"He's right there!
No! Sid.
I know, roger.
How about we get Sid first, and then go back for Roger?
―Buck and Crash and Eddie talking[src]
Roger (Pteranodon)
Physical Attributes
Species Pteranodon
Gender Male
Eye Color Red brown
Skin Color Pinkish Green
Biological Information
Status Alive
Residence(s) Dino World
Friends Buck (friend)
Crash (friend)
Eddie (friend)
Sid (friend)
Enemies Quetzalcoatlus
Films Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Video Games Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (video game)

Roger is the name Buck, a weasel, gave to a Pteranodon who appears in the third film, and who was used by Buck, alongside with Crash and Eddie, two opossums, to go to the Lava Falls to rescue Sid, a ground sloth, from Rudy, a Baryonyx.


Roger was "commandeered" by Buck, Crash and Eddie in order to save Sid. During the attempt, they were attacked by a group of Quetzacoatlus' on the way there. After trying to escape them, Roger was knocked out by one of them causing them to fall. Buck then gave mouth-to-mouth to Roger, reviving him in time before they could crash and pulled up sharply at the falls. They save Sid but only to accidentally fly right into the ice ceiling above. They returned to the Plates of Woe, just in time to see the arrival of Peaches. When Buck asked Roger if he had ever thought of settling down and starting a family, the Pteranodon gave him a weird look, then flew away.


Roger has pink skin with green, and red brown eyes. Like the rest of his kind, he has large wings and mostly flies. His kind is also not as violent as the Quetzalcoatlus.



  • Despite Buck stating that Roger is female in the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs video game, Roger's gender is possibly male.
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