"Meteor shower!
Crash and Eddie about what a Macrauchenia exclaiming a meteor shower just said[src]
A Ball of Fire

A meteor is a small rocky or metallic body travelling through outer space. Meteoroids are significantly smaller than asteroids, ranging from small grains to sizes larger than Mammoths. These are usually spotted when they intersect and enter Earth's atmosphere. Meteors often occur in showers. These were also referred as "space rocks". These space rocks were very dangerous towards any inhabitants on Earth's surface, where they are heated from collisions and cause major impacts when they reach the surface.


Incoming Meteors
Meteors and Asteroid

One night, a meteor shower had struck an area called The Valley. The animals of this valley were unaware of this, as they were all attending an anniversary party for two mammoths Manny and Ellie. The meteors were thought to be fireworks, an unintentional gift for Ellie. This meteor shower destroyed everything in the valley, and caused the animals to flee in search of new homes. These were the start of an asteroid coming towards earth.


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