"The sloth says the playground's open!"
―Johnny to other young animals.[src]
Dinoice age. (139)
Physical Attributes
Species Aardvark
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color Reddish Brown
Biological Information
Alias Little Johnny (Mother)
Status Unknown
Residence(s) Playground (formerly)
Family Mother

Johnny was a young aardvark.


A mammoth named Manny was expecting a baby with his wife Ellie, and built a playground from ice for the baby to play in once he or she was born: Manny closed the playground off to other animals, much to Johnny's, as well as the other young animals, dismay. However, Sid, a ground sloth and friend of Manny's, had adopted three baby dinosaurs and let them into the playground to play.

Johnny saw the playground being opened and called out to the other animals that it was open for everyone. A large group of young animals rushed in to play, and at first had fun with the young dinosaurs, but it soon became clear that the dinosaurs were much rougher with other animals, chasing and even swallowing some of them, among them Johnny, who was forced down an ice slide by one dinosaur and swallowed up by another. Johnny's mother came on the scene and demanded that Sid order his young dinosaur child to spit out Johnny. Instead of Johnny, however, the dinosaur spat out a young Diatryma named Madison, only to spit out a very dizzy Johnny later.


A young aardvark, Johnny enjoyed playing with other young animals and wished to make use of the playground. Johnny was among those enjoying games with the young dinosaurs at first, but soon after was frightened by them after they began roughhousing.


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Behind the Scenes

Johnny was voiced by Christian Pikes.