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Scrat Ice Age
Physical Attributes
Species Saber-tooth squirrel (Scrat)
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color Brownish-Grey
Personality Cute, funny, quirky, strong-willed, childlike, athletic, good-tempered, imaginative, nice, gentle, emotional, respectful, big-hearted, relaxed, empathetic, affectionate, quiet, aggressive at times, friendly, adorable
Biological Information
Alias Buddy (by Manny)
Little Buddy (by Sid)
Little Scrat Fish (by Squint)
Brother (by Ariscratle)
Status Alive
Residence(s) Ice Valley (formerly)
Snow Valley (formerly)
Nut Heaven (formerly)
Dinosaur World (formerly)
Herd Valley (currently)
Scratlantis (formerly)
Black Hole (formerly)
Family Scratte (ex-wife)
Baby Scrat (son)
Friends Manny
Scratte (formerly)
Enemies Sid (only when he steal his Acorn)
Squint (sworn enemy)
Films Ice Age (First appearance)
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Ice Age: Continental Drift
Ice Age: Collision Course
Shorts Gone Nutty
No Time For Nuts
Surviving Sid
Scrat's Continental Crack-up
Scrat's Continental Crack-up: Part 2
Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe
Scrat: Spaced Out

Ice Age: Scrat Tales
Video Games Ice Age
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic Games
Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure
Voiced by Chris Wedge
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Scrat is an acorn-obsessed saber-toothed squirrel that lived during the ice ages, attempting to store his prized acorn. As of 2013, he became the mascot of Blue Sky Studios, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox (now owned by Disney).


During the days of the Ice age, Scrat took an acorn with him everywhere, hoping to find a place to store it for the winter. Scrat also went out looking for other acorns so as to further his storage, looking all over for acorns and nuts.

Scrat went on, fixated with taking his acorn until he met another saber-tooth squirrel named Scratte, whom Scrat fell for, forsaking his acorn for a time until he grew to miss it. He returned to his acorn, leaving Scratte behind in a world of dinosaurs.

Further on in time, through a mistake, Scrat was responsible for the separation of the continents, which divided Pangaea, the singular landmass, into various continents. After this, Scrat found a paradise on Earth for himself: an island populated by advanced saber-tooth squirrels known as Scratlantis. After finding it, however, Scrat sunk it by mistake, stranding himself in a North American desert.

After sinking Scratlantis, Scrat wondered through the landscape with a new acorn in hand. He ended up falling through the ice into a cave. There, he ended up finding a place to finally store his acorn. Apparently, his acorn ended up powering a UFO that was encased in the ice. After confusingly moving the lever, Scrat managed to blast out of the ice and into the cosmos. Up in space, Scrat ended up creating The Solar System, rearranging the planets and causing a collision between two planets, creating the asteroid belt. When the UFO rammed into a giant asteroid, Scrat ended up burying his acorn once again. As Scrat had finally managed to store his acorn successfully, the asteroid ended up cracking and made it's way towards earth. Scrat had once again put the earth in danger because of his obsession over his acorn. Later on, Scrat had no control over his UFO, and ended up crashing on Mars, which had similarly looked like Earth at the time, wiping out all vegetation, water and other life form on the planet.

At some point in his future, Scrat was frozen in ice and survived the ice ages, some twenty thousand years later, washing up in a block of ice on a tropical beach. Scrat lost his acorn and found a coconut, which he treated the same as his acorn; however, in storing it, Scrat started a volcanic cataclysm by mistake.

Scrat's wildest adventure that he ever embarked on was when he met a baby saber-toothed squirrel while on an acorn hunt, named Baby Scrat, who took an instant liking to Scrat. Scrat cooed how cute Baby Scrat was and took him in as his father. From then on, the two had a solid love for each other, as a happy Scrat cared for, taught, nurtured, and played with his son. Problems would arise between them though, whenever acorns appeared. Baby Scrat had the same love of Acorns that his father has. Acting on natural instincts, any sight of an acorn would set off a chase between them, tussling over who would get it, causing chaos and crazy adventures for both of them. Despite this, the two love each other very deeply, and they always still show affection towards each other.

His final known adventure simply consists of him finally eating his beloved acorn. [1]


A hapless saber-tooth squirrel, Scrat underwent a number of odd experiences through his life, all while trying to store a single acorn to make it through the ice age. Scrat was protective of his acorn to the point in which he would gladly risk his own life to keep it safe from others or from harm.


Scrat Burying Acorn

Uh oh...

Scrat was out in the frozen mountain ranges up north, looking for a place to store his acorn. Hopping this way and that, he scampered through a patch of dried grass and wandered through the icy fields and patches of snow in the search for a place to bury his acorn for the winter. In a moment, Scrat found an ideal place and pressed his acorn into the ground. The acorn, however, would not go in easily, so Scrat began stomping on it, eventually sinking it into the ground. This resulted in a large crack forming, which traversed up the mountain glaciers and through much of the ice walls of the mountains, where the crack finally stopped and broke off a massive glacier.

Scrat Running from Glacier

Stunned at what had happened, Scrat looked up to see the massive glacier heading straight for him and ran away, stopping fast in his tracks as he looked back and remembered his acorn. After a good deal of tugging hard at it, Scrat loosened the acorn from the icy ground and fell back, screaming as he saw the glacier coming closer, letting up sharp pieces of ice that moved towards Scrat. Scrat ran from the ice as the massive glacier rolled after him, sliding through the land. Scrat continued to run until he saw another glacier heading towards the first glacier from the opposite direction; the glaciers collided and Scrat, having no time to run out of there, used his acorn to sled away out of there as the glaciers grew closer together. Just as Scrat reached the edge of the glaciers, where he could escape being flattened, the glaciers held him in place, squeezing him tight before shooting him out.

Scrat Trampled

In midair, Scrat embraced his acorn and screamed once more as he looked and found himself free-falling back to the ground. He slid on a glacier and off a small ledge, loosing his grip on the acorn, before bouncing down hard on the ledges from the mountains and finally back to the ground, where he was pinned down by his sharp teeth. Scrat unpinned himself and looked for his acorn, which fell from the sky on his head. Embracing his beloved nut once more, Scrat got up, no worse for wear and prepared to walk off. At that moment, however, a Mammoth’s foot flattened him into the dirt, and Scrat, shaken, picked himself up, only to have a Brontotherium stamp on him, followed by another mammoth, then a Dodo, and Scrat then found himself stuck on the foot of a passing Macrauchenia, being stamped on with every step forward. The migration has begun, with all the animals of the land leaving the north due to the ice ages.


Scrat Climbing up Tree while Raining

Scrat made his way out of the migration and further north, where he found a small tree in which to deposit his acorn. During that stormy night, through much struggle and toil, Scrat moved his acorn up the tree and nearly dropped it, picking it back as it nearly fell with his teeth.

