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"Guys Shh! The trees have ears!"
―Sid to Manny and Diego[src]
Hyrax Jungle
Hyrax in tree
Inhabitants Fuzzy
Hyrax residents

The Hyrax Jungle was a tropical jungle with trees and plants, on an island.


The hyraxes lived on this island peacefully until one day. Gutt and his crew captured most of the hyraxes to force them to build them a new ship. Later, a mammoth named Manny, two ground sloths named Sid and Granny, and two Saber-Tooth Tiger named Diego and Shira washed up on this island called Switchback Cove, where the hyrax jungle was. Shira dashed away, making Diego run after her and catch her, only to put her in tree prison. Manny made a deal with the free hyraxes to help them get the ship and free their friends, with the Sid as the translater. Shira and Diego were able to talk about their pasts, and in the morning Manny came up with their jobs, Diego frees the hyraxes, and Granny and Sid unwind the vines and keep hold of them. The hyraxes would make the pirates come toward them. The plan worked out, other than Sid eating a berry. Diego tried to convince Shira to come with him. She agreed, but helped them escape instead. She tripped her Captain with ice, making him fall. The herd left the hyrax jungle and Gutt made Sweet Revenge.