Denis Leary
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Hair color Orange
Birth August 18, 1957
Occupation Actor
Family John Leary (father)
Nora Leary (mother)
Ann Lembeck (wife)
John Leary (son)
Devin Leary (daughter)
Portrayed Diego

Denis Leary, (born August 18, 1957)in Worcester, Massachusetts, is a American actor, comedian, writer, and producer. He voices a saber-tooth cat named  Diego in the Ice Age series, and has voiced the character in nearly all the Ice Age video games.

Born to Irish Catholic family John and Nora Leary, an auto mechanic and a maid respectively, Leary is an immigrant from Ireland with his family, holding dual citizenship in both the United States and Ireland. Having studied in Emerson College in Boston, Leary founded the Emerson Comedy Workshop, a comedy troupe that remains on Emerson’s campus since 2011. Leary has done extensive work in standup comedy, in which his fast-paced talking has since become a trademark. eary has been married to author Ann Lembeck Leary since 1989. They met when he was her instructor in an English class at Emerson College. They have two children, son John Joseph "Jack" (born 1990) and daughter Devin (born 1992). Ann Leary published a memoir, An Innocent, a Broad, about the premature birth of their son on an overseas visit to London. She has also written a novel, Outtakes From a Marriage, which was published in 2008. Her second novel, The Good House, was published in 2013. He retired after the filming of Collision Course, but he is still a television actor.

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