Ice Age: Continental Drift
Ice Age 4 video game (arctic game)
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Release Year July 10, 2012

Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic Games is a video game based on the film of the same name.


You need to pick your team. If you pick Manny's team, you will play as Ellie first (tunnel sliding race), then with Sid against Squint (long jump and glyptodon throw), Granny against Gupta (outdoor sliding race), Diego against Shira (jumping race), Peaches against Raz (slingshot target) and Manny against Gutt in another tunnel sliding game where you must smash the ice with the correct team sign.

Sometimes you play as Scrat, with one of the levels based off of the opening of Ice Age: The Meltdown. After a second level about the same thing, you will have to play as Ellie and Granny (voice only and Ellie is completely voiceless) or Flynn and Gupta (Gupta is voice only and Flynn is completely voiceless). You must shoot Scrat into several trampolines and flap to make Scrat fly longer in the air. After that you will have Diego and Shira where They have to break the weak ice platform and must be the fastest to win. After it ends the ending is shown: If it's the good ending of Manny's team, they get the treasure. Gutt almost gets the treasure by an accident but Shira reminds him. So Gutt promises to come back and destroy Manfred. If it's the good ending of Gutt's crew, the pirates celebrate their treasure and the Herd sighs.

After that, the pirate crew wants to sail off, finding more treasures. Raz says that they will miss them but Gutt complains. Then Diego says that "it's not my worst day ever" and left. In the end, Sid sings a short but not noted song (rapping).




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