"So long, suckers!"
―The S'More escaping a group of young animals.[src]

The S'More was a large beetle.


The S'More was caught by a ground sloth named Sid, who intended to use the beetle in making s'mores for a group of young animals. The S'More was stuck in between halves of bark and sludge and given to a young molehog as a snack.

The S'More ran off from the molehog's grasp, taunting the young animals and laughing at its escape as it ran away. The S'More later had the chance to steal an acorn from a saber-tooth squirrel named Scrat and run off with it.


A small dark-blue beetle, the S'More was a hapless insect that was quick to escape from trouble, being a quick runner flat in build with six long legs.


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Behind the Scenes

The S'More was voiced by Karen Disher.