"Are you crazy? We've only had one date. It lasted fourteen minutes!"
―Francine telling Sid the time period of their relationship.[src]
Physical Attributes
Species Ground sloth
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Human Hair color Brown with scalps
Fur Color Spotted Reddish brown
Biological Information
Alias Mi Amore (by Sid)
Status Alive
Residence(s) Herd Valley
Family Sid (ex-boyfriend)
Films Collision Course (First appearance)
Voiced by Melissa Rauch

Francine was a ground sloth who had a close relationship with Sid as she happened to be his former girlfriend.


After a meeting with Sid, he brought her to a Romantic Area, where he proposed to her with a clam shell, but she rejects the offer and breaks up with him. Sid tried to convince her to stay with him including the fact that he planned their future: Their wedding, their eight kids, and their burial plots. He even hired a Mariachi Band. She explains that they've only been on one date, that had lasted fourteen minutes. Sid tried to change her mind, but she said he was too clingy for her. She then plucked Sid off her, as he was hanging on to her back and walked out, dissatisfied. As she left, Francine told herself she should start dating outside her species. Sid asked if this was about the bikini he made her wear, unaware it was poison ivy. This made Francine furious and she threw the bikini at Sid's face.


Francine breaking up with Sid

Francine is a sassy sloth. She has a red pelt with spots, and light green eyes. She has dark claws and short brown scalp hair.


Behind the Scenes

Francine was voiced by Melissa Rauch.