This article is about the glyptodon that attempted to fly. You may be looking for the opossum, "Eddie".
"I'm flying!"
―Eddie calling out his new "breakthrough".[src]

Eddie was a glyptodon.


During the animal migrations to the south to reach warmer climates, one glyptodon named Eddie claimed to be on the verge of an evolutionary breakthrough. With this, Eddie rushed up a small cliff, jumping off it in an attempt to fly. Eddie called out that he was flying before he sank back down to Earth.

It is certain, however, that Eddie picked himself up and headed south with the other animals leaving.


As a glyptodon, Eddie sported a brown shell and had gray skin with a small club tail and four short, squat legs. Eddie, believing he could change nature, was under the impression that he could fly.


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Behind the Scenes

The voice of Eddie was never credited.