Scrat gets Electrocuted

Scrat then moved to the top of the tree and found a small hollow space in which to store his acorn. Feeling the bottom of it with his foot, Scrat readied himself to store the acorn in the tree by raising it into the air so as to force it in. At that moment, a bolt of lightning struck Scrat, singeing off his fur and releasing his grip on his acorn.

Taking Back

Taking Back

Scrat successfully stored his acorn in a hollowed tree and left it there for a time until he found a ground sloth named Sid on the lookout for a snack. Sid reached into the tree and found the acorn, almost eating it until Scrat rushed in and yanked it out of Sid's mouth by force. Scrat left the scene shaking an angry fist at Sid.


Scrat giving Directions

Scrat later went further north, where he saw a pack of Saber-Tooth Tigers go by one day and continued on trying to store his acorn into the icy ground. At that, Scrat met up with Sid, once more, accompanied by a mammoth named Manny, toting a human baby named Roshan, and a saber-tooth cat named Diego. Manny asked Scrat for directions, asking whether he had seen any humans go by there earlier.

Trying to give Diego's Pack away

Scrat had not seen any humans and, incapable of speaking, intended to mime that he had seen a pack of saber-toothed cats go by earlier to the three mammals by miming long teeth and claws. Manny and Sid did not realize what Scrat was referring to, so Scrat pointed to Diego; the saber suspicious of Scrat's description, stood as Scrat pointed to him and finally flicked the squirrel away. Scrat slid down an icy slope, gathering more snow so that he became a moving snowball which struck down Sid.

Ice Slide

Scrat moved on further north with his acorn, finding an ice cavern wherein he fell down an ice slide and was separated from his acorn as he slid inside the cavern's tunnels.

Crashing into Ice

After he had left the ice slides, Scrat embedded his acorn into an ice wall, pleased that it was safe until he saw Sid once more, coming straight at him. Screeching in terror, Scrat tugged at his acorn, but could not pull it out and was forced into the ice wall with Sid as the latter crashed into him, only to have Diego and Manny, who was holding Roshan, crash into them as well. The ice wall was thus reduced to snow, which covered them all.

Scrat running into Stone

After emerging from the snow, Scrat saw that his acorn was missing and frantically searched for it. Scrat then saw a cave painting of an acorn and mistook it to be his own: Scrat rushed forward to grab it but instead rammed into a stone wall, knocking himself unconscious.

Camp Fire

Scrat Warming up Acorn

Scrat later found his acorn frozen in a block of ice and made his way out of the ice cavern. Finding a campfire near Half Peak, where the same mammals that had asked direction from him had stopped for the night, Scrat emerged from behind a rock so as not to be seen by the three. As the mammals slept, Scrat moved out of his hiding place and headed towards their fire. With that, Scrat pulled out a frozen acorn on a twig: the acorn was frozen over and Scrat had intended to defrost it over the flames. As the ice melted away, the acorn boiled, whistling as it released steam and in a moment, popped into a kernel of fluffy popped acorn, and Scrat sighed in dismay at the sight of his acorn popping.

20,000 Years Later

Acorn Washing away

At some point in his future, Scrat was frozen in ice and survived the ice ages, some twenty thousand years later, washing up in a block of ice on a tropical beach. As time had passed, the acorn ended up getting freed by the ice and fell on the beach, right in front of Scrat. As the ice block melted slowly, he made many attempts to grab his acorn until a wave washed up on shore and took the acorn with it. Scrat, shocked and frustrated, broke out of the ice and screamed as he ran across the beach and started banging his head against a coconut tree until a coconut fell down.

Scrat making Volcano Erupt

Happy, Scrat grabbed the coconut, and tried to store in the ground, as he did the same thing with his acorn. This resulted with another large crack forming, causing the it to spread across the island, although Scrat tried to stop it. The crack, however, traversed up a giant volcano, where the crack finally stopped and caused it to erupt. Stunned once again, Scrat laughed nervously.


Scrat covering up water

Some time later, Scrat had headed south with the herds of other animals, finding his acorn embedded in a wall of ice. Scrat scurried up the ice wall, and gets his tongue stuck before he could fall and uses his long tongue to swing to the ice wall, he frees himself by pulling out his long tongue, but eventually reaching the acorn, stuck as it was also in the ice wall; Scrat, with much effort, then pulled the acorn loose from the ice. At that moment, however, a faint rumbling sounded from behind the ice and a small trickle of water squirted in his face; the squirrel blocked it with his paw. Three more trickles of water all squirted out, he blocking them all with his other limbs until one trickle popped through the ice and Scrat, having no other choice, plugged the hole with his snout; this caused the trickle to fill him up with water until he was propelled back by the water still in his body away from the ice wall with his acorn.

Scrat with Platybelodon

Scrat then fell down the ice wall, crashing into several pieces of ice on the way until he hit one smooth section of ice. As he picked himself up, he heard a young voice calling out and the squirrel was swept aside by a young platybelodon, who was sliding down the ice as a slide while Scrat tried to move out of the slide's path. Both animals shot out of the slide and into a vast waterpark.

Acorn Under Water

Scrat Under water

Scrat journeyed across the ice to look for his acorn once more. He found it floating in the water, under the ice. Joyed, he tries to get it, but instead smacks into the ice. Frustrated, Scrat jumps up and down on the ice, only for him to be flipped into the water, with his acorn on top. He tries to get back on the surface but continuously flips a chunk of ice, and therefore flings his acorn to the other side, while Scrat get's back in the water trapped. Under water, Scrat follows his acorn as it slides on the surface. He then was able to get his snout out of the ice and inhales deeply, but breaths in his acorn, making it difficult for him to breathe. Because of that, he blows away his acorn.

Scrat out of water

Still determined, Scrat manages to get his entire head up from the ice and sees his precious nut. He used his sharp canine teeth to his advantage to rotate around the ice and free himself, with the chunk of ice around his neck. Unfortunately, Scrat knocked his acorn to a floating piece of ice. Because of the mass of the ice around his head, Scrat fell down to where his acorn was, launching it to a higher level of ice while the ice was on Scrat, with his end facing up.

Far Leaping

Scrat Far-Leaping

Scrat was able to get on the opposite side of where his acorn was at. Between the two, was a space that led to the water. In order to get to where his acorn was at, Scrat needed a stick to help him maneuver to the other side. He thus sprinted as fast as he could, leaped and climbed up to reach his acorn, but fell down into the water because the stick wasn't long enough to get to the other side.

Fighting the Piranhas

Scrat in water

Later on, Scrat managed to get on one of the ice slides from the waterpark, which was straight across from where his acorn was. Therefore, he slid down the slide with enough momentum to get him into the air, catch his acorn, and fall in the water. As he was in the water, hugging his nut, Scrat was surprised as he saw a school of Piranha staring right at him and then opening their jaws.

