Shovelmouth (character)
Physical Attributes
Species Platybelodon
Skin Color Gray

Shovelmouth is a Platybelodon in Ice Age: The Meltdown. Shovelmouth elephants were seen throughout the movie, one Shovelmouth's remark to Fast Tony was "Go suck air through a reed" meaning the elephant was annoyed with him. Many were constantly seen running up to the boat, one nearly smashing into Crash and Eddie.

Another One Shovelmouth appeared in the opening of " Ice Age:The Meltdown" it was a young one, and it was sliding down the ice slide, carrying along Scrat the Sabre Toothed Squirrel,while the Shovelmouth was enjoying the slide, scrat was screaming his lungs out,as he holds on to the young Platybelodon's Chest, scrat climbed onto the young animal's shoulder but cannot escape because they were sliding to fast, The Platybelodon jumped out of the slide and they both fall into white void ,the young platybelodon was never seen in the rest of the film again.