"We do NOT eat live animals. Period! Now, go! Fly! Be free!..Little...flightless bird."
Sid tossing Flightless of the cliff.[src]
Flightless Bird
Flightless bird
Physical Attributes
Species Archaeopteryx
Eye Color Blue
Feather Color Red/Orange/Blue, Brown
Biological Information
Status Presumably eaten by pterosaur
Enemies Momma (enemy)
Films Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

This Flightless Bird was a prey animal that was brought to Momma's offspring.



Momma managed to capture the bird and stun it so as to feed it to her children, keeping it out of reach of scavengers.

Later, a ground sloth named Sid, in an attempt to raise three young Tyrannosaurus hatchlings and foster in them a vegetarian diet, provided his them with broccoli, turnips and radishes, but the babies would not eat them. As Sid asked them how they expected to grow up big, Momma dropped the unconscious animal in front of her children so that they might eat it, but Sid tried to convince her otherwise, pulling off a worm from its foot, which caused it to come to and screech in shock at Sid, the hatchlings and screech loudest at the sight of Momma. The bird then rushed to Sid, clinging onto the sloth, but Sid, trying to set it free despite its protests, dropped it off a cliff, where it fell and was snatched by a Quetzacoatlus on the way down. Which Sid says "My bad."


A ragged-looked excitable birdlike dinosaur, the flightless bird was a Archaeopteryx that sported orange feathers with a bald, grey head and feet with talons on them.


The flightless bird and momma

Flightless scared by Momma

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