Ice Age Wiki

The following is a recommended layout for articles on this wiki.


Example: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

All Ice Age movie style's should be the same and start with the {{Infobox Film}} template.

Article sections:

  • Intro paragraph
  • Synopsis (plot for short)
  • Credits
  • Appearances
  • Behind the Scenes
*Deleted Scenes
  • Box Office
  • Awards and Nominations
  • Video game (if available)
  • Home media/DVD release
  • Notes and References
  • External links
  • {{Ice Age}} Template

Character Infobox


All Character Infobox articles should have the {{Character Infobox}} template, with complete information.

Character Infobox articles layout

Example: Sid
  • Top Quote: pick one that best describes Character Infobox
  • Introduction paragraph: should include information about the Character Infobox, who they are, what they did and type of species
  • Biography: start off with a short recap of their role in the movies
  • Write up a detailed biography with a good amount of quotes and plenty of pictures, starting off with a line that describes them and their experiences.
  • Crew_Infoboxality and Traits: describe their Crew_Infoboxality and their overall disposition (gender, fur and eye color.), if available
  • Appearances: Show what roles the Character Infobox has had, from movies and shorts to games and books
  • Behind the Scenes: any Character Infobox development information.
  • Gallery: This will include a good amount of pictures and will be linked to the article by a template link.
    • If there are more than six (6) pictures then a gallery page will be created, otherwise no gallery page. Be sure to link the gallery page into the article if one is created.
  • References: cite any sources used in article
  • Categories:should include the following
    • species
    • appearance
    • gender
  • Notes: There will not be a movie roles section.



Example: Denis Leary

Should contain short bio of actor, with a profile pic if available, and their role in the films, with short description on other roles and minimal backstory.



Example: Carlos Saldanha

Should contain short bio and involvement with Ice Age series.


Example: Send Me On My Way
  • Songs that have been featured in Ice Age films need articles on their own.
  • Score songs (instrumental arrangements made only for one film) shouldn't, they will go in the track listing for the soundtrack.
  • Add a video to the wiki and with the {{song}} template add it to the article.
  • Videos should preferably be from YouTube and contain the official video for the song, but if for example, the song was remade/covered specially for the film, the video should have the song that was in the film as is. (Example: Walk the Dinosaur, Food, Glorious Food.
  • Due to legal reasons, we ask that song lyrics not be added to articles.
  • A small back story of the album story/musical artist should be added if available.