breaking. With the rushing sound of water from the distance, the animals began to scream and panic, as each one had hurried onto the boat.


As all the animals were still running, Crash and Eddie were able to find Manny and tell him that Ellie had been trapped in a cave. Realizing that Ellie's in danger, Manny rushes back, along with Crash, Eddie, Sid, and Diego to save her. Once when they spot the cave, the group all sees the water rushing from a distance. The group rushes towards the cave, but the water reaches there at the same time. Manny still rushes, but then falls down into the water, along with Crash and Eddie, when the water destroys the the surface area where they were running. Luckily, Sid and Diego weren't swept down. While Manny was too busy trying to save Ellie, Crash an Eddie were in danger as they tried to to keep from falling into the water, while holding onto a frail tree, yelling for help. Sid attempts to save them, but is knocked unconscious when he dives head first onto a block of ice. Crash and Eddie attempt to save him by grabbing a hold to his tongue. Seeing that his friends are in danger, Diego jumps into the water trying to forget his fear. He ends up learning how to swim in the water after using Sid's earlier demonstration relating swimming techniques to hunting prey and saves Sid, Crash, and Eddie from drowning. The four found a rock like area that hadn't been completely flooded and all laid atop upon it, exhausted. Sid acknowledges Diego getting over his fear. Diego explains that most animals can swim when they are babies, going back to Sid's earlier statement. Sid admits that tigers can't actually swim when thy are babies, explaining that he had left that part of his statement out, surprising Diego. The four ended up spotting Manny still trying to save Ellie. Manny was then pulled down by the ichthyosaur, Cretaceous. Manny comes back up from the water and is warned by Sid that Cretaceous and Maelstrom were right behind him. Manny ends up defeating the two reptiles by tricking them into hitting a log that was wedged under a large rock. The plan worked, freeing Ellie, and the boulder came down on the two reptiles. Manny and Ellie ended coming back to the surface as Sid, Diego, Crash, and Eddie cheered that they made it through. Once when the two mammoths came to the rock like surface, Crash and Eddie hugged their sister, stating that they thought that they wouldn't see her again. Manny and Ellie then both shared loving looks.

Another Rescue

Sid then exclaims that the group is all going to live, until he's proven wrong the flood gets higher. Sid then exclaims, "We're gonna die!" As the water was getting higher, the group had seen the Boat sail off with all the other animals on board. Fortunately, the glaciers surrounding the valley started to crack and had diverted the flood. This, therefore saved the herd from drowning. As the animals boarded off of the boat, Sid told Diego that he might start a new swimming school. He's cut off once when he sees the tribe of mini sloths, surprised. The mini sloths wanted Sid to be their leader, as they believed that it was he, who had diverted the flood. While Sid was interested in this offer and feeling more respected, Diego told the mini sloths that Sid was the core that brought the herd together, and there wouldn't be a herd without him, showing that he does respect Sid. This changes Sid's mind to hug his friend, as the mini sloths hugged each other.

Manny Leaving

After a herd of mammoths had past, revealing that Manny and Ellie weren't the only mammoths, Ellie wanted to be with Manny, but Manny still didn't want to let go of his past. This, made both mammoths walk sadly in opposite directions. Sid told Manny that he had to let go of his past, so that he could have a future with Ellie. Him and Diego were able to convince Manny into staying with Ellie.

The New Herd

When they saw their buddy happily with his new mate, Sid told Diego that it's just the two of them. He's proven wrong when Manny and Ellie decide to stay with them as a herd, as he's thrown on his back. Crash and Eddie hop on Diego's back and the herd venture off into the sunset, as they talked about who Manny liked the most: Sid or Diego.


"This playground is for kids. Are you a kid? Don't answer that."
―Manny to Sid[src]

After hearing that Ellie was having her baby, Sid rushed with the rest of the crowd of animals, only to find out it was false alarm. Disappointed, Sid followed Manny and Ellie to their playground. He asked Manny why he wasn't on the Ice Mobile. Crash and Eddie told him that he could be on theirs. Sid, about to touch a snow sloth, was told by Manny that the playground was for kids, and he wasn't a kid.

Diego leaving

"I guess it's just the two of us.
No, Sid. It's not the two of us.
Crash and Eddie are coming with? Just Crash? Just Eddie?
Bye Sid.
―Diego leaving[src]

After Ellie told Manny to go talk to Diego, and they were done talking, Sid went to Diego and said that it was just the two of them now. Diego told him it wasn't. Sid tried to come up with who else would come, but, Diego left, leaving Sid heartbroken that his herd had parted. He decided he'd make his own herd. He found some kids playing, but they got scared and hid.

