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The vultures stand around the herd, performing Food, Glorious Food.

"There: now you know what they were thinking."
Manny to Sid[src]

Food, Glorious Food was a show tune that a flock of vultures sang to a herd of mammals as they tried to reach a boat in Ice Valley.



"I wish I knew what they were thinking."
Sid to Manny[src]

The song Food, Glorious Food indirectly told how the vultures of Ice Valley were anxious to feast on the remains of a herd of animals, consisting of two mammoths, a ground sloth, a saber-tooth tiger and two possum. The vultures flew around the herd in formation, singing the song to them as they moved on towards the boat.

The song was sung by the flocks of vultures, who all intended to eat the flesh of the herd of animals once they were deceased, flying around them and watching as they tried to reach the end of the valley, through quicksand and cliffs.


Food, glorious food…we're anxious to try it
Three banquets a day, our favorite diet!
Just picture a mammoth steak, fried, roasted or stewed
Oh, food, wonderful food, marvelous food, glorious food!
Food, glorious food,
Poached possum served flambé,
Broth made from a sloth,
Or a saber-tooth souffle,
Why should we be fated to,
Do nothing but brood,
On food, magical food, wonderful food, marvelous food?,
Food, glorious food,
Flesh picked off the dead ones,
Rank, rotten, or chewed,
Soon, we'll be the fed ones!
Just thinking of putrid meat
Puts us in a mood for
Food, glorious food, marvelous food, fabulous food, beautiful food,
Magical food,
Glorious food!



Behind the Scenes

Food, Glorious Food
Length: 2:00

The song Food, Glorious Food is intended as a direct parody of the song of the same name from the musical and film Oliver!, its original lyrics written by Lionel Bart.

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