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"...You know the best part? We're carrying diseases!"
―Crash when fighting Diego[src]
Physical Attributes
Species Opossum
Gender Male
Eye Color Greyish Blue
Fur Color Dark brown pelt with tan stripes
Biological Information
Alias My Brothers (by Ellie)
Crash (by Eddie and Ellie)
Zap Head (by Diego)
Status Alive
Residence(s) Ice Valley (formerly)
Snow Valley (formerly)
Herd Valley (formerly)
Lost World
Family Mother Opossum (mother)
Eddie (brother and best friend)
Ellie (adopted sister)
Wilton (cousin)
Manny (adoptive brother-in-law)
Peaches (adoptive niece)
Julian (adoptive nephew-in-law)
Friends Buck (best friend)
Sid (best friend)
Diego (best friend)
Enemies Sid (formerly)
Diego (formerly)
Lone Gunslinger
Momma Dino (formerly)
Gavin (formerly)
Gertie (formerly)
Roger (formerly)
Films The Meltdown (First appearance)
Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Continental Drift
Collision Course
Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild
Shorts A Mammoth Christmas
The Great Egg-Scapade
Scrat: Spaced Out (cameo)
Video Games The Meltdown
Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Continental Drift
Books The Great Escape
Voiced by Seann William Scott
James Arnold Taylor (from Dawn of the Dinosaurs game)
Vincent Tong (Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild)

Crash is an opossum that was one of a herd of various animals brought together by a number of adventures. His best friend is his twin brother, Eddie.


A rude, rambunctious possum, Crash enjoyed dangerous games and pranks with his brother Eddie, but remained closely protective of his family, notably his sister Ellie. Crash shaped himself differently as he joined a herd of various animals, becoming more loyal to his family, if still loud and crass.

Crash has a long slender body with stripy dark brown and light tan fur like his brother Eddie. He has greyish blue eyes and a round nose. His face is cream colored with ridges running down his snout. Crash has slightly shorter muzzle than Eddie's. He is acrobatic, flexible, and highly energetic. Being a possum, his is one of the smallest members of the cast.

Early Life[]

One winter, when Crash and Eddie were both small, their mother had found a young mammoth calf out in the snow, calling for its herd. Though the mammoth was of a different species, Crash and Eddie's mother decided to adopt her. The young mammoth, named Ellie, became a part of the possum way of life, protected and watched over by her adoptive brothers.


Ice Age: The Meltdown[]

Crash and Eddie first appeared while shooting spitballs at Sid and Diego, they ran off and hid in several holes. Sid chased after them, but he got his stuck in one of the holes, Diego joins Sid, and they try and catch the two possums, by hitting them in the heads. They end up playing a real life game of Whack-A-Mole. They fail, but they chase them until they find Manny and Ellie. There Manny, Sid and Diego find out that Ellie, Crash and Eddie are "siblings". Because of Sid, they decide to travel together, so they don't die in the flood. Crash, Eddie and Ellie decide to play a log-rolling game, after the possums are done, Crash asks Manny to launch him out of a tree into a pond. Crash's plan backfires, and he is launched into another tree, and is knocked unconscious, but he wakes up when he hears Eddie say, "Dung Patch." Ellie then beats them up for "embarrassing" her in front of Manny, Sid and Diego.

Later, the Possums and Ellie are playing tag while the guys are clearing debris on the trail. After one of Scrat's ordeals, they come to a nesting ground of vultures, and are chased all the way through the canyon. They then reach the geyser field, but Ellie and the possums don't want to go through the geyser field, so they turn back and go the other way. Ellie is then trapped in a cave, and they go back to get help from the others. While they are going back to find Ellie, the flood water causes a rocky bridge to collapse, causing Manny, Crash and Eddie to fall in the water. The possums take refuge on a tree, but the water is slowly rising above the tree. Sid jumps of of the rock to save them, but he falls onto a chunk of ice, and is knocked unconscious. The possums try and hang on to Sid, but they are flung off of the tree. Diego conquers his fear of water, and jumps in to save his friends. He manages to grab crash, then he swims after Sid and Eddie, saving them too. After the flood, Manny, Ellie, Sid, Diego, Crash and Eddie leave the Great Valley seeking a new home.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs[]

Supportive brothers[]

Crash and his brother Eddie excitedly help Manny prepare for Ellie giving birth but it was only a false alarm once they arrived back. After Sid is kidnaped by a Tyrannosaurus rex they claim that they didn't even like Sid because he’s an idiot (ironic coming from them). But they had to come along to rescue Sid with Ellie and the others. They meet Buck after being saved by him when entering the underground Lost world. Crash and his brother with an enthusiastic attitude, ask manny if they could keep their new found friend weasel. After awhile of travelling through the jungle, Crash with his brother grows a lot of admiration and respect for Buck, even going as far as wanting to go on some adventures and defeat dinosaurs with him, trying to prove how awesome they are to their idol.

Rescue Mission[]

Later arriving at the Plates of Woe, the area falls apart and the guanlong responsible for the collapse begin appearing. Buck quickly gettogether a plan while the herd starts to panic and fight. Buck tells the plan to them and then gets the possums attention revealing that they are coming with him to get Sid. Crash along with his brother goes ahead with Buck eagerly to save Sid at lava falls but quickly realizes they may die trying. Not knowing what Buck has planned, the weasel suddenly grabs them, jumps off the cliff and ride on a Pteranodon towards the falls. Crash scared, asks Buck if he’s ridden on one of these flying lizards before to which Buck says no. Crash soon adjusts to the situation with his brother, going out on the wings to scout better over the ground and is the first to spot Sid hopping on floating rock plates on a river of lava far ahead. Flying closer, Crash senses something from behind and looks back, seeing they are being followed by a group of hungry Quetzalcoatlus. The pterosaurs dive and lunge at Crash and his brother, making Buck change course to escape from the predators and protect the possums from being eaten.

