Half Peak
Inhabitants Humans (formerly)

Half Peak was a mountain peak which, in keeping with it's name, had lost a significant chunk of it's mass under unknown circumstances.


A vast montane tor split in two, Half Peak was on the northern road to reach Glacier Pass, where humans had a settlement. Half Peak consisted of a peak split down, throughout which were a number of crags and small rocky outcroppings, along with small caves and crevices. Throughout the middle of the two peak sides was a downward-facing slope peppered with a number of large rocky formations.


A saber-tooth tiger pack led by one male named Soto arranged to meet their second-in-command, a saber named Diego, at Half Peak, where they would regroup after an attack on a human camp: Diego would return to Soto with Roshan, the tribe's baby. Soto and his sabers sat waiting at Half Peak for Diego to return, planning out an attack as Diego was returning with a mammoth and ground sloth. Soto arranged for his sabers to watch for the mammoth, as they would need all their collective strength to take the mammoth down, but the plan went to pot when the ground sloth, named Sid, holding Roshan, lured the sabers away from the mammoth. The sabers chased Sid and got ahold of the baby, only to find that it was a decoy.

Sid escaped from the sabers and found one of them, a saber named Zeke, attempting to ambush him. Sid dodged the attack and Zeke found himself stuck in a rock wall, Sid stomping down on Zeke to lodge him in further. Meanwhile, Soto cornered Manny into a rock wall and asked for Diego to join him in the attack, but Diego instead chose to defend Manny and was struck down hard by Soto for it. Once Soto eyed Sid holding the baby, Manny, taking action, struck the saber with his trunk: Soto hit a rock wall, which jarred loose a number of large icicles, which came down, impaling Soto.

Manny, Sid and Roshan surrounded Diego, sorrowful that he had been struck down, and left as they thought he had died. Shortly after, Diego regained his strength and left Half Peak behind to return to his newfound friends.


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