Finding the eggs

"What did I tell you kids?"
―Sid to baby dino eggs[src]

Sid, looking at himself in the ice, saw it crack. He then fell through the ice and in a cavern. He wiped the snow off his fur and looked around. He spotted three dinosaur eggs. He decided to take them up with him. He drew faces on the eggs. One egg started sliding down a mountain. Sid quickly got it, but then the two other eggs started sliding. He was able to catch two of them but couldn't reach the third. Luckily, Ellie caught the egg. He thanked her. He introduced his kids as Egbert, Shelly, and Yoko. Manny told Sid this was a bad idea. Manny thought Sid was not meant to be a parent and told him to take the eggs back and one of those eggs almost became an omelet, and Ellie agreed someone would be worried sick looking for them. Manny told Sid he would have a family too someday and meet a girl with low standards or no sense of smell. This offended Sid, and he went off with the eggs. He got shelter because of the rain and thought he didn't have what it took to be a parent. But then the sun brighten the shelter, revealing the three baby dinosaurs in the eggs, making Sid hopeful again.


Unaware of it, the three baby dino eggs hatched before Sid could get up. He woke up, stretched,


Baby Dinos

and scratched his itch on his back. He turned around to realize that the three baby dinosaurs had hatched and were copying everything he was doing. They cuddled around him and Sid said he was mommy. He bathed the baby dinosaurs, played catch with a saber-tooth squirrel as the ball, and messed around. The three babies jumped on Sid, licking him, then starting biting him. Sid said no biting, which made the baby dinosaurs cry. He said maybe they were hungry and went to a musk ox, trying to get the baby dinosaurs milk, but didn't realize that it was male, and was chased down, followed by the baby dinos.

Egbert swallow johnny

Sid decided to take the babies to Manny's playground. He said that he'd let them in because they were kids. Johnny, an aardvark, noticed Sid open the playground and called to all his friends that it was open. Sid tried to stop them, but couldn't. The kids and his dinosaurs ended ruining the playground, so Manny lectured Sid for not taking them back.


"You're a real softy, you know that?"
―Sid to Momma[src]

Sid didn't want to take them back and instead kept them as his own. The mother dinosaur who

Momma hears something

Momma hears Sid

everyone was surprised by and scared by, walked through Snow Valley, looking for her children. Manny told Sid to give them back now that their mother was here. Sid denied, saying he didn't know if that was their mother and instead took them to the shelter and hit. Momma, hearing Sid sing to the babies, took off the rock of the shelter and dropped it when she saw her children. She picked up Sid with her babies and started to walk back. Diego noticed Sid, and went after the Tyrannosaurus. Momma was about to eat Sid, before her children protected him. Instead she hit him with her tail. Sid began to talk to Momma, telling her that he raised the baby dinos herbivorous not carnivorous. Sid put vegetables on the rock dinner table, but the baby dinosaurs didn't like it. Momma dropped a flightless bird on the table. the baby dinos tried to eat it but Sid threw it on the back of another dinosaur. Momma got the a meat from an unknown dinosaur and fed it to her children, who ate it quickly. A while later, when Momma seeks shelter from a dangerous dinosaur called Rudy, Sid fell and couldn't get in the cave. Momma helped him in with her tail. She placed him with her babies. Sid riding on Momma's tail, couldn't catch up to them when he was knocked off.


Rudy then chased Sid into Lava Falls, were the rocks cracked, causing Sid on plates of rock in boiling lava. Rudy left, but just before the end of the Lava Falls, he was caught by a flying dinosaur called Roger (Pteranodon). Crash, Eddie, and Buck were on it. He passed Momma and his babies, but, didn't get to say goodbye. He was dropped off by Peaches, Manny and Ellie's newborn calf, Peaches. Confused, Sid exclaimed, "It's a boy!", but Diego corrected him saying "That's her tail."

The Herd Vs. Rudy

As the herd walk where they had originally entranced, Buck

Saying Goodbye to Momma and Baby Dinos

Sid was able to say goodbye to his kids, who cuddled around him, just like the first time they saw him, and Momma licked him. He went home with his herd.


Sid, having not seen his family for a very long time, hugged his Mom, Eunice, his dad, Milton,

Sid hugging his family

Sid hugging his family

his uncle, Fungus, his brother, Marshall, and his grandmother, Granny. Milton told Sid to show Granny his cave. Sid's family then left them. Later there was a crack in the ice and Sid flew into a tree. They survived through storms and harsh waves and even a giant crab.