Scrat Fighting Piranahs

At that very instant, Scrat swam out of the water and onto the surface running and dodging the piranhas as they attacked him, until one snapped it's jams shut on his paw that held his acorn. Shocked and angry, Scrat's fighting instincts came to him as he managed to single-handedly fight off the piranhas and take back his acorn.

Scrat's acorn gets taken by Condor

Satisfied, the squirrel began to walk off in triumph, until a Condor swooped down and snatched his acorn, taking the acorn to it's nest. Scrat looked up in disbelief.

Battle Against the Condor Chick

Scrat and Condor

As the dam continued to release water and cracked ice, Scrat managed to climb up to the nest where his acorn was. He spotted his acorn and hugged it it as they were both together again. Suddenly, Scrat heard cracking and looked at his acorn to see if there were any cracks on it. Then he heard the cracks again as he looked over and saw a baby Condor chick hatch from it's egg. The newborn looked at Scrat and then saw his acorn chirping softly. Noticing that the chick was looking straight at his acorn, Scrat gripped it tightly while giving him a displeasing look. The chick looked at Scrat's acorn as Scrat moved it different positions, while it was still in his grip.

Scrat Vs Condor

After realizing that the Chick was after his acorn, Scrat screamed while the chick screeched. The condor chased Scrat around the nest before grabbing a hold of his tail, and taking his acorn away. Scrat, unwilling to give up without a fight, leaped after the chick, grabbing a hold of it's legs. The two then battle for the acorn until the nut is launched into the air. Scrat tries to catch his acorn, but the condor prevents him from doing so.

Scrat Encounters Mama Condor

It then swallows it, causing Scrat to open up it's mouth and yank his acorn from inside. The condor chick tries to eat Scrat but ends up missing him as Scrat ducked his head. Prepared to fight the condor chick once more, Scrat looks up and sees that the condor chick's mother had arrived, snarling at him. Scrat tries to act like a condor to try to fool the adult condor but is knocked out of the nest without his acorn, as the baby condor waves goodbye to him.

The Dam Breaks

Scrat at Nest

The next day, Scrat comes back once again to the condor's nest. Before he grabs his acorn, he looks around the area to ensure that the condors aren't around, and then hugs his acorn.

Glacier Breaks where Scrat's at

Then, he hears the mother condor's screech, as he spots it flying away with her child. The baby condor pretends to slit it's throat, to show that Scrat is going to die from the dam bursting.

Scrat Rushing with Water

Suddenly, the dam starts to crack, releasing water and then finally bursts open. As the water floods across the valley, Scrat screams with his nut while floating fast in the nest.

Saving all of the Animals

Scrat Climbing up Glacier

With the water rising drastically from the flood, Scrat leaves the nest and climbs up one of the large glaciers that boarder around the valley by jabbing his acorn into the ice each time he climbs. After reaching to the top, Scrat takes his breath, exhausted from

Ice Cracking because of Scrat

climbing all the way to the top. Suddenly, the entire glacier starts to crack from the the top to the bottom, because of Scrat's acorn being pressed into the glacier each time he had climbed. As Scrat felt worried, the entire glacier splits in half, causing Scrat to grab hold of both sides,

Diverting Flood

with his acorn grasped in his foot. The glacier starts to spread, releasing the water and washing it away. Scrat is still holding to each side for dear life, until he's pulled to his core, loses grip of his acorn, and falls down into the water, and washes away.

Scrat Falling Down

Despite dying from drowning, Scrat's action along with his nut had caused the water to wash away from the valley, saving all of the animals to live on the surface.

Acorn Heaven

Scrat in Acorn Heaven

Scrat pops up from some delicate puffy clouds, and looks around to see where he was. He wonders around sniffing while he hears heavenly singing from twelve dodos. Scrat then runs into something metal-like, falling on the ground. He looks and sees that he had ran into a golden gate that had a golden acorn on it

Scrat and Acorn God

The gate opens for Scrat and sees that among the gate were bunches of acorns all around Scrat sighs softly and walks as he looks at the glorious scenery. Scrat spots a few acorns and grabs them.

Scrat, so close!

He then sees more and grabs as many as he can before dropping all of them and sees a gigantic acorn. He runs to it for a long moment preparing to eat it. Unfortunately, Scrat was stopped from touching the giant acorn despite trying because he was coming back alive from being dead, therefore being pulled.

Scrat leaving Nut Heaven

Scrat, not wanting to leave, attempts to run forward, but ends up holding on the gate. Scrat gives one last yell looking at the giant acorn, before losing grip and falling away from the acorn heaven.

A Non-helpful Save

I Saved You Little Buddy!

Scrat wakes up to hear and see that Sid, the ground sloth, had saved his life, by giving him C.P.R. In a flash, Scrat wipes his tongue, spitting from the C.P.R. Sid gave him, until he realizes he's alive again, feeling the ground.

Scrat attacking Sid

Angered that the sloth had saved his life from missing an eternal lifetime of nuts, Scrat jumps at Sid, despite Sid reminding him that he had saved Scrat's life. Scrat ignores and attacks Sid by kicking and punching him. Therefore, causing Sid to run away with Scrat still chasing him as the two run off in the valley.

Dawn of the Dinosaurs

A few years later, Scrat sniffs around looking for a new acorn on a high cliff. On a much higher cliff, he spots an acorn. He climbs an icy vine, but screams in shock to see that his acorn was gone. Scrat finds some rustling leaves behind a tree, and thinks who ever took his acorn that he had spotted was behind the tree. He swiftly scurries to the back of the tree, and looks to see who had taken his acorn. Instead he sees a beautiful, dazzling female saber-tooth squirrel named Scratte and instantly fall in love. But as soon as he saw that she had taken his acorn, he snapped out of his daze, and prepared to take back what was his. When Scratte placed the acorn down, Scrat tried to reach the nut and grab it, but both squirrels grabbed it at the same time. Both shocked, Scrat snatched the acorn from Scratte and started to walk of, until he heard her softly cry. Scrat, feeling guilty, turned back to Scratte and decided to give the acorn back. When she happily accepted his offer, she attempted to take his acorn, but Scrat wouldn't let go, promoting Scratte to try to snatch the acorn, causing Scrat to snatch back. The two squirrels started to pull back and forth, until Scrat managed to knock Scratte off the cliff and have the acorn to himself. Scrat looks down and realizes that Scratte was falling down. He bravely jumped down after her with the nut to save her. Scrat manages to get Scratte to hold on to the acorn while he holds on to it as well. The two give each other loving faces as they're falling down. All of a sudden, Scratte takes the acorn from Scrat, gives him a wink, and reveals that she's a flying squirrel by flying some where else safely. Scrat looks up in disbelief and looks down, screaming, while trying to see if he had any wings to keep him from falling on the ground. He soon falls to the ground, making a dusted heart after he had fell.

