"...it's so hard to find a family guy."
―Jennifer to Rachel on Sid[src]
Physical Attributes
Species Ground Sloth
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Fur Color Grayish Purple
Black scalp hair
Biological Information
Friends Rachel (best friend)
Films Ice Age
Voiced by Jane Krakowski

Jennifer was a ground sloth that lived during the ice age.


During the ice ages, when many animals had left the northern countries to migrate south, Jennifer and her friend Rachel were among the sloths that were moving on.

Meeting Sid

"He needed me and I only wish I had one of my own.
Really? I find that attractive in a male.
―Sid and Jennifer on saving Roshan and children.[src]

Sid impresses Jennifer and Rachel with the baby.

The two female sloths stopped at a series of mud pits, where they met a sloth named Sid, who was toting a human baby named Roshan. The three sat in a mud pit, with Roshan, as Sid impressed both sloths with his account on how he saved the baby from a pack of tigers, and both Jennifer and Rachel admired the baby and Sid's alleged act of bravery. Sid remarked that the baby needed him at the time and lamented how he wanted a child of his own, much to Jennifer's admiration, though none of them noticed that the baby was sinking into the mud as Sid was talking. After sinking in, the baby splattered Sid with mud, and Sid, chuckling crossly, proceeded to dry his face off with a mammoth trunk, realizing that it was the trunk of his fellow traveler, Manny, who angrily picked up the baby and left. Sid, intending to chase after Manny to get the baby back, told the two sloths to relax until he got back, and as he left, Jennifer remarked that, though Sid was not attractive, it was difficult to find a male that was dedicated to family, Rachel chiming in that all the sensitive ones were eaten.

Later on, the two sloths left the mud pits, their places occupied by two rhinos, Carl and Frank.

Alternate Events

"Where's the kid?
The kid? Oh...where
we're going, he can't follow, if you catch my innuendo.
What do you say the three of us jump into the gene pool and see what happens?
What do you say you go jump in a tar pit?
―Sylvia to Sid[src] (deleted scene)

Sid returns to Jennifer and Rachel without the baby.

Jennifer and Rachel were drying themselves as they left the mud pits when Sid returned, intending to pick up where he left off. Jennifer flatly inquired where the baby was, with Sid replying that the baby couldn't follow them, as he intended to mate with both Jennifer and Rachel. Jennifer angrily called him off and left the scene as Rachel kneed Sid in the groin, remarking that she knew something was wrong with him.

Jennifer and Rachel left the scene, leaving Sid laying down on the ground in pain, remarking how much of a loser Sid was, as another sloth named Sylvia overheard them and hurried over to find Sid.

Personality and Traits

A thicker-built female sloth, Jennifer had a more curvy figure than most female sloths, appearing more buxom than Rachel, but sharing the common large hindquarters all female sloths had. Jennifer had dark, short curly scalp hair and purple eyes, a darker bluish-gray pelt with a whitish underbelly, a short, small tail and dark claws with a puffed chest resembling breasts.

Impressed with dedicated males, Jennifer found the desire to have a family attractive in a potential husband, and was easily fooled by Sid's stories of heroism.


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Ice Age (First appearance)

Behind the Scenes

Jennifer was voiced by actress Lorri Bagley.

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