"You're alive!"
―Sid to Granny[src]

They than heard a strange noise in a tree, only to realize it was Granny. Granny then walked out and jumped into the water, taking her first bath in decades. Sid was thrown in by Manny to help Granny.

Captured by Pirates

"Ooo! Must be a party crew."
―Sid about the pirate crew[src]

Later they were captured by a crew of pirates. Sid teased Diego about looking at Shira, one of the pirates. They tied them up and sang Master of the Seas. Diego and Manny were able to destroy the ship and get to safety on chunk of ice. They saved Shira, who was not fond of going with them. They made it to an island called Switchback Cove were they learned the pirates were using captured hyraxes to build a new ship. In a jungle, they found many hyraxes, and teamed up with the hyraxes, with Sid as the translater. Sid had a job with his Granny to unwind the vines, he got distracted by a bush of lotus berries and ate one, which those berries paralysis anything that swallows it. Sid later was able to feel on the ship they took and Manny and him teased Diego about liking Shira. Sid found a siren, but due to Manny snapping out of the sirens' charm, he was able to get everyone to safety. Sid later sailed to a new home with his herd.

Egg Business

Sid decided to open an egg business where he babysat eggs. Manny and Diego came over to watch the game at his den, but Sid was too busy making his business come together. Sid fell asleep and all the eggs were stolen by Squint, a rabbit pirate. They went on an egg adventure and gave all the eggs back to their rightful mothers and fathers.


"Will you be my mate for life?"
Ice Age Collision Course Herd hiding in Cave

Sid and his girlfriend, Francine, went on a 14 minute date, and later, Sid got a ring and put it in a clam shell. Planning to propose to her, he practiced with himself, looking into ice. He kissed the ice, making his lips stuck to it, but he was able to get free from it and propose to Francine. In the middle of it, Francine told him that she was going to stop him right there and told him she was breaking up with him. Sid was upset and wiped his tears away with poison ivy. Sid found his friends Manny and Diego. Manny got him cleaned up and Sid went to Manny and Ellie's anniversary and got a fruity drink. Sid noticed a firey ball in the sky and showed it to Diego, who told Manny. It was meteor shower. They went into an Ice Cave and stayed until they thought it was safe.

Finding Buck

Shira Says to Buck

After this, they found their old pal, Buck. He lead them and Sid's fur got poofy after a electrical storm came through the forest. Buck saved a pumpkin and named it Bronwyn. Buck told the herd to rest for the night. In the morning, Sid discovered Granny was missing. This made Sid very upset. Sid told the herd he could still hear her yelling. It wasn't in Sid's head, and they followed it.


Brooke spots Sid

Sid meets Brooke.

They found that a prehistoric rabbit called Teddy was giving Granny massages. They were in a crystal place called Geotopia. A ground sloth called Brooke, fell in love with Sid, and called her squad of two minicorns, Bubbles and Misty. Bubbles and Misty brought Sid toward Brooke. Brooke checked Sid's jaw and face and was very impressed. Brooke told the herd she'd bring them to her master. With that said, Bubbles and Misty tapped the crystal floor with their hooves, releasing the crystal hoverboard. The crystal hove boards took them to the Geotopian leader. Once they got there Shangri Llama, the llama leader, greeted the herd and taught them various yoga positions. Sid and Brooke were on a 12 minute date and Brooke proposed to Sid. Sid agreed and tried to get a crystal for her. It destroyed the entire Geotopia wall. Shangri Llama was extremely mad at Sid, for the crystals gave them the power to stay in their youth. Brooke became elderly, but Sid still loved her. The Geotopians agreed to give up their crystals to a volcano. The volcano and crystals pulled the asteroid away from them, throwing it elsewhere in space. Brooke kissed Sid to celebrate their victory.

Leaving Brooke and Granny

"It looks just like you."
―Brooke about Sid's drawing[src]

Brooke had to stay in Geotopia, making Sid sad. Brooke told Sid she'd have Granny to keep her company. Sid was sad that both his love and grandmother were staying. Brooke gave Sid a stone-crystal with a drawing of herself on it. Sid quickly did the same with another stone, drawing himself, and giving it to Brooke. Brooke loved it.

Peaches' Wedding

Sid and Brooke runnig toward each other

Sid and Brooke reunite during the wedding.

