Herd going down eviscerater
Inhabitants Manny (formerly)
Sid (formerly)
Diego (formerly)

The Eviscerator was a giant water slide that formed a part of the waterpark in Ice Valley. As its name suggests, it eviscerates anyone who leaps off it.


During the days of the ice age, a waterpark consisting of naturally-formed water slides arose in Ice Valley, offering scores of animals the chance to enjoy the thawing ice. Of all the water slides, however, no animals visiting the waterpark would dare ride the Eviscerator. A steep, vertical drop, the Eviscerator was set at the walls of ice in Ice Valley, facing straight down with but a slight stream of water, making it a slide.


One animal alone was brave enough to risk the Eviscerator: a foolish ground sloth named Sid, who sought respect from other animals, namely those in his own herd: a mammoth named Manny and a saber-tooth tiger named Diego. A score of other animals all surrounded the base of the Eviscerator, hoping to watch Sid go down it while Manny and Diego rushed up to the top to convince Sid to not jump. The three mammals fell down the Eviscerator back to the waterpark and walked off unharmed.

Ultimately, the Eviscerator, along with the rest of the waterpark, was left behind by the animals visiting it, as they were warned by a vulture that the valley was flooding. The Eviscerator and the rest of the waterpark were soon after destroyed in the flood.


Behind the Scenes

In the video game adaption of Ice Age: The Meltdown, the Eviscerator forms a challenge in which the player controls which moves Sid performs while sliding down.

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