"Ahh! Madison."
―Madison's Mom when spotting her[src]
Physical Attributes
Species Diatryma
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Feather Color Red
Biological Information
Status Unknown
Residence(s) Playground (formerly)
Family Mother
Friends Johnny
Films Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Voiced by Eunice Cho

Madison was a young Diatryma.


Along with other animals, Madison visited the playground built by the mammoth named Manny and met three baby dinosaurs there, creatures which none of the other animal children had ever seen before. The Baby Dinos played much rougher than the other children, one even going so far as to swallow Madison alive. She was spat out when a Mother Aardvark demanded that the dinosaur that swallowed her child, a young aardvark named Johnny, release him. While the wrong child was spat out, Madison's mother soon after picked her up.


Like all Diatryma, Madison had red feathers, a large beak, and two-toed feet.


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Behind the Scenes

Madison was voiced by actress Eunice Cho.

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