"I slept through the storm that killed the unicorns!"
Bubbles Minicorn
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Eohippus
Height 12-14 inches at the shoulder
Eye Color Varying
Fur Color Varying
Diet Herbivore

 Minicorns were a fictional species of horse based of a prehistorical horse called "Eohippus", that lived in the ice ages.


Minicorns are fox sized horses with slim tails and legs. They have horns on their noses, similar to that of a unicorn, and they are herbivores. Though various colors, most of them had spots on their pelts like an appaloosa horse.


In Geotopia, Brooke, the sloth tour guide, had a squad of minicorns. They were twins called Bubbles and Misty. Whenever she called them they would come. One day, Brooke brought in a herd of various animals. Sid, a sloth, who was among the group, caught Brooke's eye. She called her minicorn squad to bring him toward her.


Known Minicorns

Behind the Scenes

Minicorns are only fictional because of their horns. If they didn't have horns, they would be considered true Eohippus.

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