Ice Age Wiki

Administrators have the ability to delete and undelete a page(s). An actual reason should always be given for deleting, even when using a script and bot flag combination.

Warning: Continued recreation of previously deleted content (any format) is grounds for a block per our blocking policy and/or adding the article or file name to MediaWiki:TitleBlackList depending on severity.

potential deletion reasons:

  • Files without proper citations will be deleted on sight
  • corrupt or empty files
  • duplicate/superseded articles or files
  • low content, blank or unrelated content
  • author request
  • community consensus
  • spam, vandalism, flaming/taunting/baiting content
  • nonsense
  • advertisements
  • poor jokes
  • inappropriate content whether it be articles, comments/posts or files
  • over-categorization
    • redundant templates or category creation

content pages or files may be un-deleted if it was originally deleted in error or community consensus results in overturning such deletion decision. If such a discussion starts then the file will be saved by staff as a backup in case it becomes unavailable at a later date. This however does not apply to leaked content.