Rising up from the ground, Scrat groans and then hears rumbling as Manny, a mammoth he had once met for directions, accidentally stepped on him, while running exclaiming that his baby was coming. Scrat angrily looking back at Manny, was then jumped on by a possum named Crash, and then his brother Eddie. Frustrated, Scrat had yelled at the three, until a ground sloth named Sid had accidentally knocked into Scrat and started to walk on him. Sid had launched Scrat onto his had and Scrat attacked Sid once again. When Manny, Crash, and Eddie had stopped at the edge of a cliff, Scrat was still attacking Sid which made Sid knock into Manny from behind causing them to fall down, with Scrat back on the cliff.

Bubble Trouble

Scratte was running on a try until Scrat grabbed her by her tail in a hole. The two started to fight over the acorn, while they were tumbling on the tree before falling into a tar pit that released tar bubble. The two were found to be trapped in a bubble together, for which they both screamed separating the bubble into two bubbles, with the squirrels in their own bubble. They suddenly noticed that the acorn was in a bubble of it's own, floating up. With quick reaction, Scrat tried to get the acorn but couldn't because of how strong the tar bubble was. Scratte on the other hand, thought differently, by running in place, as if she was in a hamster wheel, and lifted her bubble up. Scrat trying to do the same thing ended up sinking down but then started to push the bubble up and down lifting him up. As they were both floating up, Scrat purposely knocked into Scratte out of the way. This promoted Scratte to knock Scrat out of the way. Scrat did the same thing again. When he was close to getting the acorn, Scratte knocked him out of the way. This made Scrat lose balance and cause his canine teeth to make a hole into the bubble, blowing him into Scratte, knocking her out of the area. The bubble that Scrat was in started to deflate even more, until it was small enough where he had no space at all, until his whole entire body came out of the bubble, except for his head. Noticing that his acorn was still floating Scrat grabbed a hold of his acorn, hugging it tightly. Suddenly, both the bubbles that carried Scrat and his acorn had popped, leading Scrat and his acorn to fall down to the ice with hard impact, falling down to an underground world.

A Sticky Situation

Scrat was found to be stuck to a tree in the under world ground of dinosaurs because of the left over tar that had popped on him. Scrat looked down and saw his acorn lying on the ground. Scrat grabbed a hold on the bark of the tree with his claws of his feet and started to walk down the tree. When Scrat was very close to getting his acorn, because he was still stuck to the tree, he pulled the tree down, landing on him. Scrat was stuck to the tree even more with a bit more tar around the back of his body, as the tree started to roll and tumble down a small cliff. Scrat recovering from his injury, saw that his acorn was on the ground, right in front of him with tar also stuck on it. After a few attempts, Scrat was able to get his acorn to stick on him. Unfortunately for Scrat, he was rolled in place by Scratte, for which after he had found out it was her, he started to freak out and try to escape from being stuck to a tree. Scratte bounces over to Scrat and slowly touches and grabs the stem of his acorn. Knowing what she's going to do, Scrat gives out a quiet whimper and looks at Scratte, as she rips the acorn right off of Scrat, in addition to some of his chest fur. Scrat suddenly screams in pain, loud enough for many animals to hear in the Jungle of Misery.

Nutty Tango

Later on that night, Scrat and Scratte had jumped on a Saber-tooth tiger named Diego, while he was resting with his herd in the world of dinosaurs. The two squirrels continued to fight over the acorn in a part of the jungle, until Scrat had pulled Scratte's tail and the two started to tango while fighting over the nut. Each time, either Scrat or Scratte would have the acorn until one of them decides to take back. When it seemed that Scratte had won the acorn after purposely injuring Scrat, Scratte tried to fool Scrat with her beauty, until she was able to take off of a cliff with her flying abilities. Unwilling to let her escape with the acorn again, Scrat jumps after her in mid air and catches her tail. Distracting her, Scratte runs into the edge of a cliff, becoming unconscious, and Scrat hold on to a vine. Scrat holds Scratte by the tail, doing his best to not let her fall while holding his acorn in his foot. They were over boiling lava, and Scrat had to make a decision to see who would he have to save along with himself: Scratte or his acorn.

True Love

The next day, Scrat was still holding on for dear life trying to wake up Scratte, while he had his acorn in his foot. He started to slip with the vine in his hands. Suddenly, Scrat had a perfect plan to save himself, Scratte, and the acorn. First, he swung swing Scratte to the top of the edge, where her canine teeth grabbed hold onto the rock. Therefore, he levitated and swung with Scratte's tail all the way to the cliff landing perfectly. He had the acorn in his paws, satisfied, until Scratte dropped in his paws. Waking up, Scratte noticed that she and Scrat were safely away from the lava and saw she was in his arms. Realizing that Scrat had saved her, Scratte sighed and looked at Scrat with a loving face. Scrat did the same thing. When the acorn had rolled to Scrat's foot, Scrat had pushed it away, and both Scrat and Scratte had kissed, revealing that they were considered to find love.

Alone Again (Naturally)

When Scrat and Scratte were together, now as a couple, they went through many different adventures, while the acorn was sitting lonely. The song "Alone Again (Naturally)" had played to show the acorn's point of view of Scrat leaving it for Scratte at that point of time.


Scrat and Scratte were living together in a tree decorating the place. While Scratte was setting up flowers, she became very bossy towards Scrat, pointing out which directions he should move their rock like furniture. Growing tired of her commands, Scrat notices that his acorn was sitting at the top of a cliff. Scrat looking sighing heavenly, looks back at Scratte, as she's to busy decorating, and decides to dump Scratte and run off after his acorn. While Scrat runs to his acorn, the acorn falls off of the cliff and a tumbles towards him. Scrat then hugs the acorn and starts to spin around happily, until he stops and sees Scratte right in front of him. Scrat nervously laughs and Scratte snatches the acorn away from him. She then throws the acorn on the ground, and starts to jump up and down on it. Scrat, knowing what happens if she continues to push the acorn down, tries to stop her, but the acorn sinks and starts to crack the ground. The squirrels are then launched up holding on to a rock that had burst from the ground as if it was a rocket, with the acorn on top. The two then try to climb up the rocket like rock as it started to break apart. When the reach to the top, they both grab on the acorn. Scratte tries to fool Scrat again by pulling a sweet smile. But Scrat doesn't get fooled, and he winks at her just like she had done to him in the beginning, and then grabbed the acorn. This made Scratte fall back to the Dinosaur World. Scrat then crashes up back to the ice with his acorn. Knowing that he'd finally won, Scrat started to cheer and dance, making fun of Scratte as he held on to the acorn. Scratte shakes an angry fist at him from below. When Scrat started to wave the acorn from the hole he created, the ice that he knocked from it's place, had fell back down, and knocked the acorn out of Scrat's paw, covering the hole. The acorn fell down into Scratte's paws. Scrat screams in frustration as he had lost his acorn and Scratte.

