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"Look around; you're in a bowl. Bowl's gonna fill up, ain't no way out."
―The Lone Gunslinger to the herds of animals about the valley[src]
Ice Valley
Great Valley
Sub Locations Glacier Water Park
Misty Chasm
Mini-sloths' camp
Mammoth Tree
Inhabitants Manny
Lone Gunslinger
Fast Tony
Traffic vulture

This Ice Valley was a vast expanse of land in which scores of animals lived. It was destroyed when the ice dam broke flooding the valley.


A valley situated around great walls of ice and snow, the Ice Valley was inhabited by herds of animals, who enjoyed the change of climate, which brought on flowers and grass, trees and shrubbery instead of ice and snow. Notably, however, the animals enjoyed the waterpark, a naturally-formed series of water slides and pools that had taken shape from the melted ice.

Most animals visited the waterpark and lived peaceably in the Ice Valley until it was brought to their attention by a grim vulture known as the Lone Gunslinger that a flood would soon come. Behind the icy walls forming the waterpark was a vast expanse of melted ice water that could flood the land, turning it into a seabed. The valley, as the vulture said, was a bowl that would fill up with no way out unless they could all reach the end of the valley, where a boat that was once a fallen tree existed that could keep them all safe. The animals took the warning and fled at once, hurrying for the boat. The only problem in their way however, were two vicious aquas that live in the water. Both had a shark look feature to them that were making things difficult for the herd to move on. Their names were Cretaceous & Maelstrom. They caused the death of Stu. The only remain of Stu was only his shell, and not himself. When Ellie was in danger in a cave, trapped in the water, Manny managed to fight the two monsters in the water himself to save Ellie. After the fight, they were never seen again.

The ice that kept the waters out soon broke under the pressure of all the water, resulting in a vast flood that submerged the land. Leaving everything underwater until one saber-tooth squirrel named Scrat, who was trying to escape the flooding valley by scaling the other wall with his acorn as a pick, mistakenly formed a large crack that flushed all the waters out, leaving the Ice Valley.

Micheal Knapp ConceptPaintingMeltingIce TheMeltdown

Ice melting

The boat, which carried most of the animals escaping the floods to safety, landed on solid ground once more, so that all the animals left it and stood on solid ground again, when a great herd of mammoths, animals thought long extinct, passed by the valley. The other herds of animals turned suit and left it as well, some remaining behind.


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