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"...Everywhere: Under rocks, in holes in the ground. Usually, we come out at night so birds don't carry us off."
Ellie on possum locations[src]
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Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Marsupial
Height Approx. 1 ft'
Eye Color Brown, blue
Fur Color Brown and tan stripes
Skin Color Pink
Diet Omnivore

Opossums, known more colloquially as possums, are small, four-legged mammals that lived during the ice ages into the present day.


Small marsupials, possums have compact, tube-shaped bodies with small, four-digited paws on short limbs. With their keen eyesight, possums are able to see in the dark. Possum fur is striped brown and tan, which makes for ideal camouflage in forests.[1] Most notably, however, is the possum's tail, which is long, thin and hairless: this tail can be used as an extra limb, used in anything from hanging from trees to an extra limb with which to play games. Possums have a number of hiding places, from rocks to trees and in holes in the ground, coming out at night often so as to be safe from predators. The typical possum response to danger is to play dead and lay still, arms, legs and tail all stiff.


Ice Age Collision Course Shria and Diego are Saber-tooth Tiger's

Possums were among the animals that lived in the ice ages, and resided in Ice Valley during the days of the flooding, in which the walls of ice surrounding the valley would burst, letting in massive amounts of meltwater. The possums had survived through this, along with other animals. Years before, one possum family would take in a lost mammoth calf and raise her as their own. This unfortunately led her to think she too was a possum.

Ice Age Collision Course Crash and Eddie are Opossum and Eille's Brothers


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Known Opossums[]

Behind the scenes[]

Because of the time eras set in each Ice Age film it could be possible that the opossums in the Ice Age movies are actually Herpetotherium an extinct species of marsupial that is closely related to the modern day opossum.



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