Layla Zee
Layla Zee 4
Physical Attributes
Species Mini-sloth
Gender Female
Eye Color Olive
Fur Color Purple
Biological Information
Status Unknown
Residence(s) Mini-sloths' camp
Friends Sid
Other Mini-sloths
Films Ice Age: The Meltdown (unnamed)
Video Games Ice Age: The Meltdown
Voiced by Clea Lewis

"Worth a shot."
―Layla Zee[src]

Layla Zee was a female mini-sloth who acted as the speaker and leader for a tribe of mini-sloths.


Before the movie

Layla Zee joined a number of mini-sloths during the ice ages in escaping the melting ice, and the flooding that would follow.

Ice Age: The Meltdown

A number of mini-sloths, in an effort to counter the flooding brought on by the melting ice of the ice ages, abducted a ground sloth named Sid after witnessing his ability to create fire. The mini-sloths brought Sid before Layla Zee, who handed the larger sloth two rocks with which to create fire, declaring him the "Fire King". Sid struck the rocks together, creating fire but burning his foot in the process. As he leaped about in pain, the mini-sloths imitated his movements, including Layla Zee.

During a ritualistic dance with the mini-sloths imitating Sid, they tied him up and were about to lower him into a chasm wherein there was hot lava. Layla Zee stepped up to explain their motives: the rocks from the Earth's core was superheated and reaching the surface, where it would melt ice built up from thousands of years: by sacrificing the Fire King, Layla Zee said, the melting would cease, but admitted that it wasn't foolproof by adding that it was "worth a shot". However, Sid did not fall into the lava but instead was launched back up into the stony likeness of the Fire King ("fire god" in the PC adaption of the video game), where it tumbled down, scattering the mini-sloths, which Layla Zee proclaimed as "bad juju".

Layla Zee later returned with the remainder of her tribe, offering Sid to be the leader of their society, which tempted Sid but was ultimately turned down.


Layla Zee, as a mini-sloth, was small in nature, with an elongated neck, ovular head short claws and a purplish-blue pelt with a distinctive hairstyle.

An eloquent speaker, Layla Zee was capable of reason and complex thought, though she was, like the others in her tribe, driven by superstition.

Behind the Scenes

Layla Zee was voiced by Clea Lewis[1] in the movie, in which she was credited only as "Female Mini-Sloth". In the Gameboy adaption of the video game, however, there is a sloth greatly resembling her seen in the gallery of animals rescued throughout the course of the game who is given the name "Layla Zee". She is one of the mini-sloths the player rescues during the levels that are set in the Rocky Pass. She plays no other role in this adaption video game beyond being rescued and seen in said gallery if the player chooses to look through it.