"I liked you better when you were extinct!"
Manny on the Guanlong.[src]
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia
Species Dinosaur
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Varying
Diet Carnivore

Guanlong was a species of carnivorous dinosaur.


Small in size, Guanlong were pack hunters that worked together to bring down larger animals. Fitted with sharp teeth and claws, a small crest, a number of rattling quills atop the head and along the spine, powerful tail and speed, Guanlong proved a formidable predator towards other dinosaurs or creatures they encountered.


A number of Guanlong had survived the comet showers that had long since wiped out the dinosaurs as a whole, escaping to a vast subterranean world where dinosaurs of all kinds lived as they had in the past.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

One such pack of Guanlong resided in the Plates of Woe, a rock formation within the Dinosaur World, where they found a herd of mammals consisting of a pair of mammoths, a pair of possums, a Saber-Tooth Tiger and a weasel that guided them. One of the mammoths, a female named Ellie, was pregnant and went into labor upon entering the Plates: the Guanlong went on the hunt to find Ellie. They were prevented from making a meal of her by the joint efforts of Manny and Diego.


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  • The Guanlong in the film took the role of the Velociraptors from Jurassic Park.
    • Coincidentally, both theropods were found in China and were covered in feathers, although the Guanlongs in the film were depicted having only proto-feathers.
  • Although it was said to have survived the K-T extinction by going underground, Guanlong became extinct 100 million years before the K-T extinction.
    • However, it's possible that guanlong ventured into the cavern and settled in for 100 million years until other dinosaurs arrived.
  • In the concept art for film, it's depicted of having a sickle shaped toeclaw like Velociraptor, something it didn't have in real life.
  • It's name comes from the Mandarin Chinese 冠龍(guān lóng), meaning "crowned dragon."
  • Guanlong was a proceratosaur, a group of theropods that were the ancestors of tyrannosaurs, including T. rex.
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