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"The North Pole is a desolate land of ice and snow!"
―Sid on the North Pole[src]
North Pole
Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas Manny and Peaches
Inhabitants Santa
Head Mini-Sloth

The North Pole is the Earth's northern point of rotation.


The northern end of Earth's axis of rotation, the North Pole is a frozen place rife with ice and snow. During the days of the ice age, the North Pole was peppered with trees covered in peppermint bark and bushes of sugar plums. The magical human Santa Claus is said to makes his home in the North Pole, where he built thousands of toys for children worldwide.

While on a visit to the North Pole to find Santa Claus, a young mammoth named Peaches, accompanied by a ground sloth named Sid and two possums named Crash and Eddie, set out with a reindeer named Prancer, hoping to reach Santa and convince him to take Sid off his "Naughty List", a list consisting of those that were deemed unfit to receive presents for Christmas.


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