Glacier Water Park
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Glacier Water Park[1] was a vast system of water slides and pools that were formed by the melting ice that surrounded the end of Ice Valley.


As the surrounding ice walls in Ice Valley began to melt, vast pools of water formed and ice formations took shape, becoming water slides. This prompted droves of animals to use the melting ice as an amusement park, and the ice slides were ridden by crowds of animals, none of which noticed that the ice was melting gradually in large quantities.

One herd, consisting of a mammoth named Manny, a ground sloth named Sid and a saber-tooth tiger named Diego, found the uppermost part of the water park, where the ice walls that surrounded the valley were melting; behind the ice walls was a vast amount of meltwater that would soon flood the land. The herd returned to the other animals to warn them, but none of the crowed would hear of it, laughing it off, until a vulture named the Lone Gunslinger confirmed the herd's statement: the ice was rapidly melting and would flood the land, taking all the animals with it unless they reached the end of the valley, where a boat that was formed from part of a giant fallen tree lay. The vulture flew off, leaving a stunned silence, which shifted to panic as the ice water slides began to come apart as a massive chunk of ice came down, wrecking the slides.

With this, the herds of animals all left the water park and headed to the boat. After the animals had left, the water slides all began to melt and crumble away.


Behind the Scenes

In the short children's book Ice Age: The Great Escape, the water park was given the official name "Glacier Water Park".


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