Continental Drift

Scrat Burying Acorn (Again)

Some years later, Scrat travels on a mountain with a new acorn to store. He sniffs an ice cap, a finds a perfect place to store his nut. When Scrat hit the ice, it starts to crack, so to prevent trouble, Scrat grabbed some ice to place back into the small hole his acorn had made.

Scrat Falling Down Mountain

When Scrat merely touches the ice with the tip of his acorn, it ends up instantly breaking the entire mountain below the ice cap. Scrat gets his acorn and falls into the rift, passing by the Dinosaur World, where he sees a Weasel named

Scrat Chasing Acorn on Inner Core

Buck mounting his dinosaur nemesis Rudy, a Baryonyx, while he goes, and ends passing through all of Earth's layers, eventually arriving at the metallic sphere, which composes the inner core. While

Scrat Shifting the Continents

pursuing his acorn, Scrat makes the core spin and breaks Pangaea into the contemporary continents like Australia, creating giraffes by making their necks stretch while Africa is being separated, and making the boot-shaped Italian Peninsula kick a nearby island (accompanied by a scream of "GOAL!") during its formation.

Scrat Bumping Around Core

Scrat eventually trips and starts bumping between the sphere and the solid outer core, creating a Scrat-like Moai, a Scrat Sphinx

Scrat Spinning Around Core

(which loses its nose when it falls off), and 4 Scrat faces on Mount Rushmore. Scrat later picks up balance and grabs his acorn, but ends up spinning in the core until he's thrown out of the rift into the upper atmosphere.

Seperated from Acorn

While falling, Scrat positions his body as if he would fall into the sea, but ends up crashing on a piece of ice, which breaks in half, which separates Scrat from his acorn. Scrat then proceeds to scream in frustration.

Treasure Map

Scrat Finds Land

Later on during the day, Scrat was found to be still floating on his ice float until he spots an island. He rows to the island and takes a rest at the bottom of a coconut tree. Scrat the spots a skeleton of a Deceased saber-tooth squirrel. He becomes scared and then jumps away. Later, he investigates the skeleton. He follows the deceased saber-tooth squirrel's arm and sees an acorn very deep underwater.

Scrat Spots Acorn

Scrat then comes up with a plan. The plan was to jump into the water while holding a rock to make him heavy enough to sink quickly. On the way down, Scrat's physical features and his entire body becomes very thin due to the crushing pressure of the water.

Pressure Under Water

He picks up the acorn and realizes it's only half an acorn, becoming disappointed. He turns to the back of the acorn sees that it had pictures. He follows where the pictures lead to and finds out that the acorn is a treasure map to get to an island full of acorns. Scrat gasps of joy, but loses his oxygen, until he hurries

The Map to Scratlantis

and catches a few of the molecules to suck back up in order gain them back. Scrat starts to follow where the map takes him. All of a sudden, a marlin skeleton slices through the acorn a little bit, with it's sharp spear-like snout almost touching Scrat's throat. With a flash, Scrat is pulled by it underwater while

Scrat being Dragged

crashing into seaweed, a salmon and a crab, until he finally comes out of the ocean and crashes into an ice floe, while dressed up like a mermaid. The marlin skeleton was revealed to be the anchor of a giant ice floe that was hidden beneath fog, much to Scrat's surprise.


Scrat was later captured, along with Manny, a mammoth, Diego, a Saber-tooth tiger, Sid, a Ground Sloth, and Granny, another Ground Sloth by a group of pirates led by their captain, Gutt, a Gigantopithecus. While the captured mammals were all tied up, Scrat was avoiding to get hit by any sea stars, as one of the pirates named Squint was throwing them at him. Later on, when the ship was destroyed and began to sink, Scrat managed to escape by knocking a Rat off, while sliding on a vine to the sea.


Scrat had ended up on Switchback Cove, and needed to some how leave the island. In order to do that, he used one of the leaf planes that the Hyraxs used during Manny's diversion, placing the treasure map on his head, and jumped of a cliff to fly on. Unfortuantely, with the wind so strong, and from the opposite side he was on, it blew him straight into the cliff a few times. Just when Scrat finally thought he was flying, a shark had suddenly jumped up from the water and ate him.


Scrat and Scratte Siren

Later on that night, Scrat was traveling on a sphere made of ice. He was spotted by Sirens and they were hungry after failing to lure Manny, Sid, Diego, and Granny. While

Scrat Sees Acorn Siren

Scrat was too busy focusing on where he needed to go, one of the sirens took the form of Scratte, Scrat's old girlfriend, and called out to him. As Scrat looked, he gave Scratte a loving look, but quickly turned her down

Scrat Kills Siren

(possibly remembering the incident between them in the last film). Due to this, the siren had then turned into an acorn, which had grabbed Scrat's attention more. This prompted Scrat to run over to the acorn and hug it. When the siren prepared to eat Scrat, before it could change it's form, Scrat threw the acorn down and started to jump on it with the intention of burying it on the ground, killing the siren in the process.

Sirens Attack Scrat

This made the other sirens angry, come up from the ocean, hiss at Scrat, and take the form of giant acorns, attacking Scrat. Luckily, Scrat had managed to get away.


Scrat finds Scratlantis

Possibly a few days later, Scrat was extremely exhausted still floating in the ocean. But Scrat looked up and found the island full of nuts after noticing that the acorn treasure map had a distinct shape too it. Happy, Scrat swam to the island. As Scrat was amazed and looked at the


wonderful scenery that the island had, he was flung onto land. Then, a Saber-tooth squirrel by the name of Ariscratle welcomed Scrat as "Brother", and extended his paw to help him up. Scrat, surprised to see that Ariscratle had developed grasping thumbs, took his paw. Ariscratle welcomed and showed Scrat

Acorns everywhere

Scratlantis, revealing that was the island's name. As the two walked down, Scrat saw a great number of acorns in the island, along with saber-tooth squirrels that were similar to his and Scratte's species. Scrat noticed many types of ways that the acorns were being used, from ending up in sculptures, to being used as apart of hot

Going Nuts

tubs and drinks. Seeing that these were the most acorns he'd ever have and overpowered with the obsession of acorns, Scrat yelled with joy, and began collecting as many of the acorns as he could find, hoarding them all in a pile and taking anything acorn-themed as well, from the acorn-shaped pin that held one squirrel's tunic up to the giant acorns that held the temple columns in place. (As he was doing this, the Symphony No.

A load of Acorns

9: Ode to Joy, composed by Beethoven had played). As Scrat had collected almost all of the acorns, much to the rest of the squirrels' shock, he noticed the biggest acorn was in the middle of the island, and run over trying to take it out.


