"I knew that guy when he was a caterpillar! You know, before he came out."
Giant Butterflies
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Insecta
Species Butterfly
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Varying
Diet Herbivore

These giant butterflies are big enough to rival the size of mammoths. How they do this is unknown, but there could be that either there is more oxygen in Dino World, or they are a combination of animals, like a siphonophore (a type of jellyfish). Buck claimed to have known one of them as a caterpillar, "Before he came out." as he quoted.


  • In the filmaker's commentary on the Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs DVD, it was nicknamed Mothrasaurus, or Mothra (a giant butterfly-like creature in the Godzilla series)
  • The Eye-spots on its wings were mistaken for Rudy's face by Crash and Eddie.
    • This also happens in real life when predators misunderstand, butterflies' wing spots with owl eyes.
  • On the latest update of Ice Age Village these butterflies are called Giant Moths. They are known as Mega Moths in Ice Age Adventures.

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