At Peaches' wedding, with Sid being the wedding planner, Peaches was happily married to Julian. Sid looked at his stone of Brooke sadly and saw Brooke who is young again. They ran up to each other, and Brooke lifted Sid up. Brooke sang My Superstar for Sid. After the wedding, Manny states that Sid did a great job as the wedding planner and that he owes him big time. Sid then handed the mammoth a bill, which Manny deemed outrageous.

Alternate Events


Before he met Manny and Diego and tried to return Roshan, Sid, despite his family leaving him behind for the migration, managed to find a means of traveling south when he met three young aardvarks, which he conned out of berries that they were storing in their trunks under the cover of a "migration toll". Sid was about to travel on but was confronted by the three aardvarks, who took their berries back and left Sid roughed up. After that, Sid was found by another ground sloth, an overly-attached female sloth named Sylvia, who wanted to be Sid's mate. Sid spoke to Sylvia earlier, telling her that if she wanted to migrate with him, he should meet her at a petrified tree, Sid's intent being to leave her behind. Sylvia meant to entice him to migrate with her but Sid tried to talk his way out of it, stating that he'd rather hibernate through the winter, Sylvia calling his excuse by stating that sloths didn't hibernate. Sylvia insisted that she was the perfect mate for Sid and that they both could someday live in her father's tree, remodeling until it was perfect. Sid, still uninterested, embraced Sylvia so as to push her in the direction of some migrating glyptodons. The glyptodons kept moving on with Sylvia in their path and Sid, about to leave the scene, accidentally stepped in some of their leavings.

Further on, Sid, after having courted two she-sloths with the baby, returned to continue his advances without the baby: the she-sloths questioned Sid on where the baby was, to which Sid dismissed the baby, instead suggesting that he and the two females mate. This disgusted the she-sloths, who left him, Jennifer kicking Sid in the groin before they left.

The female sloths left the scene, cross at Sid's advances, leaving him face down on the ground, where Sylvia, having returned, met him once more. Sid, lying about his leaving her, claimed that he was attacked by "two hundred vicious rhinos", and Sylvia, in admiration, still intended to migrate with him. Sid, not wanting to, left her for a moment under the pretenses of getting turnips with which to stuff their cheeks for the long walk ahead and hurried to find Diego, who he asked for help in leaving Sylvia behind by pretending to have been eaten. Sid placed his neck in Diego's mouth and played dead, holding his breath when Sylvia came, but running out of air once she saw that he was not really dead. Sylvia, disgusted, casually remarked that Diego eat Sid and left in a huff.



Sid & Brooke

Sid and Brooke are engaged. Brooke fell in love with Sid at first sight. After spending a short amount of time with him, Brooke proposed, and Sid accepted. After their lives are saved, Brooke kisses Sid and they have to leave each other. Sid and Brooke exchange drawn stones of each other and Sid left. However, Sid and Brooke found each other once more.


Manny walking & chatting with Sid

Manny and Sid are close friends. Manny is extremely annoyed by Sid's clumsiness, to the point of being rude to him, like in Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas, when he scares Sid by saying he will not have Christmas presents. Manny is also known to be sarcastic with Sid, like in the end of Ice Age: The Meltdown, when he tells Sid that he likes Diego more than Sid. Despite this however, Manny still cares about Sid and has saved him on numerous occasions such as when he attempted to rescue Sid from Momma Dino in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and saved him from falling in lava in Ice Age. Sid has been shown to return the favor and saved Manny and the herd from the pirates by wiping them out into the water with Granny and Precious’s help in Ice Age: Continental Drift which caused Manny to actually respect him more.


Diego choking Sid

Sid and Diego are close friends. Diego seems to be closer to Sid than Manny, although they both seem to bicker with one another at times.

Like Manny, Diego is constantly annoyed with Sid's clumsiness. However, Diego is far more aggressive to Sid than Manny is with Sid when Sid is clumsy and on more than one occasion, Diego came close to actually killing Sid with his teeth. Sid seems to enjoy teasing Diego from time to time as well, like when Sid made fun of Diego's fear of water in Ice Age: The Meltdown, which led Diego to angrily choking Sid. Diego is also very sarcastic with Sid, like in Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade, when Diego sarcasticly tells him that everything Sid does is a "Disaster".