All of a sudden, Ariscratle had stopped Scrat, telling him that he should let go of his base animal desires for acorns. When Scrat started to understand and tried to resist, the desire for more acorns had got to him, causing him to pull

Flooding the City

the giant acorn out. The acorn turned out to be the plug of the entire city and seawater began to sink the city into the oceans, taking all of the squirrels and all of the acorns down with it. The oceans around were also drained, thus

Scrat Screaming in Desert

creating the western part of the United States. Scrat, on the other hand, didn't get sucked down and tried to dig his way where the city had went, until the whole entire surface had dried up, cracked. Scrat was found to be stranded in the dry Death Valley. With his eyes burning and losing his acorns once again, Scrat screams in pain and frustration.

Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe

Scrat activates spaceship

After he causes Scratlantis to be sucked down the plughole, Scrat wanders through the landscape with a new acorn in hand. Inadvertently, he falls through into a cave and spots a place to stick his acorn in. Upon placing it, the whole cave melts, revealing that he is inside a spaceship (resembling the one inside the ice cave's walls in the first film). Scrat confusing pulls the leaver that the acorn is on only for the ship to suddenly take off, the ship zooms into space and crashes into the Moon, causing it to hit several other planets causing them to bounce around and bump into each other as if they were billiard balls (the Moon is the cue ball) that ends up forming the Solar System which incidentally gives two planets new appearances (Jupiter's Great Red Spot is formed when Mars bumps into it, leaving a red splotch-like bruise on its surface; while Saturn is bumped into its rings as if it were a billiard ball falling into a pocket), as well as causing a green planet to be shot off into space and toward some constellations and two more extra planets to collide with each other, shattering both worlds and forming the Asteroid Belt.

Space rocks on collision course with Earth

Scrat manages to slow the ship down and is amazed at the "new world" he's in, until one of his tears accidentally reactivates the spaceship. After spotting a rock-like meteoroid ahead, he dones a spacesuit along with his acorn, venturing out towards the surface of the planet. He and the acorn then get tied on to the front of the spaceship while it crashes on the planet, causing Scrat to land on the other side of the planet. Scrat then joyfully places his acorn into the ground and salutes in delight, however, the surface cracks and gives way, causing Scrat to get stuck in his own space helmet after being pulled by the spaceship and holding on to the acorn. Prying himself off, he then watches as half of the asteroid begins to head towards Earth, with his acorn stuck to it. Scrat, in embarrassment and relief, floats away offscreen after his suit breaks away.

Extreme Gravity

Earth from space

Back in space, Scrat managed to get his acorn back and squeeze himself out of his space helmet and into his space suit where he travels through the rubber airline back towards the UFO. Inside, Scrat notices Earth, runs to the front of the ship, and gives the planet a homesick look. Scrat has a moment of silence, until his foot slid down a switch, causing the ship to be launched back away from Earth. Trying to get back to Earth, Scrat pushes multiple buttons,

Scrat vs gravity

until he activates a gravitational switch, where the UFO creates artificial gravity, causing Scrat, his acorn, and a few devices to float. Scrat then hurries down, to turn the switch off, bringing him and the objects back down. Seeing his acorn, Scrat runs for it, but unknowingly turns the switch back on, only this time, switching it to a gravitational pull.

Acorn Rolls over Scrat's Paw

Just when Scrat reaches for his acorn, the gravity pulls him down and he's unable to get his acorn. As Scrat struggles to get back up, his skin gets pulled down revealing his skeleton, and also causes his teeth to to fall, piercing his tongue. Finally, Scrat gets a hold of his acorn,

Acorn Rolls over Scrat

but the acorn starts to roll and rolls over his finger, causing pain because of the gravity pulling it down. Then, the acorn started to roll where Scrat lied. Scrat tried to cute escape, but the acorn ended up rolling over him. Scrat groaned in pain.


Spaceship zaps scrat and turns him into acorn

As the UFO flew in Space, Scrat chased his acorn until it landed in a room. Scrat raced over to get it, while powering the room. As Scrat reached for his acorn, the acorn suddenly disappeared, bewildering Scrat. The acorn appeared again in a different area. Scrat ran after it, but the acorn teleported again, back into the previous area. Scrat grabs a hold of it, but then gets teleported with the acorn. He comes back again, with the acorn mutated as his head. Scrat freaks out, running around, until he falls back on the teleporter and gets teleported again. Scrat gets mutated and teleported with his acorn multiple times, including having his acorn as his tail, hands, eyes, uvula, and nipples and also seems to get injured by his acorn.

Scrat gets teleported by spaceship lasers

The teleportation finally stops. Before Scrat tries to get his acorn, he carefully reaches it aware of the teleporters, and destroys the teleporters, preparing to crush one of them with his acorn, until he gets zapped one final time into the bathroom of the UFO, throwing his acorn into the toilet. The toilet ends up flushing the acorn, and releases it outside the UFO. Scrat watches his acorn float in space, screaming in frustration.

Tractor Beaming

Scrat grabs moon while attempting to retrieve acorn

Scrat tries to catch his acorn in space, by tractor beaming it. He ends up targeting it, and attracts it to his ship. Apparently, Scrat was also attracting the moon to himself. To avoid this upcoming collision, Scrat swings the attraction and ends up letting go of the moon, causing it to rotate around the earth really fast, bringing up the tides. This unexpected action, actually helps The Herd pass under a river that was blocking them from travelling to their destination from saving the world.

Scrat attempts to grab acorn using spaceship laser, hurdles Jupiter spacerock at Earth

Back up in space, Scrat tries to catch his acorn, but ends up missing, attracting an electrical storm that was caused after he made Jupiter received it's red spot. He ends up throwing the electrical storm back to Earth, creating an obstacle for the herd.

Outrun to Earth

Scrat piloting spaceship

Ready to go back to Earth, Scrat prepares for take off, placing his acorn back in the lever, buckling his seat belt, and places blue infused neon space shades. Scrat targets Earth, and takes off.

Scrat going hypersonic

As he travels back to his home, he notices that the asteroid is in the way, and he ends up crashing straight into it, causing it to move faster to Earth.


Scrat destroying Mars, killing green alien

Neil deBuck Weasel then takes us to Mars to show that it was once a hospitable planet. He explains that it used to look a lot like Earth. He ends up questioning what had happened to the planet, where all the water and life form had went. This changes when Scrat shows up. Unable to keep control of his ship, he crashes onto Mars, instantly drying the place out and

Scrat lands on Mars and checks around

wiping out all vegetation, water and other life form on the planet, making Mars uninhabitable. It kills a green strange Mars creature, one witnessing it all. Realizing what he had done, Scrat acts like nothing happens, returns back to his ship, then flees.


