Death of a shark
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Chondrichthyes
Species Shark
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Usually Gray

Sharks are carnivorous fish.


Varying on species, sharks can either be small in size or grow large. Sharks are carnivores equipped with a pointed snout full of rows of sharp teeth. Powerful swimmers, sharks are famed for their pointed dorsal fin that protrudes from surface water as they pursue prey, and are equipped with a number of powerful pointed fins, from their pectoral to tail fins. On either side of their heads are a set of gills that appear as vertical slits. Relying chiefly on smell, sharks have adept eyesight.


During the days of the continental drift, sharks roamed the waters of the earth in search of prey. One particular shark had run afoul of a herd of mammals, consisting of a mammoth, two ground sloths and a Saber-Tooth Tiger, that was swept out to sea. One of the sloths, an elderly female named Granny, had fallen into the ocean and her pelt, not having been washing in decades, released a large amount of oil into the waters, killed a large number of fish and a shark.

Another particularly large shark had found a prey animal in the form of a saber-tooth squirrel named Scrat, who had tried to escape an island and drift out to sea.

The piratical ape known as Captain Gutt and his crew, notably the kangaroo Raz, had used shark's teeth as weapons, with Raz making use of a set of shark jaws as a throwing weapon: this set of shark teeth would later become the dentures of Granny.


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