However, even if the two might not always get along with each other, Sid and Diego could possibly be best friends, as they are both seen interacting more with each other than they both interact with Manny. Although Diego has sometimes come close to killing Sid, Diego has shown that he cares about him, like in Ice Age: The Meltdown when Diego ignores his fear of water to save Sid (along with Crash and Eddie); in the same movie, when the mini-sloths ofered Sid to join them, Diego refused because he didn't want Sid to go, though he later seemed somewhat reluctant about hugging Sid. Sid has shown that he cares about Diego as well, like in Ice Age: The Meltdown when Sid tries to teach Diego how to swim.

Momma & Baby Dinos

Momma Dino kiss

Sid found and raised the baby dino eggs, striving to keep them safe at all times. Once they hatched, Sid raised them as his own. Once in the Dinosaur World, the baby dinos protected Sid from being eaten by their mother. Momma later started to warm up to Sid, and eventually saved his herd from Rudy. Momma kissed Sid, and he told her to take care of their kids.


Sid & Granny

Sid cared for Granny a lot, and was happy to see her and the rest of his family when they came to abandon Granny. Granny was a lot to take care of, but Granny took Sid as her eyes while defeated the Pirate Gang. Granny later comforted Sid.

Personality and Traits

"Oh, he's not much to look at, but it's so hard to find a family guy."
―Jennifer regarding Sid.[src]

A slovenly ground sloth, Sid was lazy and unmotivated but cared greatly for those that he considered close, though he sometimes proved a nuisance with his excessive talking and lack of self-control over his words. Sid, despite his shortcomings, was faithful to his friends and family and committed to the herd he had joined later in life. Speaking with a thick, wet lisp, Sid was quick to point out whatever he saw, whether or not anyone was made uncomfortable, and despite his easy distraction and lack of common sense, Sid still cared about those that he was close to.

Sid was built along the form typical of ground sloths, short, brushy tail, clawed hands and feet, a long thin neck, ovular head with bulbous eye on both sides and a pair of buckteeth. Sid, however, was less concerned with his build and appearance, for he had a rounder belly than most sloths, a dirtier pelt, thinning black scalp hair and an unpleasant smell about him. Sid's sharp claws, used by others of his kind to climb trees and forage, were used by Sid to scratch at fleas instead. [1] Sid’s right front tooth was slightly bigger than the left, similar to his right eye, which was also somewhat bigger than the left, both eyes of which were pale green. Sid’s pelt was dirty and tan, and became brown when the fungus it carried dried out, Sid attributing the state of his pelt to his vegetarian diet, which he said led to a younger-looking pelt.

Behind the Scenes

  • Sid was been voiced in all his film and game appearances by actor John Leguizamo, who tried thirty different voices for Sid. After learning that sloths store food in their mouth, Leguizamo attempted to speak with food in his mouth, deciding that it was the perfect voice for Sid. [2]
  • Having liked the idea of their father playing Sid in the Ice Age films, both of Leguizamo's children have had a number of cameos in both the third and fourth films as various animal characters.
  • The designers looked to both modern tree sloths and prehistoric ground sloths for reference on Sid’s appearance.
  • Sid is a playable character in all four games.
  • Leguizamo was said by actor Otto Waalkes, the voice of Sid in the German dubbing, to have taken on Waalkes' way of talking as Sid, and Sid's movements were based on those of Waalkes.[3]
  • Sid would've had a love interest in the first film named Sylvia, she would be in love with Sid and want to migrate with him although he did not retain the same feelings for her, she was removed somewhat late in the film's production and her scenes were nearly completely rendered and animated, she can be seen on an original poster for the movie on top of her still being present in the film novel.


  • Sid was the last member of the original trio to find a mate.
  • Although Sids fur appears to be either yellow or light tan Buck described him as being a floppy "green" thing.
  • In Ice Age: The Meltdown Manny mockingly refers Sid as a platypus, a possible reference to one of the three mascots of the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics, Syd the Platypus.
  • On the official social network Ice Age pages, in an imaginary Sid's profile of a dating site, it's written that Sid is 30. Since the Herd Valley is listed as his residence, Sid "would have created the profile" between the fourth and the fifth movie. Assuming this information is true, Sid would have been only about 7-11 during the first film.
  • Sid shares similarities with Donkey from Dreamwork's 2001 film Shrek.
    • Both were running from characters that were chasing them. In Sid's case the rhinos, and in Donkey's case the knights.
    • They ran into the main protagonists while they were escaping, and the protagonist successfully fends off their respective threats. For Sid, it was Manny. For Donkey, it was Shrek.
    • They constantly, yet inadvertently annoy the main protagonists.


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