Dinoice age plates of woe
Plates of Woe
Background information
Parent location Dinosaur World
Sub location(s)
Inhabitants Guanlong
Featured in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

The Plates of Woe were a land formation within the Dinosaur World.


A flat series of massive flat rocks propped over dead trees, the Plates of Woe formed a vast field of flat terrain that was prone to become unstable easily. The Plates of Woe stretched on for a short space of land leading to the Lava Falls.


During the sojourn of a ground sloth named Sid in the Dinosaur world, a Baryonyx known as Rudy, ever on the hunt, ran through the Plates of Woe, destroying many of them as he charged through the field, leaving the Plates fragmented.

Shortly after, Sid's herd, consisting of two mammoths named Manny and Ellie, two possums named Crash and Eddie, and a saber-tooth tiger named Diego, led by a weasel named Buck, made their way through the Plates of Woe. Ellie, who was expecting, was separated from the herd when she went into labor.


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