Human Camp
Human Camp
Inhabitants Runar (leader)
Tribe Wolves

This human camp was a small settlement set up by a tribe of humans.


Consisting of five tents fashioned from animal hide, branches and bones set in a clearing near a forest and river, the camp was the home of a small number of humans, namely the group's leader, a man named Runar, his wife Nadia and their infant son Roshan. The humans had set up a number of animal hide posts around their tents, along with piles of rocks, stands on which to place their spears, and baskets. Within the baskets were fish that had been caught by the group's fishermen. Fires were lit and kept on the sides of the camp.


While a small tribe of humans had left their settlement near Glacier Pass, they set up camp near a waterfall, which had been eyed by a pack of saber-tooth tigers, led by one male named Soto. The sabers had plotted to attack the camp by morning and steal away their leader's infant son, Roshan, as an act of vengeance for the humans' killing of half their pack so as to use their skins as clothing.

Soto led the attack the following morning, only to find that the camp's dogs had woken up, hearing the sabers sneak in and alerting the humans with their barks. The humans cut the dogs loose and all engaged in a skirmish while Soto's trusted lieutenant Diego was sent to sneak into the human leader's tent and steal the baby. Before Diego could, however, the baby's mother hurried off with her son and fled towards the falls, jumping off rather than allowing herself to be taken by the saber. The other sabers, led by Soto, saw that Diego had failed to bring back the baby and agreed to meet up at Half Peak before being chased off by the humans.


Manny, Sid and Diego find the camp deserted with Roshan.

Shortly afterward, the humans, led by Runar, left the camp in the pursuit of the sabers. The camp was later found by a mammoth named Manny and a ground sloth named Sid, both of which had found Roshan and intended to return him to his family, only to find that the humans had left. Diego, who had reappeared searching for the baby, convinced the two mammals to allow him to lead them to the humans so as to return the baby. The two mammals agreed and left for Glacier Pass.


Behind the Scenes

The humans' camp, along with the humans themselves, was lit up with the special effects in such a way as to make it all appear as if it were part of a nature documentary.


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