Scrat has trouble with spaceship doors

Scrat appears again with his acorn, but his snout gets slammed by a door. When he tries to get his acorn, he ends up getting beaten by the door several times, until he quickly runs through.

More. Doors.

Scrat grabs his acorn and blows a raspberry at the door, until it opens vertically, smacking him. This causes the acorn to bounce into a room where there are several doors that stands between the acorn and Scrat. Scrat, looking shocked,

This Guy Doesn't Give Up

slowly gets up and groans, walking towards the next door. Scrat's yells are then heard as the UFO flies through space.

Spaced Out (Alternate Ending)

Scrat prepares to head back to earth, activating the ship. The ship stops when he discovers an gigantic alien ship shaped like an giant acorn. The ship grab the Golden acorn, and it makes the ship crash into the mother of all asteroids.

Scrat and his acorn drop into the suspension area and soon a group a Scratazons, female amazon Saber-tooth squirrel martians, walk into the room where the acorn is where they chat excitedly about their catch. On of them, walks up to the acorn only to pick it up and turn it to find Scrat hiding which surprises both of them as the alien leader drops both Scrat and the acorn. She soon orders her guards to blast Scrat who then quickly dodges the laser blasts until of them sent him flying into a saucer.

He sees the Scratazon leader leaving with his acorn in triumph until he fires a tractor beam at the alien leader prying the acorn from her hands. As Scrat nearly reclaims his acorn, another tractor beam pulls the acorn in another direction and it is Scratazon trying the claim the acorn again. Both rodents engage in a short tug-o-war with the acorn until the nutrogen inside the latter snaps creating a massive explosion which destroys the ship and soon creates a black hole sucking everything nearby into it.

Scrat sees his acorn being sucked into the black hole and climbs through the ship regaining his space attire as the latter exits the saucer to retrieve his acorn while jumping on multiple debris. Suddenly, Scratazon zips by Scrat with her jetpack and gave him a wink before getting the acorn herself. Scrat manages to catches up to her by using the toilet to propel himself up next to the alien and knocks her into the black hole he finally reclaims his acorn only to embrace it.

While distracted, the black hole's gravitational pull yanks Scrat who desperately tries to escape but only to have his suit stripped off of him leaving him in his boxer which then came off and eventually sucks him in.

The narrator (Neil deGrasse Tyson) talks about the black hole as the latter closes completely until Scrat came back fully clothed in his spacesuit with his acorn. Scrat dances in triumph as he finally got back but his victory is short-lived until the black hole (in a smaller form) snatches the acorn into it leaving Scrat unable to get it back. After losing the acorn once again, Scrat screams in frustration as he floats aimlessly in space.

An Adorable Discovery

The series of shorts of Scrat Tales opens with Scrat happily searching for a place to bury his acorn. He plants it in a cliffside. However, he once again ends up cracking the ice, and the acorn falls into the canyon. Panicked, Scrat jumps after it, managing to retrieve it in the free fall. But he loses his grip on it when he hits the ground. Bounding through tall grass, Scrat sees an object that has the silhouette of the acorn. Happy, Scrat embraces it, but realizes that it's not is acorn at's covered in fur and is moving. Scrat watches as a baby saber-toothed squirrel wakes up in his arms and smiles at him. Startled, Scrat screams, and the baby laughs. Gently Scrat pats him on the head, and is about to go search for his acorn again, but the baby grabs Scrat and refuses to let go. The baby has imprinted on Scrat, making him his father, and he tearfully begs Scrat not to go.

Just then, something snaps in Scrat's mind. He now has another priority in his life besides protecting his acorn. Baby Scrat's cuteness melts Scrat's heart this moment, and he happily embraces him as his new father. For a while Scrat is overjoyed with Baby Scrat, teaching him how to walk, playing peek-a-boo, watching the stars, and frolicking about. But a long time later, Baby Scrat feels a twitch in his tail, and he goes to investigate. Scrat follows him, curious about what he's done, and realizes to his horror, that Baby Scrat has inherited the same obsession that he has...ACORNS...and Scrat sees he has one in his paws.

At that moment, Scrat's brain launches into chaos, making him become very conflicted. Scrat's natural instincts for acorns makes him become extremely jealous and frustrated that Baby Scrat has the acorn, though his maternal instincts make him laugh at how adorable it is that Baby Scrat is turning out to be more like him. Abruptly back and forth, Scrat goes from his natural instincts to maternal instincts, laughing and growling almost at the same time. At that same time, Baby Scrat puts the acorn in his mouth attempting to eat it. At this moment, Scrat's natural instinct takes over for the time being, and he has a panic attack, snatching the acorn from Baby Scrat attempting to bury it in the ground to keep it safe from the child. However, Scrat ends up breaking a cliffside AGAIN in the process, with only the acorn separating him from falling. Seeing his father in trouble, Baby Scrat approaches, as Scrat happily begs him to help. Baby Scrat reaches for his paw...then his natural instincts kick in and he grabs the acorn again. With nothing now separating him between him and the ground, Scrat plummets down into the canyon, screaming all the way. Baby Scrat laughs at his father's crazy antics, and then once again attempts to eat the acorn, ending the episode.

Sleepless Night

(TBA-Scrat Tales)

A Lesson, Trap, and Backfire

(TBA-Scrat Tales)

Mirror Madness

Scrat and Baby Scrat are once again arguing over who gets ownership of the acorn. While in a tug-of-war, the two accidentally fling the acorn into a dark spooky ice cave. Scared at what lies ahead, both of them rush into the cave to retrieve the bouncing acorn, each trying to race each other to see who gets it first. Before they can reach the acorn though, Scrat nearly runs into an ice wall, which reflects himself. Terrified at the sight of it, Scrat and Baby Scrat scream and cower, but soon realize it's harmless. When Scrat takes a look at himself, his reflection is distorted, like a fun house mirror. Finding it humorous, Scrat starts making silly faces at it, and baby Scrat joins in babbling at it too. Both he and Scrat laugh together, when they notice the acorn in the corner. Once again, they race to get it, but little do they know, the reflection of Scrat in the background has become sentient.

Scrat manages to snatch the acorn first, and Baby Scrat tries to reach it. Noticing this, Scrat teases Baby Scrat by holding the acorn too high out of his reach. Baby Scrat gets distracted though, realizing that the sentient reflection of Scrat has become tall and evil-looking, with disheveled fur. Nervously, Baby Scrat watches as the reflection actually defies reality and snatches the acorn out of Scrat's paws! Scrat attempts to get it back, but the evil Scrat reflection holds the acorn too high out of his reach, just like Scrat did to Baby Scrat. Feeling ashamed, Scrat nervously apologizes to Baby Scrat, who is flashing him a look of disappointed shame.

