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Mammoth Tree
Mammoth Tree
Inhabitants Mother Opossum

Mammoth Tree was a large willow tree.


Considered a sacred place for mammoths [1], Mammoth Tree was a vast willow tree that resembled a mammoth in the wintertime and was situated in the Ice Valley, where it grew alongside other trees in a forest.


As a calf, a mammoth named Ellie was separated from her herd in a blizzard and called out for them, only to find herself lost. Ellie sought refuge under the branches of Mammoth Tree and lay herself down. At that moment, a mother possum and her two young sons showed themselves from the branches. The mother opossum made the decision to adopt Ellie as her own child, which resulted in Ellie believing from that time on that she was a possum.

Years later, Ellie returned to Mammoth Tree, along with a mammoth named Manny, who tried to prove to Ellie that she was a mammoth. Ellie walked by the tree and quickly remembered what had happened to her all those years back at Mammoth Tree.



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