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Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas
Film Information
Director Karen Disher
Producer Lori Forte
Writer Sam Harper
Mike Reiss
Music John Paesano
Release Date November 24, 2011
Preceded By Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Followed By Ice Age: Continental Drift
imdb id 2100546

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (or A Mammoth Christmas for short) is a Christmas special in the Ice Age franchise. It was released on November 24, 2011.[1] While the whole cast from the movies came back (with Ciara Bravo voicing pre-teen Peaches[2]), new characters are voiced by Billy Gardell (as Santa Claus), T. J. Miller (as Prancer), and Judah Friedlander (as the Head Mini-Sloth).


Christmas Decorations[]

Christmas Tree Family

The herd and others gather around the first Christmas tree.

"What, this?…you need something bigger, taller, sparklier, something with a pizazz: um, a tree!"

Christmas has come and Scrat eyes a beaver assembling a cache of foods, among them an acorn: Scrat sneaks in and takes the acorn, along with others he finds in the area set up as decorations: he ties a large stockpile of them on a piece of bark and tries to leave with them, but they break out and leave him with nothing. Meanwhile, Manny brings the Christmas Rock out of storage, to Ellie's delight: the rock is intended as a surprise for Peaches, who comes sliding down a snow slope in a snowball fight with Crash and Eddie. Manny reveals that the Christmas Rock is the same one from his childhood, a family heirloom, and important as it lets Santa Claus find them to deliver presents.

Diego and Sid step in to see the Christmas Rock, with Sid deriding it. Manny will not let Sid near the Rock and Sid, to find his own means of decorations, decides to find a different decoration and chooses a tree. Crash and Eddie help him to decorate the tree with insects, small animals and fish bones: to top the tree, Sid puts a star-shaped piece of ice on the top, which is accidentally flung off and hits the Christmas Rock, shattering it. Furious, Manny declares that Sid is on the "Naughty List". Manny dismisses the idea of Santa to Ellie, which Peaches overhears, and the young mammoth is shocked that Manny does not believe in Santa. Sid, in tears that he ruined the rock, slides downhill as his tears freeze solid.

To The North Pole[]

Sid Sulking Peaches Possums

Peaches convinces Sid to come with her to the North Pole.

"We're gonna find Santa so I can prove to my dad he's real and we're gonna get you off that list."

Scrat finds an acorn half frozen in a pond and steps onto the slippery surface to pull it out. After pulling it out successfully, Scrat begins to ice skate with the acorn, going through a log, where he misplaces the acorn and instead mistakenly holds onto a spider, which attacks him. Meanwhile, Sid, feet still frozen, sulks about being on the Naughty List until Peaches calls on him to snap out of it: she intends to head to the North Pole with Sid, Crash and Eddie so as to convince Santa Claus to take Sid off the Naughty List, along with Crash and Eddie, who, despite their misdeeds, still want Christmas.

The four set off to the North Pole by following the Northern Lights, and move on until they reach a whiteout, which separates them for a moment until they find one another and move on, led by Sid, who mistakenly leads them off a cliff. As they fall, they are rescued by a flying reindeer, who takes them to the other side of the cliff and introduces himself as Prancer. Sid thanks the reindeer and moves on before he nearly falls down the cliff again and is caught by Peaches, who decides that the reindeer will go with them. Back at the village, however, Manny attempts to patch up the Christmas Rock with mud and sticks, to poor effect, when Ellie comes along, calling out that she cannot find Peaches, Sid, Crash or Eddie. Diego states that the four of them headed out to the North Pole to find Santa; with that, Manny and Ellie move on to find Peaches and the others, led by Diego, who tracks them by, reluctantly, picking up Sid's scent. Meanwhile, Prancer even agrees to help them get to the North Pole by flying, since his parents taught him to help strangers, but Prancer had some problems on the way; Peaches was too heavy to carry, Crash and Eddie keep running around on him and a sickly green Sid is airsick. As Diego, Manny and Ellie were looking for the others, a snow storm rolled in, covering Diego from head to toe in snow. Manny was planning to give up because of the storm, but Ellie reminds Manny to believe in the magic of Christmas, for if he continues to believe, they will find them soon enough. Just then, the storm cleared for Ellie to see the same Northern Lights Peaches saw earlier in the story, thus heading north.  

Prancer and the animals arrive somewhere near the North Pole, seeing sugar plums and peppermint bark. As they continue, they are stopped by a mini sloth and the "santourage", who keep out visitors to Santa. They move towards Prancer and the animals, causing him to fly up into a block of snow, and as they try to pull him out, the ice cracks, causing an avalanche, ruining Santa's work, and toppling the rescue trio. Angered and distraught by the mess, Santa invents the Naughty List after Manny talks about it, causing the mammoth to realize Santa is real and rally everyone to make things right. All the animals fix the mess, but Santa has much more gifts than usual, so Prancer volunteers to fly the sleigh. He realizes he can't do it alone so he goes and gets his family, Dasher, Dancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. Then, Santa leaves through the night sky, and everyone is back on the Nice List, even Sid. Then, Scrat looks at his present from Santa (which is a small nut), but blows away and gets repeatedly kicked by the reindeer while going around the Earth.

Voice cast[]


It was announced on April 26, 2011 by The Hollywood Reporter[4] and the release date was set for November 24, 2011.[5]



Coming soon![citation needed]

Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas

The DVD and Blu-ray release of Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

Home media[]

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas was released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 26, 2011.[6]



  • When Sid tells Peaches that the North Pole is a "desolate land of ice and snow", Crash breaks the 4th Wall by saying "This isn't exactly Miami", as none of our modern cities existed back then.
  • Despite Prancer claiming that it was impossible to walk to the North Pole, Manny, Ellie, and Diego did it.
  • This is Peaches second appearance in the Ice Age Series and her first speaking appearance.
  • This film is years after Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs as Peaches is a pre-teen most likely 12 and years before Ice Age: Continental Drift where Peaches is a teenager most likely 16 years old.
  • In reality, Christmas did not exist in prehistoric times until Jesus was born.
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