Just then, the situation goes from bad to worse when a crazed Baby Scrat reflection also shows up, terrifying both Scrat and Baby Scrat, and the two reflections get in a vicious fight, which is much much worse than any of the past arguments Scrat and Baby Scrat have had. Realizing their errors, both make it up to each other, as Baby Scrat hold Scrat's paw again, showing that unlike the reflections, no matter their differences, they still love each other deep down and they should show that love more often. The fighting though gets so bad between the reflections that it starts to cause the cavern to collapse.

Acting on maternal instincts again, Scrat carries Baby Scrat over his shoulder and sprints to get out of the cavern before it breaks apart. As the cavern explodes, a tsunami of snow sweeps Scrat and Baby Scrat straight out of the cave's remains. As the dust clears, Scrat is relieved to be unharmed, but realizes to his horror, Baby Scrat is no longer in his arms. Scrat panics and searches around, but there is no sign of his son. Fearing the worst, Scrat, distraught and heartbroken, starts to cry, his eyes filling up with tears. But something tugs his tail, and Scrat turns around to see that Baby Scrat is alive and unharmed. Overjoyed, Scrat embraces him for a long hug...until the acorn bounces by out of the cave's ruins. Natural instincts kicking in yet again, the two chase after the acorn again, tusselling with each other as they rush off. Unbeknownst to them, another reflection in the ice, showing both Baby Scrat and Scrat looking on in confusion at the argument, and then both shrugging innocently knowing that no matter how much they love each other, there still will always be problems between them and acorns, ending the episode.

Between a Log and a Hard Place

(TBA-Scrat Tales)

Losing the Acorn (...Again) and Living Happily (Almost)

(TBA-Scrat Tales)

Personality and Traits

As a saber-tooth squirrel, Scrat was small and furry with pink Fingers, pink Toes, long Gray Bushy tail and gray torso. Scrat sported a large set of Brown eyes, two Short furry ears, a small black nose and, most notably, a long set of sharp canine teeth, the trait most shared by all saber-tooth squirrels. With a blue eyelids, Scrat was almost always in the company of his beloved acorn. Through Scrat's instincts and interests being driven on finding a safe place to stow his acorn, he was capable of much, from fighting off a school of piranha single-handedly to surviving in conditions and stress that would severely harm other animals, from being stomped on, burned alive, electrocuted and even launched into space (more than once).

Scrat makes up for his inability to play with his fearlessness and persistence. He's very close to his prized acorn, keeping it close to him at all times and distressing or even losing his mind whenever it was lost. Scrat was obsessed over his beloved nut, a state of mind coupled with a lack of common sense and awareness to his surroundings, yet Scrat was not wholly incapable of other emotions. Upon meeting Scratte, Scrat formed a rivalry with her but he still saved her from falling to her death and they fell in love almost at once, forgetting all about his acorn for a time. He ends up getting better at being aware of his surroundings during the franchise.


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Behind the Scenes

Scrat was voiced in all his appearances by director Chris Wedge.

Scrat's species, designated the "saber-tooth squirrel" by Wedge, who gave the species an undisclosed scientific name, was a fictional animal that he developed for the first Ice Age film, its name an amalgam of "squirrel" and "rat".

In 2011, scientists in Argentina uncovered the remains of an extinct, shrew-like mammal with long fangs which was dubbed Cronopio dentiacutus, in tribute to Scrat, which resembles Cronopio. [2]

Originally intended to be a bit part character that only appeared in the beginning of Ice Age, Scrat proved such a success with test audiences that he was made a more important character, made mute for comedic purposes and vital to the story's advancement - for without Scrat, the first real snow and ice sequence wouldn't take place until about 37 minutes into the film. [3]

Writer Michael J. Wilson has stated before that his daughter Flora came up with the idea for a creature that was the mixture of a squirrel and a rat, dubbing it Scrat and deciding that Scrat was after his acorn. [4]

Disputed Accounts of Scrat's Creation

Scrat's creation is disputed. Fashion designer Ivy "Supersonic" Silberstein designed a character named "Sqrat" on May 19, 1999. She has gone on to claim that her character was stolen and repurposed by Blue Sky Studios for Ice Age's Scrat back in 2002. She later settled a trademark lawsuit with Disney in 2020; resulting in her acquiring a trademark for her "Sqrat" character. [5]. Ivy would then claim that Scrat would be removed from the Ice Age franchise (this was said to be responsible for his absence in Buck Wild).

However, with the release of Scrat Tales, it appears that Disney still owns Scrat separately from Ivy's Sqrat character. An analysis on the controversy with input from both parties can be read via the Insider website.

Ice Age Village

Scrat is a major part in Ice Age Village. He can be seen stealing acorns and if you tap on him you get 2,000 coins. Many decorations are also based off of Scrat such as the Scrat in ice. He even has his own village called Scrat's Nook where every player can visit once level 6. He can be seen sneaking in others villages and if you tap on him your awarded 5,000 coins. He even has his own game called Scrat Fu. You pay one silver Mammoth coin or 5 acorns to play. In the game it's very similar to the iPhone game "Fruit Ninja"". You swipe to punch piranhas similar to slicing fruit in Fruit Ninja. If you swipe a Pufferfish you lose a life such as the bomb like in Fruit Ninja. Also when you expand your village Scrat plants his acorn and cracks the ground giving you more space.

Bellyful of ice



Cronopio dentiacutus

  • The saber-tooth squirrel is a fictional creature, as explained by Chris Wedge, who voices Scrat.
  • In 2011, scientists in Argentina uncovered the remains of an extinct, shrew-like mammal with long fangs which was dubbed Cronopio Dentiacutus, in tribute to Scrat, which resembles Cronopio. [6]
  • Scrat has 887 joints, which that's over four times as many as a human. [7]
  • Although the majority of the main characters are aware of his presence, Scrat is the only main character of the Ice Age series to not follow along with the rest of the main characters on their adventures. Nevertheless, his actions throughout every movie have always indirectly impacted the group greatly one way or another.
    • The only times Scrat doesn't interact with the herd is in the fifth and sixth movies.
  • Scrat is mostly unable to talk. The only sounds he can make is when he's muttering, moaning, yelling, screaming, sighing, and excited having his acorn. However, he very briefly speaks in the second movie, saying a single word-"peep"-in an attempt the mimic the baby vulture so he can get away from his actions without consequences.
  • It is unknown on whether Scrat froze before or after the sequels. It is possible that he froze after the films and all of the sequels take place before he froze at some point. He may have traveled back in to his time period using the machine from No Time For Nuts.
  • Scrat is one of several solitary creatures, others being a Glyptodon heading South by itself, Rose, Fast Tony, Cholly, a hawk, the Secretary Bird, Scratte, the Archaeopteryx, Giant Crab, a small crab, sharks, a fish, Precious, and Francine.
  • Scrat makes a cameo in the Family Guy episode "Sibling Rivalry", where he quarrels with Peter Griffin over acorns.