"You know? That's a nice monkey."
Granny referring to Gutt[src]
Gutt (3)
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Ape
Height Approx. 8' to 10'
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Varying
Hair color Various
Fur Color Varying
Feather Color None
Skin Color Varying

Gigantopithecus was a large species of ape that lived during the ice age.


Thickly-built herbivorous primates, Gigantopithecus were as adept at climbing trees as they were at moving on the ground, with the use of their four strong limbs, all of which were equipped with hands rather than paws, which themselves were tipped with long, sharp claws. Gigantopithecus had both sharp and blunt teeth, which were made use of as they lived off a diet of fruits and vegetables, and were able to move quickly, whether on land or in the trees, due to their strong hind limbs and longer forearms. Gigantopithecus had thick, shaggy pelts and often sported long scalp hair that could be styled, with males growing long facial hair similar to a beard.


Gigantopithecus were among the creatures of the ice ages to be impacted by the continental shiftings, one notable male named Gutt having decided to take to the seas aboard an iceberg-turned ship.


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Behind the Scenes

Because no full skeleton of Gigantopithecus has yet been found, the appearance of Gigantopithecus in the films is conjectural, based off the closest living relative of Gigantopithecus, the orangutan.

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