"You call this a ship? You miserable runts! Get back to work!"
―Gutt to the hyraxes[src]
Second Pirate Ship
Gutt Bullies Hyraxes
Inhabitants Gutt (formerly)
Flynn (formerly)
Raz (formerly)
Dobson (formerly)
Gupta (formerly)
Squint (formerly)
Silas (formerly)
Captured Hyraxes (formerly)
Manny (formerly)
Sid (formerly)
Granny (formerly)
Diego (formerly)
Shira (formerly)
Ellie (formerly)
Peaches (formerly)
Louis (formerly)
Ethan (formerly)
Steffie (formerly)
Other Animals sailing to valley


The Second Pirate Ship was the pirates' second ship after their first ship, made out of ice.


Gutt and his crew, captured hyraxes and forced them to build them a new ship, creating this Pirate ship. Manny, a mammoth, Sid, a ground sloth, Granny, a ground sloth, and Diego, a Saber-Tooth Tiger, make a plan with the free hyraxes so they can free the captured hyraxes and get a new ship to head home. They each have a job, Diego must free the hyraxes, and Granny and Sid must unwind the vines and keep hold of them. However, Sid gets distracted and eats a berry, paralysing him. They get the ship and all make it to safety, as Diego tries to convince Shira to join him. She agrees, but then decides to help him escape instead. She trips Gutt with ice. Gutt forms a new ship, which he calls Sweet Revenge. After that, Gutt lectures Shira about helping them. He threatens her saying he'll have a tiger skin on his wall and he doesn't care whose. Meanwhile, Diego claims he can't eat or sleep and believes he's coming down with something on this ship. Manny and Sid tease him about liking Shira, and then sirens attempt to get them. They make it to Peaches, Manny's daughter, and see she has been captured by Gutt. Later on, after Manny defeats Gutt, The Herd sails to The Valley on this ship.


Ice Age: Continental Drift (First appearance)

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