"It's like the old saying; An eye for a tooth, a nose for a chin, a butt for a... well it's an old saying, but uh... it's not a very good one."
―Buck to the herd[src]
Buck's Knife

Rudy's Tooth, also known as Buck's Knife, was the tooth of a giant Baryonyx, named Rudy.


Trying to escape the large beast, Rudy, Buck, a weasel, was slashed in the eye, from the large claw of the Baryonyx. Buck scurried up a tree holding a stick as a weapon. He was swallowed by Rudy, but was able to swing out of his powerful jaws, and knocked a tooth out of Rudy's mouth in the process. He kept the tooth, making a dagger out of it.

The dagger ends up sharing a similar appearence towards another dagger that had belonged to Gupta, a badger for which he hands to Louis, a molehog, for the latter to take on Captain Gutt.


Rudy's tooth, now made into a dagger, is a tooth on a wood handle, tied by vines.



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