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Physical Attributes
Kingdom Mammalia
Species Canis lupus
Height Varying
Weight Varying
Eye Color Varying
Fur Color Varying
Diet Carnivore

Dogs are four-legged mammals that have been the pets of humans since the days of the ice age.


Descended from grey wolves domesticated by humans, dogs exist in a number of different breeds, all variable. Carnivorous mammals, dogs have mouths full of sharp teeth and a good sense of smell. The dogs used by the humans of the ice age were similar in build to wolves, with dense grey fur, long snouts and long tails. Dogs, when alarmed or alerted, bark.


Dogs were often employed as pets and guard animals by humans, keeping their masters' camps safe and aiding in their hunts. Along with this, dogs found use with humans as tracking animals, using their heightened sense of smell to track down other creatures.

A human named Runar and his tribe had two dogs that guarded their camp. When a pack of Saber-tooth Tigers attacked the camp, the dogs alerted their masters to the danger with their barking. The dogs had their leashes cut and joined in the fight against the sabers. The sabers retreated and the humans and dogs gave chase. The dogs followed the scent of the sabers to pick up their trail, but the trail ultimately went cold. The dogs were forced to return with their masters to the human settlement at Glacier Pass. As they neared the settlement, a woolly mammoth and a ground sloth arrived. Upon seeing the mammoth with Runar, the dogs and the other humans charged towards them, believing Runar to be in danger. When the mammoth revealed that he had Runar's son Roshan, who had been missing since the sabers attacked, Runar stopped them. The father and son reunite, and the dogs and their masters happily head off to the settlement.


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  • The dogs are shown to be extremely tough, able to hold their own against a pack of sabers even when outnumbered.
  • Dogs were seen as valuable assets in the ice age, as they make hunting much easier. Many dog skeletons have been found lovingly and ceremonially buried.
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