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The Ice Age: Continental Drift score is the album consisting the musical scores for Ice Age: Continental Drift. They were composed by John Powell who also did the scores for Ice Age: The Meltdown and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Songs featured in the film were "Chasing the Sun", performed by The Wanted, the film's first theme song, and the second theme song "We are (Family)" written by Ester Dean, performed by Keke Palmer.

Tracks Listing[]

  1. "Scrat Tectonics" (2:27)
  2. "Morning Peaches" (2:22)
  3. "Family Sled" (1:13)
  4. "Granny Dump/Family" (3:15)
  5. "Teen Hang Embarrassment" (2:51)
  6. "Schism" (2:28)
  7. "Storm"(3:57)
  8. "Post Storm" (1:23)
  9. "Toxic Bath" (0.20)
  10. "Treasure Map" (1:04)
  11. "No Exit Gutt" (5:37)
  12. "Escape from Captivity" (3:02)
  13. "New Loves" (4:50)
  14. "Island Chase" (1:21)
  15. "Hyraxes/Prison Talk" (2:57)
  16. "Diversion" (3:57)
  17. "Pirating the Pirates" (4:37)
  18. "Teen Cave/Sid Okay" (4:42)
  19. "Sirens" (2:35)
  20. "Nut Sirens" (0.32)
  21. "Precious Teen Boys" (1:48)
  22. "Land Bridge Trap" (8:22)
  23. "Louis Makes a Stand" (3:39)
  24. "Slushbuckle" (2:42)
  25. "Gutt Siren" (0:37)
  26. "Herd Reunion" (3:08)
  27. "Scratlantis" (2:53)
  28. "We Are" (Credits Version) (2:05)
  29. "Chasing the Sun" (Credits Version) (1:42)
  30. "End Credits" (4:41)
  31. "Scrat's Fantasia" (5:30)
  32. "We Are" - Keke Palmer (3:11)
  33. "Chasing the Sun" - The Wanted (3:16)


  • An added feature of the soundtrack was Beethoven's 9th Sympathy, re-orchestrated by John Powell. According to Powell, he states, "At the beginning of the film, the creation of the geographical world as we know it seemed just such an immense idea to musically convey, that I gave up entirely and used Beethoven's Ninth Symphony instead. With a bit of obscenely crass re-orchestration and blatantly cheap arranging tricks normally associated with strippers, we got it to fit the action perfectly. But the cost that I must now bear is having to live forever in hiding, since the "Beethoven Society" issued a "fatwa" on me."
  • Both songs, We Are an Chasing the Sun are not available in the soundtrack album but available on other scores.

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