Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Rodent
Eye Color Varying
Fur Color Varying

Rats are a species of small rodents.


Small, furry mammals with long bald tails and powerful chewing incisors, rats can inhabit virtually any location, from freezing cold tundras to hot deserts. Rats can live on nearly any kind of food at all and can remain at sea for up to three days.


A number of rats made their home on the ship of Gutt, an ape that took to sea with a crew of animals that he rescued. The ship itself was actually a giant iceberg carved into a seaworthy vessel with Gutt at its helm, and the rats subsided more or less well off with Gutt on board. A number of the rats climbed the ship's tree masts, watching as it towed an ice floe that carried a mammoth, two ground sloths and a Saber-Tooth Tiger. One of the rats was caught mocking Gutt's apish movements to two of his fellows, to their amusement, when it was seized hard by Gutt and flung off the ship into the waters.

The mammals brought aboard by Gutt's crew sank the ship by mistake and the rats immediately made to evacuate it, escaping through portholes on the ship's side and sliding down small vines off the ship into the waters; one of the rats was forced out with a strike to the back by a saber-tooth squirrel named Scrat, who used half an acorn.


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