"What is this place?
―Brooke answering Manny.[src]
Sub Locations The Fountain of Youth
Geotopian Volcano

Inhabitants Shangri Llama (leader)
Brooke (formerly)
Unnamed aardvark
Unnamed ox
Unnamed diatryma
Unnamed paleotherium

Geotopia is a utopian colorful place populated by zen animals formed after two asteroids hit the earth in the same area within the past 100 millions of years before, growing inside overtime, leaving a crystalised magical world with crystals that hold powers to make animals young again and a fountain of youth hidden in it's outskirts, as well as magnetic floating crystalised rocks that float around the Geoslides.


The beginning of its name "Geo..." comes from the overall structure of the place, since it is located within the crash site of the last two asteroids that hit earth over the past hundreds millions of years before, this created an cracked asteroid outer shell that has protected the remains inside for millions of years, well overtime Geodes have grown inside from microscopic to epic sizes within the asteroid crash site.

Geodes are hallow rocks with crystals inside, there are Geodes (crystals) found everywhere in Geotopia, the second part of the name "...topia" comes from the word utopia which means a paradise where everything is perfect, as Geotopia is a safe, unimaginable paradise for both the residents and its visitors like the Herd.

Geodes are also formed first from the bubbles of volcanic rocks maybe their is a volcano part of Geotopia where the geodes come from. The Geotopia tour guide, Brooke, a ground sloth, brings outsiders to Shangri Llama, a llama. Brooke brought in a herd of many different animals and claims she can't remember how long the Geotopians lived there. Teddy claims he's 326.


"That wall was the one thing keeping us young. Now we're all doomed!!! DOOOOOOOOMED!!! And now I think I have a fever. Thank you so much, doofus! Oh, he meant well...WHO CARES?! 300 years of peace and harmony undone by one colossally, incredibly, stupendously stupid SLOTH!!! Sorry doesn't fix the wall, now does it? I need to let my anger out. LET IT OUT!!! I've been pent up too long. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!"
―Shangri Llama lashing out at Sid for destroying Geotopia[src]

When the herd tries to convince the Shangri Llama to help them use the crystals to destroy an incoming meteor, he refuses to let them do so because the crystals are the key to keeping himself and his people young. That is until Sid removed a special crystal from it's place to give to Brooke as a gift. The city soon crumbles to the ground and it leads to other non-Geotopians to enter the city. Due to exposure to the outside world, the Geotopians are suddenly their real selves. Shangri Llama then gets very angry and scolds Sid for his actions until Brooke talks him down into saying that their youth doesn't matter and a broken-hearted Shangri Llama agrees to help the herd. They soon leave the city in ruins to complete the herd's quest.

Animal Species
AardvarkArmadilloBadgerBaptornisBatBeaverBirdBlue-footed boobyBoarBrontotheriumChalicothereCondorDiatrymaDodoDung BeetleElephant sealElkGazelleGiant Butterfly GigantopithecusGlyptodonGround slothHyraxMacraucheniaMammothMini-slothMolehogMusk OxPalaeotheriumPenguinPiranhaPlatybelodonProcoptodonNarwhalNeanderthalOpossumRabbitRatReindeerSaber-tooth tigerSaber-tooth squirrelSharkSirenSpiderVultureWeaselWhale
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