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"I slept through the storm that killed the unicorns!"
Bubbles Minicorn
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Eohippus
Height 12-14 inches at the shoulder
Eye Color Varying
Fur Color Varying
Diet Herbivore

 Minicorns were a fictional species of horse based of a prehistorical horse called "Eohippus", that lived in the ice ages.


Minicorns are fox sized horses with slim tails and legs. They have horns on their noses, similar to that of a unicorn, and they are herbivores. Though various colors, most of them had spots on their pelts like an appaloosa horse.


In Geotopia, Brooke, the sloth tour guide, had a squad of minicorns. They were twins called Bubbles and Misty. Whenever she called them they would come. One day, Brooke brought in a herd of various animals. Sid, a sloth, who was among the group, caught Brooke's eye. She called her minicorn squad to bring him toward her.


Known Minicorns[]

Behind the Scenes[]

Minicorns are only fictional because of their horns. If they didn't have horns, they would be considered true Eohippus.