Mammal vs Lizard[]

Through the ravine, Buck tells Crash and his brother to act brave and grab some nearby berries that he points at ahead. To grab the berries coming up, Crash lends his tail for Eddie to hold on to as he quickly walks out on the pterodactyls wing to be able to reach them. When he gets them, he gives his tail again to Eddie to use like a slingshot as he points forward to aim the shots. Now in battle mode, Crash directs Eddie while pointing at their first target "Bogey three 0'clock fire!" he shouts and they blast their first enemy pterosaur down. The two possums then see the other pterosaurs split up and now the battle is on.

While Buck is steering through the canyon avoiding other dinosaurs and flying through eroded rock formations, Crash aims on at more pterosaurs which are quickly shot down by Eddie up to where they have managed to get the group of Quetzalcoatlus from ten down to half of them. Everything seemed to be going well right after they made it half way through the flock but the streak of luck was cut as when Crash aimed on their sixth Quetzalcoatlus with Eddie firing, the lizard quickly dodged the shot. With a few more attempts of firing at it, they ran out of ammo and were left with one last berry. Crash turned to his brother, "Light it up!" he shouted at Eddie, they were going to seriously blast this one Quetzalcoatlus down but as Crash had his back turned the lizard suddenly decides to start flying right up to them. Crash turned back, seeing the Quetzalcoatlus right there in front of him screeching with its jaws open and at that same time saw the last berry go down its throat.

. When they return to the falls, they catch Sid and the two possums cheerfully pop their heads over the Pterodactyl's shoulder and greet him.

Together again[]

Arriving back to the plates of woe, the rest of the herd is safe and peaches is already born. Crash, upon first seeing the baby mammoth for the first time promised himself he wouldn’t cry.

At the end of the third movie, Crash and Eddie become adopted uncles (along with Sid and Diego) as they have Peaches, whom they love very much and play with, having returned to their world above in the ice age.

Ice Age: Continental Drift[]

Crash and Eddie are the same loud-mouth, antagonistic possums who love X-treme sports and trouble.

When at the beginning of the film they were blissfully fast asleep when Manny woke them up rudely to ask where Peaches went, they dumbly said that they "didn't" see Peaches sneak off, where later they try to kept an eye out for her but do not make a good job. As the continent starts to crumble all around them they help look for Louis along with Ellie and Peaches.

Louis asks them how could they be so happy when their home is falling apart, Crash simply told him that they were stupid but, they just didn't respond, Crash just squeezed his nose saying "beep". They were terrified when they found out that the land bridge wasn't there anymore and were taken hostage. They were also breifly seen when Louis tried to get Gutt's attention, tiptoeing onto the pirate ship, and pointed to Louis. During the fight against the pirates, they were briefly seen clinging to Dobson's back, and again when the Sub-Zero Heroes were cornered.

As they embrace their herd after the battle, they headed off to find some new home where they are looking forward to new horizons that wait among them.

They have much smaller roles in this movie than its predecessors.


During spring (Ice Age: The great Egg-Scapade), Crash and Eddie were watching a game with their friend and brother-in-law. They decided to make pranks, picking Peaches to be their first victim. Later, their pranks caught Scrat and Squint.

Ice Age: Collision Course[]

Acting as sports hosts, Crash and Eddy watched Manny and Peaches play hockey. They later, trying to play hockey, tackled each other with the small hockey sticks made for them. Later, at their sister and brother-in-law's anniversary, they begin chanting Manny's name to see what he has for her on their anniversary. Fireworks lit up the sky. At the party, they tried to shove as many grapes as they can into each other's mouths. Seeing it was not fireworks and rather an asteroid coming toward them, they hid in a cave until it was over. They found that their friend, Buck, was trying to get out of a purple-smoking hole. Manny pulled him up, and Buck became the leader of their journey. Later after that, they find themselves in Geotopia, a crystal place. They go on a trip to the Geotopian master on crystal hoverboards. They find out it's a llama called Shangri Llama. Sid destroys the Geotopia wall, trying to get a crystal for the love of his life. The Geotopians agree to give up their crystals to save their lives. Three dino-birds hit the giant crystal, but agree to help to save their lives as well.

"Hit the road, you stupid rock! We just stopped the doomsday clock!"
―Crash and Eddie cheering the asteroid's ejection.[src]

Later, after their victory, Crash and Eddy go to their niece's wedding, where Brooke sings My Superstar.

Adventures of Buck Wild[]



Crash and Eddie in Geotopia

Eddie is Crash's brother. The two brothers are inseparable and are constantly pranking, cracking jokes, and having fun. The two always mess around and often comfort each other by hugging while scared.


Ellie at first is a little protective of her brothers and played with them a lot. Crash and Eddie often find safety being on her tusks and are also very protective of their sister.


Buck with Crash and Eddie on spacerock

Crash and Eddie admire Buck a lot. They strive to be like him, even wanting Rudy to give them an eye-patch like Buck's. The brothers love adventures with Buck. Buck even chose Crash and Eddie to go into his mind to help them understand space rocks.


Behind the Scenes[]

Crash was voiced by actor Seann William Scott in the films and James Arnold Taylor in the video games. He doesn't appear in the fourth video game.


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